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  • Christopher Chance supported by a close knit, experienced crew solves crime and puts their own lives in danger for those in need of help. Chance may change his face and voice in order to fool the bad guys but who else could do what he does?

    Perhaps I'm the only one who was more interested in watching this television show than the Olympics that year. This was an excellent TV show that wasn't given a chance to shine! Rick Springfield was brilliant as ever even if he wasn't always around and the supporting cast was great too. It had suspense, action, romance and comedy as well as great character interaction, and good writers. I couldn't wait for the next episode to air. It could have been a really big hit if the Powers That Be hadn't tried to use it as a filler on their summer schedule. I cried when the show was cancelled after only 7 episodes but whose fault is that? The network should have known better than to air something at the same time as the Olympics. Even after so many years it has stuck in my head as something I wish there had been more of. I don't often buy movies or TV shows on DVD, but I would buy this one in a heartbeat if it was released on DVD.
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