Human Target

Season 2 Episode 7

A Problem Like Maria (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on FOX

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  • hmm..

    Good way to start 2011. The plot was interesting enough. Although I like seing a familiar face showing on screen, this former love thing dynamics is not a good plot for this kind of show.

    Like dif_frent said, Guerrero is turning more and more into a comical character. The danger and mysterious character is becoming a soft and loving one. Not good.

    I know this "the end justifies the means" motto is great and all and we all love that cause it keeps the show moving, Mrs. Pucci constant complaints are getting old.

    Anyways, the show is awesome. Mark Valley is awesome. Winston is awesome and everybody else is awesome.
    Just don't turn it into a Grey's anatomy kind of thing..

  • Back to normal.

    I feel we are back to normal in this episode. No more schoolboy heroism as in the previous one. Great stunts again, some funny stuff, too. One thing starts bothering me, though. Guerrero is becoming less and less dangerous and more and more funny. I loved him the way he was in season one, when you could not be sure whether he would turn against Chance or not. After "The Return of Baptiste", we have another return form season one, Maria Gallego. All that love/romance/passion between Chance and her does not seem very convincing. Do not go this way, script writers. All in all strong episode and strong performance.
  • This episode marked a return to the more traditional plotlines of this program, i.e. - a damsel in distress, Chance and the team to the rescue, exotic locales, etc.

    The fact that the team can now travel in style using Mrs. Pucci's private jet is so cool. I also enjoyed the scene in the bar, when Maria and Chance have to fight their way out; it reminded me of similar scenes in the James Bond movies. In my opinion, Chance should always be in motion - I love watching him fight or perform some sort of daredevil stunt, e.g. hanging from the helicopter as it went airborne, then climbing inside. I also enjoyed the banter between Ames and Guerrero - if the writers are smart, they will pair those two up all the time/ the love-hate thing really works. Glad to see Guerrero will have a larger role in next weeks Ep. - they should show him a lot more.