Human Target

Season 2 Episode 7

A Problem Like Maria (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Chance is drinking at a bar and a young girl comes over to flirt with him. She offers to guess what he does for a living if he buys her a drink, and Chance admits that what he does is obscure. She fails to guess correctly, and they're interrupted when Maria Gallego comes over. Chance apologizes and sends the girl on her way, and then asks why Maria is there. She claims she's there to see him, but he doesn't believe it. They talk about the fact that he's now working for Ilsa, and Chance insists that she's his partner. Maria asks if he's free to take a job, and Chance says they should discuss it over another drink.

Ilsa is waiting for Chance to arrive for the meeting that she's called. Ames and Winston are there, and Winston notes that Chance doesn't see her as a boss. Ilsa finally starts the meeting, just as Guerrero comes in, much to her surprise. She then begins the meeting and explains that because of their extra-legal activities, her foundation is in jeopardy. Ilsa wants them to sign documents turning their firm into a subsidiary with Chance as the head of the organization, and Ilsa maintaining ownership. Guerrero refuses to sign and goes, and Winston refuses to become part of the bureaucracy. That leaves Ames, and Ilsa refuses to put her in charge.

Maria tells Chance that she's missed him, but draws back when he takes her hand. She explains that her country of Baldova in South America has been in conflict for the last year, and Chance responds by noting that thugs are following her. He refuses to leave, and confirms that she has a gun. They kiss, and then draw their guns and fire. The thugs flee and Chance admits that he could use the excitement, and he's glad to have her back. They kiss as the police arrive.

The next day, Chance brings Maria to the office and explains the situation to Winston and Guerrero. They both warn him that Maria is trouble, and is being hunted by agents of dictator Victor Escalante. Ilsa comes in and Chance says that a major peace activist, Dr. Diego Garcia, has been arrested by Escalante. Diego is being held at the same estate where Escalante is throwing a party the next day. Diego has worked with the Pucci Foundation, and Ilsa immediately agrees to use her contacts to arrange an invite to the party. Winston suggests that it's a bad idea, and Ilsa wonders what's going on. Chance admits that Maria is driven. She arrives and hugs Winston, who quickly leaves. Ilsa is impressed that Maria is willing to risk her life to free Diego.

Chance, Guerrero, Ames, and Maria fly south in a foundation jet, and Chance explains that they need to gain an access key to get to the security feed, so that Maria can secretly enter and free Diego. Ames will be going in as Chance's wife.

That night, Chance and Ames make their entrance, and Ames complains about her concealing dress. Guerrero and Maria are outside in a van, and Guerrero ignores Maria's advice. As Ames and Chance start searching for the guard supervisor, Chance spots Hector and Eladio Lopez, two vicious enforcers on Escalante's payroll. Chance figures Hector has the access key, and approaches Escalante. While Ames waits, Escalante's younger brother Julio approaches and tries to hit on her.

In the van, Guerrero admits that he can't stand Maria because she's distracting Chance. When she insists that they're just friends, Guerrero doesn't believe it.

Chance finally tells Ames to lose Julio and meet him near Escalante. Once Ames gets rid of Julio by telling him to meet her outside, Chance proposes a toast to the revolution. Ames uses the distraction to steal the access key from hector. Escalante has no choice but to go along, but Hector notices Chance and Ames leaving. Winston is in San Francisco and accesses the security cameras remotely. He directs them to the security room, and Winston loops the video feed to conceal Maria. She goes in through a side door, and Chance and Ames then get out. Winston directs them to Maria, who apparently has Garcia. In the security room, Hector notices the looping tape and realizes he's been played.

Outside, Guerrero and Chance discover that Maria kidnapped Julio. She explains that she planned to trade him for Diego. Chance objects, but they're forced to drive away when the Lopez brothers come running out and open fire.

At the hangar, Guerrero draws a gun on Maria, who draws a gun on him. Chance tells Guerrero to back off, and Maria admits that she lied to them because Ilsa wouldn't approve of kidnapping. Chance says that Maria lied to him, not Ilsa, and leaves her to negotiate with the Lopez brothers. As they go, Maria tells them that Diego is her husband, and that she wasn't sure if Chance would help her if he knew the truth. She apologizes, but admits it's her only play. Chance has Ames take her in the plane, and then admits to Guerrero that he was right. Guerrero agrees to help, but makes it clear he's doing it for Chance, not Maria. He leaves to negotiate with the Lopez brothers, taking Ames with him as a translator. Meanwhile, Chance and Maria fly Julio back to the U.S.

