Human Target

Season 2 Episode 10

Cool Hand Guerrero

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Redding County, Louisiana, Guerrero meets with his friend Jerry Mobbs at a cheap hotel. He works on the computer to set up his fake passport. Once he's done, he gives Jerry his fake papers so he can get to Costa Rico. As they go, Jerry confirms that Guerrero got the package with his "insurance," and Guerrero assures him that he has his back, just like he has ever since elementary school. Their relationship doesn't stop Guerrero from charging $5,000.

Later, Ilsa meets with Winston and Chance, and tells them that Guerrero has gone missing in the last two weeks. They're not impressed, and explain that Guerrero disappears from time to time. Ilsa figures that she's paying for him to be there, but Chance warns that Guerrero has side jobs... side jobs she doesn't want to know about.

As Guerrero goes to his car, he notices the sheriff parked nearby. When he tries to leave, Sheriff Williams and his men cut him off. Guerrero considers shooting his way out, but then hides the gun as the sheriff orders him out of the car. They have him pop the trunk, and he's surprised to discover Jerry, dead.

Later, Chance goes to the state prison and meets with Guerrero. He explains that Ilsa has been keeping tabs on Guerrero, and they learned what happened to him. Guerrero insists that he's innocent, but says that he has everything under control. Chance offers to use Jerry's "insurance" to get him out, but Guerrero tells him not to interfere. Once Guerrero is taken away, Chance meets with Winston outside and warns that their friend plans to break out. They go to a diner to confer, and Chance figures that they need to protect Guerrero from himself. Winston admits that the evidence doesn't look good. Jerry was shot two days ago, and the receipt for the gun was in the trunk with the corpse.

At the office, Ames arrives and Ilsa is relieved to see her. She says that Chance wants her to get into Guerrero's locker, but Guerrero has had the locks changed. She wants Ames to break in. The thief gets in and finds money, a fish food canister containing what they think is poison, and Jerry's locked case. Ames warns it won't be easy to get it open.

One of the guards, Eddie, puts a new prisoner, Bubba, in Guerrero's cell. He draws a shiv on Guerrero, who admits he isn't done making his yet.

Ames calls Chance and admits she can't get the briefcase open. Chance tells her to bring the case to him.

Bubba tells Guerrero that the people he works for want the briefcase. Guerrero refuses to give up its location and they fight, and Guerrero easily subdues the man.

Out in the van, Winston admits that he doesn't know anything about Guerrero, and Chance explains that he changes his identity every few years.

Guerrero hides on the ceiling and takes out Eddie when he comes in to investigate. He then goes outside, wearing the guard's uniform. Chance and Winston spot him, and Chance tells him that they can't let him leave. Guerrero attacks him, and Chance explains that if he's a fugitive, he can't work with them. Guerrero refuses, and says that he's going after the people that murdered his friend. He figures that the man that Jerry was running drugs for had him killed. Chance admits that he understands, but they need him to go back inside so they can clear his name. As Guerrero considers it, the alarms go off and he reluctantly agrees to their plan.

Guerrero is escorted back to his cell and Warden Clancy Cole comes to see him. He figures that they have a troublemaker, and has his men beat Guerrero.

In town, Chance and Winston go to the store where the murder weapon was bought. Winston tries to hack the cameras, but realize that it's on an internal download. Chance goes in as a telephone repairman while Winston takes out the lines. The clerk, Billy, is surprised to discover that Chance is there before they knew there was a problem. Chance suggests that the cameras might be causing interference, but Billy doesn't let him into the office, so Chance tells Winston they need another distraction.

Ilsa and Ames fly to Louisiana and Ames says that the combination must have some personal significance to Guerrero. All they know about him is that he wears glasses.

Guerrero is exercising in his cell when Warden Cole comes by with a lousy meal. Guerrero refuses to eat it.

As he works on the phone lines, Chance tells Winston to get ready to leave. He then goes into the desk with the security cameras and grabs the tapes. When Billy spots him, he grabs a gun and opens fire, and the other customers join in. Chance manages to get out and out to the van, and they quickly leave.

