Human Target

Season 1 Episode 12

Christopher Chance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • A great episode to tie the season together and open new doors for season 2 (Hopefully there is one)


    So for the entire season hints had been dropping of various things. We knew that Chance was an assassin, Baptiste killed Catherine and that the old man was a mean SOB who was after Chance.

    What I liked about this episode is how it further tied the entire story together and explained how Christopher Chance Came to be Christopher Chance. The name is to be a name of legend. An ideology of one man that is the last refuge for those who have no one.

    But it Was Catherine Walters who changed everybody and brought all 3 of our leading characters together. Chance was in a position to kill Guererro, but Catherine intervened and it is quite possibly her act that saved his life when Chance was ready to shoot. And he meets Winston on the hunt for Miss Walters.

    Lee Majors was sensational as the older Christopher Chance and his last words "Who do you wanna be?" were (well i Cant imagine a better way of saying it).

    And we do meet the old man (As well as the person who hired Chance to Kill Catherine) and we understand that it was her humanity that changed Chance from the Assassin to the Robin Hood like character that he become.

    And on top of that there was good action. We also see the origin of Chance's dog, which adds an emotional slant to the underlying story.

    What bothered me about the episode though was the cliffhanger conclusion, which is scary when a show is not guaranteed another go around. I just hope we dont end up with another John Doe like situation where a major cliff hanger season finale was never explained because the show was axed. Bring on Season 2

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and believe that it does build a foundation for another season. My question is.... Is Catherine Walters actually dead? Obviously 6 years has passed, but after seeing the way Baptiste killed her, I wonder (since you see her on the boat before the explosion, but not AT the time of explosion). It is possible that he incapacitated her in some way, but when he mentioned he killed her, I figured he shot her but after seeing the footage, I wonder if she is even dead. Just a question I have (And considering the twists this season has had thus far, its not out of the realm of possibility)
  • The episode Christopher Chance, had everything great action,story,guest appearances like Armand Asante, Amy Acker. Haley with another great fighting scene what more can you ask for.

    Baptiste was back to his cunning ways taking Chance to his limits and of course claming himself as number one for his boss. Haley was finally realized as an actual assasin that encountered Chance and changed his way of life with Chances reality change. Christopher Chance's name is actually an alias that came from generations of heroes. And Amy Acker's curky but beautiful presence as always warmed every scene. Mcbride the lone ranger was the funny yet serious cop that realized he would be more of a help to others without the badge. Great episode this show with all its questions deserves a second season and more advertising wow ever since the premiere it seems like fox abandoned the show. I have done more advertising for this show than fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This Episode of Human Target read like a Phantom Comic It give you a clear picture of how this one time assassin became a bodyguard by taking the identity of some dead guy who got the name from another bodyguard and keeping the legend alive continuing it.

    This Episode of Human Target reads like a Phantom Comic. It explains a lot about Christopher Chance and answers a few questions. For eg, His past life as an assassin working for the old man; Katherine Walters, the girl he was meant to kill but ended up being the one person he swore to protect; and the real Christopher Chance, well a guy who took that name from another dead bodyguard. Chris only took on that same legacy after that guy died . It really is the best out of all the other episodes of Human Target that I've watched
  • one of the action series that worth watching.

    the show start a good trend and this episode describe how human target comes to life. putting the story to nice motion and played nicely. this episode put the peaces of a puzzle, which shown some of them in previous episodes. glimpses such as introduction of Katrine in episode 4 or how Winston invite chance to start the human target in episode 2 and Chance past and who he was before in episode 8. overall this episode could be considered as introduction on human target on how it start, how people involved in are gathered to gather. this episode promised more interesting episodes in future.
  • Fantastic episode but the producers have kidnapped the other half and will kill it unless they get their second season!

    Now let me get this straight, I loved this episode, it was fantastic, desperately needed and extremely informative. However, it is clearly a manouver to keep the show on air because everything about the episode was produced in the format of a two-parter. It's like the producers are holding the rest of the episode ransom; their demand, another season. This brought my score down from 9.5 to 8 and I think that's generous because I don't like silly cliffhangers, especially if we may never see them resolved.