At the office, Chance tells Ilsa and Winston what happened, and admits that the plan didn't go as intended. Ilsa insists on handling the situation on her own, and first ungags Julio. He asks for a Scotch and ogles her.

In Baldova, Guerrero straps a gun to Ames' leg and tells her not to provoke the Lopez brothers or give away any personal information. They go into the bar and the Lopez brothers take Ames' gun. Ames begins negotiating, and Eladio almost tricks her into giving away where she came from. She starts to negotiate, but Hector tells her that Victor isn't interested in negotiating for Julio. When he realizes they're in trouble, Guerrero uses two concealed belt knives to pin Hector's sleeves to the table and then takes his guns. He gets out with Ames, but the brothers have more men waiting outside.

In San Francisco, Ilsa tells Chance she's still going to call the State Department. Before Chance can stop her, Guerrero calls to inform them that Victor wants Maria in return for Guerrero and Ames. Chance warns Ilsa that bringing in the State Department will get their friends killed, but she says that as partners, he had his chance and now it's her turn. Maria offers to trade herself, but Ilsa doesn't want the blood on her hands. When Chance says they need to make the trade and then ambush the Lopez brothers afterward, Ilsa says that he had his chance, and either he follows her orders or she'll shut down the agency. Once she leaves, Maria admits that it's her fault, and Chance agrees. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her again... after they go ahead with his plan and rescue the others.

As Chance prepares his weapons, Winston says that Ilsa may have a point, and warns that if they go up against Ilsa, the agency is over whether they win or lose. Chance figures they can survive like they did before, and says that he'll let Ilsa handle it if that's what Winston wants. Winston agrees as long as he gets to use the rocket launcher.

In Baldova, Ames complains about her dress, and Guerrero points out the malaria and the plague-infested rats, and the fact the Lopez brothers will kill them no matter what. The guards throw Diego in the cell with them, and the doctor warns that the guards will kill them all once they have Maria. Guerrero assures them that Chance will think of something.

Ilsa returns to the office with the State Department officials, and discovers that Chance, Winston, and Maria have left.

On the plane flying to Baldova, Winston admits he's impressed that Maria was going to sacrifice himself. Maria comes over and Winston finally takes the hint that Chance wants to talk to Maria alone. She explains that Chance isn't the right man for her because he's not the one to settle down. However, she says that she's in love with Chance and always will, and Diego isn't Chance. The plane starts to turn and Chance realizes that Ilsa has given the pilot orders to come back. The cockpit is locked, and Ilsa calls to say that they're going to finish their conversation in person, in San Francisco. Chance goes to the outer door and opens it, causing the oxygen to leak out. The pilot is forced to land at the airfield where the Lopez brothers and their thugs are waiting with their prisoners.

The pilot manages to land safely, and Winston prepares the rocket launcher for their "Cousin Carter" plan. Chance goes outside and plays for time, unaware that Winston can't read the Hebrew instructions for the rocket launcher. Meanwhile, Chance brings Maria out and talks about Cousin Carter to warn Guerrero and the others. Eladio takes Maria to the plane while Hector has his men take Chance captive and prepares to shoot him and the others.

While assembling the rocket launcher, Winston accidentally fires it out of the plane, blowing up the truck. Chance and Guerrero make their move, and Winston emerges from the private jet and opens fire. Chance leaps onto the helicopter landing skid while Hector drives away. After a struggle, Chance throws Eladio out of the helicopter to his death. On the ground, hector watches from a safe distance, sees his brother's death, and then leaves.

At the hangar, Maria introduces Chance to Diego, who gives Chance a moment alone with Maria. They exchange awkward goodbyes, and then she asks him for a sign that he wants her to come back with him. Chance tells her to have a nice life, and she kisses him on the cheek before leaving. The others come over to join Chance, and Ilsa arrives. She says that partners don't treat each other the way that Chance treated her, and says that they're leaving. As they start to argue, Winston and Guerrero figure that they'll fly commercial and let Chance and Ilsa hash it out. Chance tries to go with them, but Ilsa says that they need to have a personal conversation during the flight to resolve their situation. Chance reluctantly gets into the plane.

In the plane, they both agree that they're done. Chance can't resists getting in the last word... repeatedly. As the plane takes off, Hector emerges from the woods, aims a rocket launcher, and fires at Ilsa's jet.
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