Human Target

Season 1 Episode 12

Christopher Chance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Masked soldiers move in on Chance's warehouse apartment and smash through the windows, while others blast through the doors. They find a cup of hot coffee while Winston watches from hiding… Six Years Ago Winston is drinking Irish Coffee at a bar when Chance comes in and comments they've both had a rough day at work. Chance introduces himself as Conrad Hall and Winston admits that he's a detective, while Chance claims he's an assistant U.S. Attorney. They both talk about changing their profession and Winston finally admits that his first name is Laverne. The Present The soldiers move through the apartment and one of them finds Carmine. He turns to one of the other soldiers behind him, and realizes too late that it's Chance. Winston opens fire with a shotgun while Guerrero and Chance make their moves. However, the soldiers quickly capture Guerrero and Winston and force Chance to surrender. An interrogator comes in and puts down three jars. He informs Chance that each time he tells a lie, he'll break a jar, and once they're all broken, Guerrero and Chance die. The interrogator then explains that his people want something that belonged to Chance's former employer, Joubert, the Old Man. They want it before the Old Man gets it, and figures Chance knows where it is because it's related to Katherine Walters. When Chance says he has never heard of her, the interrogator breaks the first jar. Six Years Ago Chance says that he's there to talk to Winston because there's a murder on the port and only one witness in Winston's custody. He thinks there's a connection with a case he's been working and wants to talk to Winston's witness, Katherine Walters. When Winston refuses, he's unaware that Chance has stolen his cell phone and is checking his numbers The Present The interrogator explains that his people are the ones who hired Chance to kill Katherine. He refuses to tell Chance who he is, but notes that Katherine had the item on the day she died, and they need Chance to tell him what he did with Katherine in the preceding 48 hours. Chance refuses to talk until the interrogator threatens Guerrero and Winston. Six Years Ago Chance goes to the safe house where the police are keeping Katherine and her puppy, Carmine. They bond over the puppy and Katherine makes cookies while Chance secretly poisons her coffee. She admits that she can't imagine why anyone wants her dead, and explains that she saw a dying man who only said two words to her. Chance doesn't believe her claim, but then spills her coffee before she can drink it. He confirms the last two words the dead man spoke were "Leonore Fortier." Chance then calls Joubert and points out that Katherine doesn't know anything. When Chance hesitates, Joubert tells him to the job no matter what. Chance goes into Katherine's room as she dresses and tells her that she needs to pack. He explains that he isn't really an attorney and that he's there to kill her. When Katherine wonders why he's explaining, Chance tells her that he won't kill her. If she alerts the police, Chance will have to flee but Joubert will send somewhere else. He gives her a gun, which she immediately cocks and points at him. Katherine asks why he's risking everything and Chance admits he's tired of the part he's been told to play, and he won't do it anymore. Katherine accepts that and wonders what they should do about the cops. Later, Winston arrives to find the cops recovering from the beating that Chance and Katherine gave them. The Present The interrogator asks Winston why he didn't resign until two days after Katherine was abducted. Winston explains that he wanted to find Katherine and her abductor. Six Years Ago Chance takes Katherine to a safe house and admits that his boss isn't giving him answers about who paid for the hit on Katherine. He explains that what they figure out what the two words mean, it won't end. Later, Katherine comes out of the bathroom and Chance offers her the bed. As she talks about her life, Chance offers her one of her cookies. Katherine breaks into tears and Chance holds her. A man breaks into the safe house, waking up Chance. Chance gets the drop on the man: Guerrero. He calls Chance "Junior" and tells him that Joubert told him to track down where he went with Katherine, and realizes that he's gone off the bend. When Chance refuses to back down, Guerrero disarms him but Chance fights back and manages to grab the gun. As Chance considers whether to shoot him, Katherine comes in and puts her hand on Chance's arm. Chance knocks out Guerrero. The Present The interrogator asks Guerrero why he didn't end things that day, and notes that they found Chance through Guerrero. Six Years Ago Guerrero wakes up and finds Baptiste waiting for him. He leaves, noting that Chance could have killed him and didn't, and that's over as far as he's concerned. Guerrero figures it's between Joubert and Chance and leaves. Baptiste then calls Joubert and assures him that he'll find Chance and they'll talk things out. Joubert insists that he now wants Chance dead. When Baptiste hesitates, Joubert tells him to prove he's as good as Chance by disposing of him. Joubert then turns to his new client: the interrogator, who tells him to dispose of the book or there'll be hell to pay. As they drive away, Chance explains why Joubert called him "Junior," because he saw Chance as a son. He wanted Chance to take over the organization, but when things got rocky, they