Human Target

Season 1 Episode 9

Corner Man

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Brussels, spectators gather at an underground fighting event where Chance is taking on an opponent while Chance watches on. He's in contact by radio with Guerrero, and watches as Chance's opponent Lodan knocks Chance out and moves in for the kill. Four days earlier Chance and Winston go to the docks to meet with a man, and Winston worries that their new client isn't someone who likes Chance, and threatened to kill him. Chance isn't concerned and they meet with Tony Belvilacqua. He wonders why they're not listening to his previous warning, and Chance explains he needs $1.8 million, and promises that Belvilacqua will get his money back and have a chance to stick it to Hugh Prentiss, the one man he hates more than Chance. Belvilacqua gives Chance to explain that his new client, Eddie Dunn, refused to take a dive. Eddie and Guerrero are listening in, and it's clear Eddie isn't that smart. Prentiss wants Eddie dead, and Chance has a plan to take out Prentiss. All he needs is money. Chance plans to go to the Christof Fight Tournament in Brussels, get Prentiss to bet on the wrong man, and lose everything he owns. When Belvilacqua wonders what fighter Chance plans to put into the tournament, Chance explains he'll be the one fighting. Belvilacqua points out that the tournament is invitation only. Later at a bar, Winston explains to Eddie that they're going to spread the word about Chance being an unknown so the tournament organizers take him on. Eddie points out that Chance would have to take out someone big to make enough of a splash to get noticed. A major MMA fighter, Kendrick Taylor, comes in, and Eddie finally figures out what Chance has in mind. Chance spills a drink in the fighter's lap and they go outside to brawl. Chance takes Taylor down and Winston starts spreading the word. One man, Kelso, calls in to the tournament sponsors… unaware that Taylor has taken a dive. Back at the apartment, Winston explains that Taylor agreed to take a dive. Guerrero shows Eddie their electronic equipment and Winston explains that they have to get Chance to the finals by learning everything they can about the competition. Upstairs, Chance is remembering his fight with Taylor when his phone rings. After he takes the call, he tells the others they're going to Brussels. Six hours before first fight At a casino, Chance and Winston arrive for the Benedict party and are escort into an underground fighting facility. They check out the arena and Winston notes that Chance took a shot to the chin against Taylor. He points out that it wasn't intended and Chance admits that he messed up even though the fight was staged. Winston warns Chance to get out if he's not at the top of his game, but Chance insists he's ready for it. Now Chance goes down in the arena. Four hours before first fight Winston tells Guerrero to check on their first fighter, Emil Lodan. Winston tells Guerrero to make sure that Frank is on board. Guerrero hangs up and tells Eddie that Frank is step three in their plan. Winston and Chance go to their hotel room and find Hugh Prentiss waiting for them. Prentiss introduces them to his entourage, including Eva Khan, and has his doctor check over him. He wonders where Chance came from, and Winston claims that Chance got his skills in prison. Winston claims he's a gym owner that fond Chance. Once the doctor finishes, Prentiss wishes him well and Eva walks by him. That night at the fight, Prentiss and his people go in but Eva stays outside. Chance, warming up outside, realizes she's the daughter of a famous fighter, now dead. He figures that she's the one who calculates odds for Prentiss. Eva admits he's right and wonders why Chance is running around with Eddie. She warns him off and tells him that he's going to lose his first fight against Emil. Prentiss comes back out and Eva leaves with him. Guerrero calls and tells Winston that Lodan has anger management issues and will make mistakes. They coach Chance, telling him to slap Lodan and then go for the pin in his wrist, and finally finish with a shot to the ribs where he fractured them a year ago. However, Chance takes a hit and Winston informs Guerrero that Chance is showing the same weakness he did in the alley. Winston wants to call it after he hears a popping noise, but Guerrero realizes that Chance set Lodan up and the opposing fighter broke his wrist. Chance gets up and takes Lodan down After the game, Eddie notes that Chance is suffering from yips, similar to a baseball player's slump. Chance insists he's fine but Winston wants to fix the fight and be sure. Meanwhile, Chance goes to see Eva at the pool. She explains that Prentiss was a friend of her father and took her in after his father insisted on fighting despite health issues. She figures that Chance is there for a reason, and he asks her to convince Prentiss to drop his grudge against Eddie, and he'll cover Prentiss' losses. Eva is reluctant and Chance offers a wager: she gets Prentiss to drop the matter if he wins. She insists she can't do anything and punches him in the stomach, and tells him that she realizes he had the yips. When Chance denies it, she