Human Target

Season 2 Episode 8

Communication Breakdown (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ilsa's private jet takes off from the airfield in Baldova, and Chance and Ilsa are still arguing. Chance insists that she'll never find a replacement for him, but Ilsa says that it shouldn't be hard. She also tells him that the others won't need replacing because Winston is staying with her. Chance doesn't believe it, but Ilsa says that Winston signed a contract.

On the ground, Hector Lopez aims and fires. The rocket takes the plane out and it heads for the ground. Chance enters the cockpit and tells the nervous pilot that they were hit by a ground-to-air missile. When Ilsa demands to know what Chance is doing, he explains that the pilot is in over his head. She finally accepts that Chance is their only hope and goes into the back to strap in. With the landing gear out, Chance guides the plane toward an empty field and hopes for the best.

In San Francisco, Ames, Guerrero, and Winston arrive at the office, and Winston and argue over whether Chance will be coming back. Ames goes to the roof to work on the after-action report. The team gets a visitor, Harry, a private detective who is looking for Chance. Neither one of them is impressed with Harry, and note that he's always getting them into trouble. Harry says that by the time Chance gets there the next day, he'll probably be dead.

Chance wakes up and confirms that the pilot is dead. He gets to the back and confirms that Ilsa is alive, but they realize that the doors are jammed and jet fuel is leaking. When Chance can't get the doors open, he wedges an oxygen tank in the door and shoots at it. The explosion blasts the door open, and Ilsa crawls out first. Chance gets out second and they get away from the plane just as it explodes.

Harry tells Winston and Guerrero that he took a job for the wife of an Armenian mobster to determine if her husband was having an affair. He was, but when Harry told his client, she told her husband that she and Harry were having the affair. The mobster sent twelve of his men to kill Harry, and he's been running ever since. Winston and Guerrero spot the mobsters on the video screens and figure that Harry led them there. There are too many to fight, and Winston takes command. When Guerrero objects, Winston says that he's in charge when Chance is gone, and tells him to leave if he doesn't like that. When Winston leaves, Harry admits that he's surprised Winston cares about him. Guerrero tells him that it isn't Harry, it's Bangkok, and tells the detective to get away from him.

As they travel through the woods, Chance offers to tend Ilsa's wounded right shoulder, but she tells him to stop trying to save her. He says that the woods are no place for a woman whose survival instincts only cover marrying billionaires. Stung, Ilsa nonetheless spots a nearby cabin and they go to investigate.

At the site of the plane crash, Hector arrives and finds Ilsa's discarded shoe. He figures that they're still alive.

Chance and Ilsa discover that the cabin belonged to a drug runner. As they search, Chance finds a radio and tells Ilsa that he can repair it and locate the nearby village. They find the owner's mummified corpse, and Chance casually takes its knife.

In San Francisco, Ames is sunbathing on the roof and has dozed off, so she doesn't get Winston's call to her. Disgusted, Winston gets angry and Harry asks him if he's angry because of Bangkok. Winston realizes that Guerrero told the private eye about Bangkok, and gets even madder at him. However, they're interrupted when the Armenian mobsters break in and start cutting through the freight elevator. The two men argue over who should have sealed off the freight elevator, and go to barricade it.

Outside the cabin, Ilsa treats her shoulder wound with a first aid kit, and Chance notices bullet scars on her back. He asks what happened, but Ilsa refuses to discuss it with him. She tells him that they're not friends, and expects him to only get her out of the situation. Chance spots Hector in the woods, grabs Ilsa, and shoves her to the ground. When Hector stops to reload, they get back into the cabin.

When he's alone with Winston, Harry asks about Bangkok. Winston finally explains that during a case, he and Guerrero were separated from Chance. They were locked up and blindfolded, but Guerrero managed to escape and save Winston. Since then, Winston figures that Guerrero has always been judging him. Harry doesn't believe it, but Winston tells him to drop it. Guerrero returns with weapons and points out that the Armenians are cutting through the freight elevator. Much to Winston's surprise, Guerrero agrees with him that they should retreat in the face of superior firepower. The three of them head to a utility room to take refuge.

Chance tells Ilsa that Hector is after them, and she wonders why Hector is taking it personally. In response, Chance says that they're all human beings even if their assassins and figures that Hector is waiting to make his move once it gets dark. As he works on the radio, Chance notices a spider on Ilsa's shoulder and warns her to be careful. She casually brushes it off but Chance warns that it's a highly poisonous banana spider. Ilsa doesn't think it's a threat until Chance points out that there's a whole nest of the spiders in the cabin.

