Human Target

Season 2 Episode 8

Communication Breakdown (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on FOX

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  • a good episode and fab series....

    I love hthis episode, but cant buy it anywhre !!! and they arnt on dvd for this ideas ?
  • Two Story Lines - One Powerful Episode {SPOILERS}

    I knew this was going to be good since, hey, it was 2 hours long. Chance (Mark Valley) can come to my house anytime for 2 hours. Seriously though, it was an excellent episode as it allowed us to see the relationship forming between Ilsa and Chance. She wasn't the 'trophy wife' that he thought she was and, I believe, she was surprised to hear how Chance felt about killing people in his past, she knows there far more to him than just what he lets other people see. Warning her that 'you're just not the same person' after something like that. Then I thought the episode was basically over and then in the last 3 minutes this episode exploded into tension and excitement. One heck of an ending. Good to the last drop. Bravo!! I guess now we'll see just how much Chance was right when it comes to the long-term effects of taking a persons life. As far as Ilsa's attitude towards Maria, not surprising, she was jealous. I'm hoping to see his and Ilsa's relationship progress to something more in the near future, he truly gorgeous when you see his softer side, in fact, he's gorgeous all the time. Need I say more?
  • Captivating 2 part/hour episode

    I've been watching Human Target since the beginning, and was hooked on episode 1. Didn't think there would be an audience because of what a tough super hero, kinda like 007 could keep doing. But here we are on episode 8 of season 2 and it keeps getting better. We see some vulnerability of Chance and with the addition of Ilsa Chance shows another side of his character, though he is still the same guy. For all of us who watch Human Target, we need to talk it up with others, in order to keep this show going. I watch a lot of TV and this is in my top 5. Oh yea, with the epicenter in San Francisco, it can't get much better than that.
  • Hmm..

    Seing Chance's witty sense of humour and his confession about the way he felt when he killed people was a good insight on his personality.
    Ilsa and Chance have that good chemistry and we know there's that slight hint of romantic interesting growing there between the two.

    But let's not forget the plot holes, shall we?
    Like someone's pointed it out.. ahh.. Ilsa walked through the forest bare-footed, is that correct?
    Another thing, Hector tracked her by scent, yes? I mean, there was a broken shoe and the other one that she discarded, both near the plane and bam, that's it, he tracked them easy enough..

    In the first go, Hector got thrown into a hole, in the second one, he got a knife on his wrist and that was it for him. Or so we thought.
    After that, Chance and Ilsa apparently found a village and the rest is history. Ah, but so did Hector, who travelled to the US and wanted to pay a visit to the lady..

    I thought we were going to see a full scale rescue mission. Chance and Ilsa barely escaping alive and with Hector on their tale, while the rest of the team tried to get to them, fighting their way through hordes of bad dudes..
    Instead we had 2 different situations.. one, filled with plot holes and designed to get 2 characters together and provide a bit of character development and another one for comic relief.

    Anyways... the show is awesome nonetheless..

  • A very well sustained 2-fer.

    Its hard to maintain the momentum for a two part episode of most shows, but with this one, well, where do you go next when the impossible and totally outrageous has already been done? Very cleverly constructed, this one was also a very well executed and seemingly never-ending story. Just when you thought it was over, it wasn't. And just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for our intrepid band, it did. Cue the spiders... I freakin' hate spiders! I hope Indira Varma got hazard pay!

    I could even tolerate Ames this time out, though barely. Certainly, Ilsa earned some depth as a character, even if the ending was almost predictable based on dialogue. It was still a striking ending. The bad guy beat her. Badly. Not the usual hold-the-female-as-hostage routine, or simply allusions to the fact he beat her. You watched it. And she fought back; she was no victim.

    Too bad she didn't have one of those spiders in her posh digs. Would've been nice to watch that grease ball die a bit more...uncomfortably...

    Good action. Good humour. Good character development for most. Good outing overall and a great start to the second half of the season.
  • Worst Episode Ever!!!!

    This show just got silly with this episode, it was the most pointless episode, firstly we begin with the whole plane crash (did she really walk through all those woods barefooted), secondly, how did they get out of the jungle, magic?, apparently we don't deserve to know and the dilemna at the office i will not even go there. i get what they where trying to do, give us more background on the characters but what they delivered was just below par,way below, someone has to say it, the introduction of those two women ruined the show, esp the "boss/partner" i believe "if it aint broke, don't fix it", they tried to shove drama down our throat with this episode and all it accomplished was making me throw up