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  • It was worth watching while it lasted

    Paul De Meo and Danny Bilson, fresh off the debacle of the "Flash" TV series (mostly thanks to CBS playing Musical Time Slots with it), tried their hand again at another comic book adaptation. It actually worked fairly well, but ABC quickly killed it off by putting it in a Saturday night time slot. The young adult male target audience for the show was usually out, so ratings were understandably rock bottom and the show was quickly cancelled. Sadly, De Meo & Bilson's later (and inferior) effort, Viper, found more success on NBC and in syndication, lasting four seasons.

    Human Target had a fairly intriguing premise, sort of Mission: Impossible meets the Equalizer with a touch of the A-Team thrown in. And some neat hardware, mainly Chris Chance's flying wing airborne base of operations, its interior a mix of luxurious and computer-packed high-tech spaces. Not exactly low profile, but it was part of the suspension of disbelief required for this show. The show should have lasted a season and didn't deserve to be cancelled after seven episodes.