    The episode starts like a punch to the face with Chance and company being taken hostage. We are introduced to a sinister character who informs the team that he is the person who gave Chance his last assasination contract, which he ultimately refused to do and subsequently went on the run from his old employer (the mysterious old man).

    Really, this episode should have come a lot sooner and could have been more effective as a pilot to introduce the characters and give the audience a tangible back story. Having said that, it would not have been the massive revelation that it was, so I'm undecided.

    Regardless, we are treated to much of Christopher Chance's back story and motivation for becoming this kind of white knight, mercenary character. We also learn the origins of both Winston and Guerrero. I wont spoil the ending, but lets just say it is going to be an unpleasant wait for next season, if it ever comes. I am quite annoyed they chose to use this tactic, because it's unfair to the audience, especially seeing as it now looks likely Human Target will be cancelled.
  • THIS...

    9.5 how you end a season!!

    It is NOT how you end a series, despite the claims at conferences or from FOX that it was written to be either/or, so it would not leave audiences hanging without a conclusion. So, I know I should know better, because it's FOX after all, but I'm hoping the fact that this episode was killer, is a good omen...

    This was without doubt, the best of the year in terms of character development, but also just of character presentation.

    Guerrero was wicked with his fighting skills, and so the nerd thing is just another persona in his armoury. His loyalty is based on knowing he really shouldn't be alive today, at "Chance's" hand. But he is, and he owes Chance.

    Winston was way too good for the job he had, showing that the good guys and the bad guys aren't far from the same bolt of cloth. It's easy to see how the fit for the three of these characters in the end was obvious, given their distaste for the pointlessness of their live's work.

    Chance became Chance quite by accident, but he assumed the mantle and the digs, and kept his Katherine-connection via that beautiful puppy, making Carmine my new hero! Baptiste is a fabulous enemy/villain...forget about Armand Assante. He was, you know, average. I'd worry about Baptiste. Every time!

    Personally, I have my doubts about Katherine's actual demise (given the well mounted arrival of the assault team at the opening) and with that and the death of the previous iteration of "Chance", it seems, at the very least, that some more flashbacks are in order next season...right FOX?!

    Don't make me come over there!! ;o}
  • The real Mr. Chance, please stand up, please stand up!

    So who is Christopher Chance? CC is an ideology whose motto is "no one deserves to die", while the mantle of CC is taken up by a person who people go to when nobody else can help them. Quite interesting.

    We get a little background on who Katherine Walters is, how CC met her, and how why he feels so guilty about her death. What really struck me awkward is that he was all set to kill her and then suddenly grows a conscious all because he's tired of following orders? This guy has killed tons of innocent people but now he doesn't want to anymore; c'mon!

    We meet the old man, as well as the guy who hired CC to kill Katherine. We also see how CC met Winston, and the beginning of this new partnership to help people. However the most interesting part is why CC actually became CC, and who inspired him to stop his mindless assassin ways and become someone who helps people instead.

    This is one of the few shows that has actually gotten better as it continues to air however I don't think its quite up to par with really good television. This particular episode has all the right ideas, yet it had a very soap-ish-ness to it. I just feel like to make someone change their entire way of life, it could have been a lot more gritty, and mean still definitely worth watching.
  • A not so good guy trying to redeem himself by switching sides and working with a former cop on protecting people after losing two people he cared about.

    I love this show! There aren't many action/adventure series out there worth watching. I first discovered Mark Valley (the Human Target) on the series Fringe and was thrilled when he got a series of his own. I enjoy the story lines and the acting. Some people may think it "cheesy", but being brought up in the era of "SWAT" and "Starsky and Hutch", I find it worth watching. I hope the network gives it a chance to find it's audience.. I know things are "tight" with people watching American Idol, but when that's over, I think more people will tune in to Human Target. I'd hate to see it cancelled without a fair chance!