Human Target

Season 2 Episode 8

Communication Breakdown (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2011 on FOX

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  • Hmm..

    Seing Chance's witty sense of humour and his confession about the way he felt when he killed people was a good insight on his personality.
    Ilsa and Chance have that good chemistry and we know there's that slight hint of romantic interesting growing there between the two.

    But let's not forget the plot holes, shall we?
    Like someone's pointed it out.. ahh.. Ilsa walked through the forest bare-footed, is that correct?
    Another thing, Hector tracked her by scent, yes? I mean, there was a broken shoe and the other one that she discarded, both near the plane and bam, that's it, he tracked them easy enough..

    In the first go, Hector got thrown into a hole, in the second one, he got a knife on his wrist and that was it for him. Or so we thought.
    After that, Chance and Ilsa apparently found a village and the rest is history. Ah, but so did Hector, who travelled to the US and wanted to pay a visit to the lady..

    I thought we were going to see a full scale rescue mission. Chance and Ilsa barely escaping alive and with Hector on their tale, while the rest of the team tried to get to them, fighting their way through hordes of bad dudes..
    Instead we had 2 different situations.. one, filled with plot holes and designed to get 2 characters together and provide a bit of character development and another one for comic relief.

    Anyways... the show is awesome nonetheless..