Ames uses the name of Guerrero's car as the combination to open the case. Inside they find delivery logs, as well as files on all of them. Very comprehensive files, including phone taps and bank account records. One thing that is out of place is a photo of a child on a tricycle. Ames pockets it before Ilsa can see it.

At a hotel, Chance and Winston go over the security tapes and discover that one of the guards bought the murder weapon. When Ilsa and Ames arrive, they call Chance, who brings them up to speed and tells them that he has an idea.

Later, Chance approaches Sheriff Williams on the street and turns himself in for robbing the gun store. They take him to prison and he ends up in the cell next to Guerrero's. Once they're alone, Chance explains that the meth suppliers that Jerry was working with want the evidence in the briefcase. Guerrero isn't happy that they broke into his briefcase.

Winston meets Ilsa and Ames at a diner and explains that Chance went inside to find out what's going on, and he's going to wing it. There's a scheduled drop-off at a nearby truck stop coming up, and Winston takes Ames with him, while Ilsa meets with the governor.

Guerrero tells Chance that they have him in prison to put the pressure on him to give up the shipping log. Chance informs his friend that Cole used to work for the DEA, and managed to accumulate $1 million in offshore accounts. They figure that Cole is running a meth lab inside of the prison.

At the capital, Ilsa meets with Governor Strong, who is busy running his re-election campaign. She tells him about the meth lab in the prison, but Strong says that he can't go in without evidence. Ilsa responds by offering him a campaign payment for one afternoon's work.

At the truck stop, Winston and Ames search for a truck matching the description in the log. Ames finds it and opens the door, and they start searching the boxes. They quickly find... snowglobes, handmade by the prison inmates. Winston soon realizes that there are packets of meth hidden inside. The truck starts up and they realize the driver relocked the door.

When they're taken to the mess hall, Guerrero points out the one building where the lab has to be. The prisoner from earlier and three of his friends are waiting for them. They demand the log book, but Chance and Guerrero easily take them out. They go out and the guards spot them, but they hide on the underside of a truck. Once the driver pulls up to the lab building, they knock him out only to discover that Cole and his guards are there.

Cole wants the notebook, but Chance figures that he'll just kill Guerrero once he delivers and then pin the murder on Eddie. The warden has his men open the gate and gives Winston and Chance ten seconds to run for the gate before his men. Instead they grab the guards and use them as shields, and then duck into the building. As the alarms go off, Cole orders all of the guards inside.

Ilsa calls Winston and Ames for the evidence, and they try to figure out where they're heading. Winston manages to give her their route using his GPS, and assures Ilsa they have a truck full of evidence. She tells Strong and insists that he make a personal appearance given what she's paying. Strong agrees, figuring that the press will help him.

As Cole and his men move in, Chance starts mixing chemicals. Guerrero starts shooting chemical barrels to create a flame barrier, and Chance finishes mixing his concoction.

The truck pulls to a halt and Winston draws his gun. The door opens and they find Ilsa, Strong, and the state police waiting for them to collect the evidence.

Guerrero and Chance climb up into the rafters and Chance throws down his Molotov cocktail. The two men leap down and take out the guards, and Cole tries to slip away. Guerrero gives him ten very fast seconds to say his prayers, but Chance tells him that it's over. Guerrero prepares to stab him, but the police arrive before he can avenge his friend. As the police take Cole away, Guerrero complains that he could have gotten out in one day, and refuses to thank them.

Later, Chance and Guerrero are released and they meet the outside. Guerrero isn't happy to see that his impounded car was wrecked. Ilsa offers to fly him home and discuss his spying. He insists he was just watching their backs and takes his briefcase back, and asks if they found anything else. Ames doesn't say that she saw the boy's photo. When Ames asks him about the fish food, Guerrero explains that it's fish food.

Chance takes Guerrero to a diner for crawfish, and Guerrero asks what he wants to talk about. His friend says that the next time, he can just call them. He then hands him a package and says that it's a present for an upcoming birthday. Guerrero thanks him.

Back in San Francisco, Guerrero pulls up to a quiet suburban home and walks in with the snowglobe, going past a child's tricycle.