Human Target

Season 2 Episode 10

Cool Hand Guerrero

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2011 on FOX

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  • I've figured it out - Human Target had/has the potential to be, at least, a minor hit show. What I feel is missing is a likable/charismatic character as part of the ensemble cast; other than Chance.

    Since beginning to tune into Human Target, I've tried to get a "handle" on Guerrero - who should be the "cool, but quirky member of the team and, possibly fill that need for the guy with charisma. Instead he comes across as a surly, uncommunicative, and generally uninteresting character. When I watched this episode, I kinda hoped my mind would be changed about him, but it wasn't. The fact that they alluded to a favorite movie of mine in the title (you know, Cool Hand Luke) didn't help matters any. The plot itself was rather weak - the scenes totally unbelievable. I'm sorry - you can't have an actor with the physique of Jackie Earle Haley, believable as a kick-ass, martial arts master, capable of taking on not just one, but multiple opponents at once (and winning.) What Guerrero could be is the guy they turn to for special interrogations - a role he has filled in the past. It would also help if the comraderie between Chance and Winston was played up a bit more - Chi McBride, in my opinion, is dramatically underused on the show, to its detriment. We'll see what happens in the future, if the show is even renewed.
  • Some serious Guerrero insights.

    As lethal as he is, and we seem to keep getting more background as to just how nefarious his past has been, the little guy is a loyal if secretive partner and perhaps, father??

    But in true Human Target tongue in cheek, even a corrupt prison and its warden and guards can't keep him down. Well, and a little help from his machine of a colleague in Chance.

    The prison break scene was funny where he and Chance kept trading arm locks. And then he went back in! Now that took guts, even though it did allow them to provide the requisite lousy-odds fight scene and some serious explosions.

    My only complaint if you can call it that, remains Ames. She's no more than a petulant brat, and that whole persona has worn thin. Her tossing the GPS aside and saying, "I pick locks, you do it" is soooo not in keeping with the ethic (if you can call it that, LOL) of this team.

    Nope. Wouldn't miss Ames if she was gone...
  • Sweet Home Alabama: A Guerrero Adventure

    Guerrero is framed for the murder of friend of his in Alabama and it's up to Chance and the team to break him out. While Guerrero successfully escapes on his own Chance manages to talk him into going back inside so that they can clear him legally and not be a fugitive for the rest of his life. It's a rare treat for Jackie Earle Haley to get so much screen time let alone a whole episode but the comedic moments come out often in lines like "I have a permit for the samurai sword." But seeing more into the enigma that is Guerrero doesn't give us its undivided attention on character development but is enough of a fun breezy action that Human Target has made us come to expect from its weekly endeavors.