warns that they're caused by fear and he won't get over them until he overcomes his fear. Eva meets with Prentiss in the casino and tells him about Chance's proposal. She suggests that Prentiss take the deal, but Prentiss refuses to let anyone make him look like a fool. Instead, Prentiss tells Eva to figure out who would loan Eddie $1.8 million. Winston goes to see another fighter, Foster Larouche, who Chance will be fighting next. Foster asks for $25 million to throw the fight, and Winston makes a counteroffer. The fighter refuses to negotiate and insists there's nothing else he wants. Guerrero tells Winston to agree. In the next fight, Chance easily takes down Foster. Guerrero explains to Eddie that he convinced the fighting commissioner to get Foster into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Prentiss figures out that Belvilacqua loaned Eddie the money and offers to buy off the debt at 150% so he can deal with them however they wish. Belvilacqua negotiates for 175%, Prentiss agrees, and the man reveals Chance's identity. Chance and Winston watch the semi-finals that will determine who fights Chance. Winston admits he overheard Chance's conversation with Eva and wonders if he's considered what she said about the yips. Afterward, Guerrero admits that he checked the record of the winner, Diego Cruz, and can't find anything to exploit. Winston suggests they back out but Chance refuses. He explains that he's doing it for Eva now, because Prentiss is exploiting her. Winston disagrees, but Chance insists that Prentiss will never let her leave and admits it's similar to the situation he was in. Eva calls and asks to meet with Chance at the pool. After he hangs up, Chance tells Winston to leave if he wants, but he's sticking it out. Chance goes to the hotel pool and Eva meets him. She admits she can't change Prentiss' mind and Chance wonders why she's there. Winston tells Guerrero how Chance slipped, and Guerrero figures the yips are caused because Chance is empathizing with Eva' situation because of his own past. However, he warns that there's nothing they can do. Winston isn't happy, and then gives an envelope to the front desk for delivery. Chance figures that Eva is staying with Prentiss because she feels she owes him, but she isn't comfortable with hurting people. Prentiss and his men arrive and Eva walks away as Prentiss thanks her. Once she's gone, they tie a concrete block to Chance's foot and Prentiss explains that Chance is now in debt to him. He asks Chance to tell him where Eddie is. When Chance refuses, Prentiss kicks him into the deep end of the pool. Chance manages to swim up and makes it clear he's not going to give in. After he goes down, Prentiss has his bodyguard pull Chance up. Chance pulls him in, grabs the man's gun, and opens fire on Prentiss' other men. Prentiss goes for a gun but Chance gets up and holds him at gunpoint. Prentiss warns that eventually he'll find Chance and Eddie. However, Chance says that he can do some damage of his own if he tells Eva that Prentiss had Eva's father killed with poison. Prentiss defends his decision and believes she won't believe Chance. Chance breaks the deadlock by offering a wager: if he beats Cruz, Prentiss lets Eddie go. If Chance loses, he'll tell Prentiss where Eddie is and pay over the $1.8 million. Prentiss agrees. Later, Prentiss gives the referee, Krupp, a syringe. Eva notices and Prentiss assures her that Cruz is going to win, and he's just making sure. She suggests they bet and he tells her to wager whatever she thinks is appropriate. As they prepare for the fight, Winston tells Chance that if he backs out, he'll understand. Chance goes into the ring against Cruz and the fight begins. Chance is slow and off-guard and soon taking a beating. Winston remembers what he told Chance beforehand: that Chance is thinking about his former boss, the old man, and what he might do to Winston. Winston told him that the old man would have to go through Winston to get at Chance. Chance snaps out of it and starts hitting back against Cruz. The referee pulls him back and then secretly tells Chance he was supposed to poison him but he's not, and then tells Chance to say hello to Guerrero for him. The fight continues and Prentiss wonders what's going on. Eva tells him that she knew abut Chance's connection to the referee, and that she received a commlink from Winston that let her listen in as Prentiss told Chance he killed her father. Eva shows him that he wagered everything he had against Chance. Chance takes down Cruz as Winston and Guerrero watch in satisfaction. Eva walks away from Cruz and tells him to worry about Belvilacqua. Belvilacqua is there, and wants to know why his check for the 175% hasn't cleared. At the apartment, Eddie finally figures out that they knew all along that Prentiss killed Eva's father, and that they set the whole thing up from the beginning. As they leave for the airport, Chance thanks Winston for his advice. Winston tries to explain why he accompanies Chance, but can't quite get it out. Guerrero tells them over the radio to get a room. As they get in the taxi, they find Eva waiting for them. Chance accompanies her to the airport while Winston takes another taxi.