grew apart. Chance figures there's a bodyguard he went up against, who lives in a warehouse at the Tenderloin, that he can trust. They go to the warehouse and find the bodyguard waiting for them with a rifle. Katherine explains that she's in danger and needs his help. The man introduces himself as Christopher Chance. As Amy sleeps, Chance explains that there have been several Christopher Chances that have died. The bodyguard explains that he got the name from the person who taught him, who got it from the person who taught him. "Christopher Chance" is the person you go to when no one else will help. As they talk, Katherine gets a call. It's Winston, who asks where she is located. She says the police can't protect her. When Chance explains that he's only good for offense, the bodyguard tells him that Chance will have to learn how to protect Katherine while taking the offense. Chance notes that when they fought, the bodyguard told him that no one deserves to die. Because of that, Chance discovered he couldn't sleep or set aside the thought. Winston explains to Katherine that the man she saw die was in Cadiz and hid something on a ship, the Leonore. He died trying to retrieve it. Chance takes the phone and Winston wonders why he didn't kill Katherine. He tells Chance that Katherine needs help and they both need to help her. Chance tells him that as long as Winston is wearing a badge, he can't help. The next day, Katherine figure they need to go the ship and get whatever was hidden on the ship. They ask the bodyguard for help but he says he's not worth much these days. As they go, the bodyguard wishes them luck. Chance and Katherine take a boat to the docks. However, Chance insists that she stay behind and use a radio to direct him. She kisses him and he kisses her back, and then Chance promises he'll get her out of the situation. He then goes to the dock office and Katherine's computer. They realize that Fortier is Forty-A, a container number. Chance locates it, but they're unaware that Baptiste is nearby and listening in on the radio… and he's pinpointed Katherine's location. The Present Chance tells the interrogator that the cargo container was empty. The interrogator doesn't believe him and breaks the second jar. Six Years Ago Chance finds a suitcase in the cargo container and finds a book inside of it. As he leaves, he finds Baptiste waiting for him. Chance explains that the information in the book is too dangerous to be released, but Baptiste insists that the only thing they have to worry about is Joubert and what he wants. Chance offers the book in return for a promise of Katherine's safety, and Baptiste asks if he's willing to throw away everything. Chance assures him he's made up his mind and asks what Baptiste is going to do. Baptiste draws his gun but a truck drives by long enough for Chance to duck away. They exchange fire as Chance climbs atop the containers. Baptiste goes up after him and finds the suitcase. However, it's a trap and Chance attacks him from behind. In their struggle, the case goes over the side into the water. Baptiste wonders how he's going to explain to Joubert, and Chance says that he'll think of something. When he realizes that he's lost, Baptiste says that it was the only thing keeping Katherine alive. He takes out a remote and activates an explosive on Katherine's boat. Chance attacks Baptiste, who knocks him down and draws a knife. However, the bodyguard arrives and shoots Baptiste. The killer manages to throw his knife into the bodyguard's chest and slips away as Chance goes to help his savior. The bodyguard whispers "Katherine" and asks Chance who he wants to be before he dies. The Present The interrogator tells Chance that they dredged the river but there was no sign of the case. He asks Chance where the book is, but then realizes that the police never showed up to investigate the explosion or the shooting. The interrogator goes to see Winston and explains that he's concluded that Winston was on the docks that day, called off the police, and got the case with the book. Chance waits and asks the soldier guarding him what the interrogator is up to. When the soldier doesn't respond, Chance explains that he knew the warehouse's previous owner. Six years ago Chance returns to the bodyguard's warehouse and finds Carmine there, pawing at a cabinet. He discovers a cache of hidden weapons. The Present Chance explains that the battle is on his home turf. When the soldier gets an alert that there's a breach, Chance kicks him away, grabs a hidden knife, and kills the man. He runs outside and discovers that Winston and the interrogator are gone. Another soldier prepares to shoot him… and Joubert arrives to kill the soldier. Joubert says that they need to talk, and they need to work together to get Winston and the book. When Chance says he's not going anywhere with Joubert, Guerrero and Carmine arrive. Six years ago Winston finds Chance drinking at the warehouse and explains that he resigned. He tells Chance that they're both to blame, and that Chance isn't as stuck as he thinks. Winston says that they can't save Katherine, but they can save the next one. He puts the cap on Chance's liquor bottle and asks what his name is. Chance says his name is Chance… Christopher Chance. The Present Chance leaves in a helicopter with Joubert. First, he makes sure that Guerrero knows what to do. Guerrero assures him that they'll get Winston back and watches as Chance and Joubert leave... together.
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