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  • (Both Versions of) This Show Deserved Better

    Of the two versions of 'HUMAN TARGET', the Mark Valley series was better-received, but that's not to say the original version with Rick Springfield was bad, and it definitely deserved better treatment than it received from ABC during the summer of 1992.

    The comic book wunderkind, Danny Bilson & Pau DeMeo ('The Rocketeer', 'The Flash') brought a third-string, sketchy, and barely-known comic series to TV, successfully giving it the gravitas it needed to be more than just a one-dimensional, 'victim-of-the-week' series. The cast had good chemistry, the writing was better-than-average TV fare for the time, and the premise was unique (I won't belabour the plot, as it's been described numerous times).

    Probably the one sticking point that brought the show down was, ironically, the one selling point that garnered the majority of its audience: star Rick Springfield. While he was definitely old enough to have been a Viet Nam veteran (albeit it on the younger side), his matinee` looks made it somewhat difficult to believe he was as haunted and hardened as his character. To his credit, Springfield was up to the task, and it showed onscreen.

    The show wasn't anywhere close to perfect, the effects were dicey a good portion of the time, and it wore a bit thin in coming up with valid reasons for Christopher Chance to break character and return to his crew so that the series could benefit from Springfield's onscreen drawing power in more scenes than just the beginning and the end of the episodes (one of the reasons I think the Mark Valley incarnation worked better/longer than its predecessor is that his version of Christopher Chance never had to disguise himself as one of his clients). That being said, the Springfield series had a lot of potential and should have been treated better than just a summer replacement series, especially going up against the Olympics.

    It would be nice to see this version of 'HUMAN TARGET' get a good DVD release with interviews with the cast and crew 20+ years down the road. If it ever comes out, I'll be in line at the video store on the day it comes out.
  • It was worth watching while it lasted

    Paul De Meo and Danny Bilson, fresh off the debacle of the "Flash" TV series (mostly thanks to CBS playing Musical Time Slots with it), tried their hand again at another comic book adaptation. It actually worked fairly well, but ABC quickly killed it off by putting it in a Saturday night time slot. The young adult male target audience for the show was usually out, so ratings were understandably rock bottom and the show was quickly cancelled. Sadly, De Meo & Bilson's later (and inferior) effort, Viper, found more success on NBC and in syndication, lasting four seasons.

    Human Target had a fairly intriguing premise, sort of Mission: Impossible meets the Equalizer with a touch of the A-Team thrown in. And some neat hardware, mainly Chris Chance's flying wing airborne base of operations, its interior a mix of luxurious and computer-packed high-tech spaces. Not exactly low profile, but it was part of the suspension of disbelief required for this show. The show should have lasted a season and didn't deserve to be cancelled after seven episodes.
  • Christopher Chance supported by a close knit, experienced crew solves crime and puts their own lives in danger for those in need of help. Chance may change his face and voice in order to fool the bad guys but who else could do what he does?

    Perhaps I'm the only one who was more interested in watching this television show than the Olympics that year. This was an excellent TV show that wasn't given a chance to shine! Rick Springfield was brilliant as ever even if he wasn't always around and the supporting cast was great too. It had suspense, action, romance and comedy as well as great character interaction, and good writers. I couldn't wait for the next episode to air. It could have been a really big hit if the Powers That Be hadn't tried to use it as a filler on their summer schedule. I cried when the show was cancelled after only 7 episodes but whose fault is that? The network should have known better than to air something at the same time as the Olympics. Even after so many years it has stuck in my head as something I wish there had been more of. I don't often buy movies or TV shows on DVD, but I would buy this one in a heartbeat if it was released on DVD.