Ames finally calls down to ask why men with guns are invading the building, and Winston yells at her, telling her to get down there and help them out. As he finishes, the Armenians break into the building and start banging on the storage room door.

Chance finishes his work on the radio, but realizes that he needs to go to the roof to get a clear signal. He gives his gun to Ilsa and tells her to make the last two bullets count. She picks up the pistol and tells him to hurry up. Night falls and the banana spiders become more active. Hector bursts into the cabin and finally finds Ilsa, crouching in a corner. She aims the gun at him but can't pull the trigger. However, Chance arrives and attacks Hector. In the struggle, Hector grabs some chemical powder and throws it into Chance's eyes. Hector takes him down and prepares to finish him off, but Ilsa hits him in the head with a board, knocking him into the cellar. She then helps Chance up and leads him out into the woods.

Ames crawls down and discovers that one of the mobsters is guarding the stairwell. She calls to tell Winston that she can't get downstairs, and wonders why they don't call the police. Winston reluctantly admits that they're fixing Harry's problem because Harry came to them. Meanwhile, Harry talks to Guerrero and suggests that he talk to Winston about Bangkok. Winston starts to say that he's not going to give Winston the satisfaction, but they realize that the Armenians are pumping gas in through the vents.

As they head toward the village, Ilsa apologizes to Chance, who gracefully accepts. When she wonders why he's not upset that she refused to kill Hector when she had the option, Chance tells her that he doesn't want her killing anyone. When Ilsa wonders why he's so concerned, Chance says that she never wants to experience killing a person for the first time unless she absolutely has to. Hector catches up to them and ambushes Ilsa, but Hector manages to get behind him. They fight, and Hector and Chance both go over the edge of a nearby cliff. Hector grabs Ilsa's hand, thanks her, and prepares to shoot Chance, who is hanging on below. Half-blinded, Chance still manages to throw a knife and hit Hector in the arm. The killer loses his grip, pulling off Ilsa's bracelet, and falls down the slope to his death.

Winston tells Ames how to shut down the gas, but Guerrero disagrees. They argue again over which switch to pull, and Harry figures it's about Bangkok. He asks them both who they think saved them, and they both accuse the other. The two of them finally realize that Chance saved them and played a joke by never telling them. Meanwhile, Ames gets sick of all the arguing, grabs a random switch, and successfully shuts off the gas. Winston and Guerrero agree not to wait for Chance, and Guerrero confirms that Ames can turn the gas back on.

Chance and Ilsa arrive back in San Francisco. As Ilsa gets out at her home, Chance asks how she got the scars. Ilsa tells him that she grew up in Belfast and was caught in the shooting while walking to school. She was sent to London and put herself through school, making something of herself. Chance apologizes for his earlier comment and she says that they have to be careful or people might think they're becoming friends. Ilsa gets out and goes inside.

Guerrero uses a hose to pump the gas into an empty water bottle and then blocks up the nozzle. He borrows Winston's belt because he isn't wearing one. Guerrero then calls Ames and confirms that she's ready as the distraction. She drops a concrete block on the mobster guarding the stairwell, strips to a bikini, and distracts the other mobsters. Guerrero rolls out the bottle, which has a cell phone attached as a trigger device. It explodes, knocking them down. Guerrero and Winston come out and take them down, but the last one prepares to shoot Guerrero. Chance arrives just in time to drop him, and then wonders what's going on... until he realizes that Harry's involved.

Ilsa emerges from the shower and finds Hector waiting for her. He grabs her and demands that she bring Chance so he can kill his brother's murderer.

Chance asks why Winston signed a contract with Ilsa, and Winston says that he didn't sign anything. He and Guerrero explain to Chance that Ilsa played him, and that she didn't want him to leave. Ilsa calls Chance and he realizes that something is going on. He tells her to secretly signal him if someone is there, but she comes right out and tells him that Hector Lopez is there.

Angry, Hector savagely beats her. Meanwhile, Chance drives across town, dodging cars and trying to get through the traffic jams.

Ilsa fights back and the two struggle over Hector's gun. As Chance bursts in, a single shot rings out. Hector gets up, and then stares at the bloody wound in his chest. He collapses, dead, and Ilsa stares at him in horror, the gun in her hand. Chance comes over to her and gently takes the gun, and then hugs her close.