Human Target

Season 1 Episode 12

Christopher Chance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • A great episode to tie the season together and open new doors for season 2 (Hopefully there is one)


    So for the entire season hints had been dropping of various things. We knew that Chance was an assassin, Baptiste killed Catherine and that the old man was a mean SOB who was after Chance.

    What I liked about this episode is how it further tied the entire story together and explained how Christopher Chance Came to be Christopher Chance. The name is to be a name of legend. An ideology of one man that is the last refuge for those who have no one.

    But it Was Catherine Walters who changed everybody and brought all 3 of our leading characters together. Chance was in a position to kill Guererro, but Catherine intervened and it is quite possibly her act that saved his life when Chance was ready to shoot. And he meets Winston on the hunt for Miss Walters.

    Lee Majors was sensational as the older Christopher Chance and his last words "Who do you wanna be?" were (well i Cant imagine a better way of saying it).

    And we do meet the old man (As well as the person who hired Chance to Kill Catherine) and we understand that it was her humanity that changed Chance from the Assassin to the Robin Hood like character that he become.

    And on top of that there was good action. We also see the origin of Chance's dog, which adds an emotional slant to the underlying story.

    What bothered me about the episode though was the cliffhanger conclusion, which is scary when a show is not guaranteed another go around. I just hope we dont end up with another John Doe like situation where a major cliff hanger season finale was never explained because the show was axed. Bring on Season 2

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and believe that it does build a foundation for another season. My question is.... Is Catherine Walters actually dead? Obviously 6 years has passed, but after seeing the way Baptiste killed her, I wonder (since you see her on the boat before the explosion, but not AT the time of explosion). It is possible that he incapacitated her in some way, but when he mentioned he killed her, I figured he shot her but after seeing the footage, I wonder if she is even dead. Just a question I have (And considering the twists this season has had thus far, its not out of the realm of possibility)