Human Target

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • The best episode of the shows running in my opinion.

    This was a great episode for so many reasons. First of all it had action and suspense over the course of the entire show. There was the great dynamic between Chance and Baptiste as well as Chance and Emma Barnes. Lennie James and Emmanuelle Vaugier are both outstanding actors and are in my opinion the two best geust stars on the show to date. I hope that Baptiste continues to come back into play in the show. Also I hope that Ilsa Pucci is pushed into a recurring role and Emma Barnes gets fired from the FBI so she can join the team because it's clear that Chance and her have a prior relationship.

    Overall a great episode and guest stars.
  • Back on track after "Reclamation". (possible spoilers)

    ...and with "new girl" since "we ruined her company its the least we could do", and Emma Barnes, still tenuously of the FBI.

    And an oh, so dark piece of Chance and Guerrero's past which is just that much closer to biting them in the proverbial butt. Methinks Baptiste is not likely to stay in custody, but I'm betting he will have another watch for his collection and that a DC cop will be no more.

    I was wondering if Chance's past was connected to the CIA, but it seems even more nefarious than that...assuming that's possible...

    Baptiste, while 100% killer still, did seem almost hurt that he'd been abandoned by his friend and mentor, and regretful that he would have to kill Chance if he got the chance. Nope. CIA, as bad as it is, wouldn't take folks with backgrounds and psyches that messed up. Mercenaries? Drug Lord? Terrorists? Bad enough that the FBI will give Chance clemency to work under cover for THEM? Good stuff coming, what ever it is...

    And did anyone else get a feeling of deja vu in that elevator scene with Emma? Was "Chance" channeling "Eddie Arlette" of 'Keen Eddie' or what? And Emma was his 'Moneypenny' muse? Not nearly as risque as Keen Eddie, but effective in the similarity! Good laughs too, as usual...
  • Baptiste was a great episode with action suspense and humor, the formula that has helped human target become one of tv's great new shows.

    I absolutely loved this episode. Chance gets stuck in a bit of a pickle when he is put up against his asassin friend Batiste. This episode was great to foes that trained the same way one for good the other for evil type story. Lenny James was awesome as usual he was like a true mad villain that gets into the head of his foes before he takes them out, he was also very smoothe as an asassin tormenting Chance saying that he lost his touch and such. It was a thrill ride complete with the repeated Vixen FBI agent and also the new technician brought to the fold definitely prove worthy of this show. Mcbrid and Haley of course were funny yet serious and the action was the thrill ride we were looking for. Excellent episode and the dialogue that was shared with the flashes with Chance and Batiste made for some seriously intriguing episodes to come. Can't wait people!!!!!!!!!!! Mark Valley for Captain America !!!!!!!!!!