Human Target

Season 1 Episode 3

Embassy Row

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Danny Cooper is chasing after a man. The fleeing man jumps over a fence and Danny tries to follow him, but collapses, bleeding from the mouth and nose. He gets out his cell phone and calls his brother, Aaron, and asks if he got the package. He gives him a phone number to call and then warns Aaron that he can't do it on his own… and dies. The man Danny was chasing comes back and makes sure that Danny is dead, and then picks up his cell phone and discovers who he was calling.

Aaron returns home and discovers that his apartment has been torn up. When he hears someone in the other room, he grabs a baseball bat and prepares to attack the figure… Christopher Chance. Chance easily disarms Aaron and gives background information that only a friend of Danny's could know. He explains that when Aaron called the number, it was a message to let Chance know that he was in danger, something he set up with Danny. Chance warns that the people who searched the apartment will be back and they need to leave.

On the road, Chance explains to Aaron, a reporter, that Danny was in counter-intelligence, tracking down spies. Aaron describes how Danny drive and Chance recognizes it as a sophisticated poison. He explains that Danny was on the trail of a Russian spy, and Danny brought Chance and Aaron together so they could bring the spy to justice. Aaron admits that he's just a reporter and doesn't know where to begin, and Chance gives him a photo of the Russian Embassy.

At his office, Chance says that he plans to go undercover at the embassy reception and find the spy. Guerrero arrives and tells them that the security is too high for a break-in. They go over Danny's notes and find photos of Alexi Volkov, and Chance figures they can start with him. Winston draws Chance off to the side and warns that it'll be dangerous, but Chance explains that Danny rescued him in Kosovo and he's not going to let his friend's death go unavenged.

Chance arrives at the Russian embassy using Danny's cover identity of C.C. Baxter, an identity created by Chance. Peter Blanchard, the State Department Liaison, comes over when Chance claims he's lost his ID. Alexi is the head of security at the embassy. Chance claims to be there at the invitation of the Secretary of Defense, and Winston calls in a favor with the man. When Blanchard calls, the Secretary talks briefly to Chance and says he'll honor his debts, and then okays Chance with Blanchard. As he prepares to go in, the receptionist tells Chance that his guest is there, and the team realizes that the guest is there to meet with Danny and won't know Chase.

Guerrero tries to decode Danny's coded files and finds something that appears to be a code word. Winston insists on trying to help, and Guerrero tells him to back off. They realize that Danny had listed various poison antidotes, and was closing in on the spy, code-named Raven. They figure Raven had the antidote on him and Danny knew it. Meanwhile, Aaron is looking over the files when his nose starts bleeding. Winston and Guerrero notify Chance that Aaron has been poisoned, and Chance has Guerrero trace Danny's steps and see if he can find anything. Winston passes on what little info they have on Raven, and Chance goes to get some answers from Alexi.

At the reception, Chance is scoping out the security system. He secretly loosens a bolt on a table with an ice display, and a woman, Carrie Jacobs, comes over and says that she's his guest. Chance and Winston wonder why Danny invited her, and Carrie suggests they go outside and get to know each other better. Chance figures that she's an escort girl that Danny hired for cover and tries to pay her off with $40. She starts to object but the table collapses and Chance uses the distraction to steal a key card from a security guard. He then follows Alexi upstairs while Winston checks on Guerrero. Alexi goes upstairs and Chance avoids security and uses the key card to get into the sealed room Alexi enters.

Guerrero follows the trail back to Aaron's apartment. Donning a gas mask and rubber gloves for protection against any poison, he goes inside and starts searching.

Alexi meets with several Russian soldiers, Spetsnaz commandos. Chance picks up a letter opener but inadvertently makes a noise when his hand shakes. One of the soldiers comes to investigate but before he can find Chance beneath a desk, Alexi calls the man away. Chance has overheard them talking and realizes that Alexi has brought in the soldiers to find Raven.

Guerrero scans Aaron's apartment with ultra-violet light and notices an air vent in the ceiling above.

Chance finds Alexi's guard roster and realizes the man has increased the security. His nose starts bleeding. Guerrero calls to explain that he found the poison in the air vent and they realize that Chance and Aaron were both exposed. Winston warns that the poison will cause fever and loss of motor skills, and they need to change the plan to get him out. Chance refuses to leave and turns… and Carrie comes up from behind to hit him. Chance fights back and discovers that she's his equal in martial arts. She finally gets him down, draws a hidden blade on him, and accuses him of being the spy that she and Danny were hunting. Chance explains he was a friend of Danny's, he has a blade of her own against her, and he's been poisoned and needs to find Raven. The woman backs off and introduces herself as Emma Barnes, Danny's liaison at the FBI. Emma explains that Raven stole a weapon prototype from the U.S. government. The Russians want him so they can the info. Raven plans to sell the prototype files at the reception at 5 p.m., and Chance realizes they have just over 10 minutes to find him before he sells the plans and disappears.

Guerrero returns with a defibrillator and assures Aaron that he's in good hands. He starts reading the manual as Winston and Aaron look on nervously.

At the reception, Chance and Emma figure that Raven will make the exchange in plain sight, and that he'll use a Bluetooth. Winston reads him a transmission code from Danny's note, and Chance uses the code to access Raven's signal. He realizes that Raven is conducting a secret auction, and must be within a few dozen meters. Chance has Emma enter a bid on behalf of the U.S. government and notices a man reacting to the bid. When realizes he's been made, the man runs outside and Raven shoots him. Chance and Emma run after him, find his corpse, and check his phone. They realize that he's Victor Shukoff, a Russian oil magnate. Before they can escape, Alexi's soldiers arrive and capture them.

Chance and Emma are handcuffed together and taken into the security center where they're shackled to a table. Emma admits that she underestimated Chance, and promises to have him recognized for his service when she gets out. She figures the FBI will arrange a deal to get her released, but Chance points out that the poison will kill him before they get out. Emma offers to do anything he wants for him after his death. He responds by leaning forward and seemingly kissing her neck. Their guard objects and Chance backs away… with her earring in his mouth. Alexi comes in and demands to know which one of them is Raven.

At the apartment, Aaron goes into convulsions and Winston calls in Guerrero. They apply the defibrillator and manage to start his heart up again. Guerrero warns that they've bought him a little time but he'll soon die without the antidote.

Chance suggests that Alexi check their hands for gun residue, and that if he puts the word out that Alexi is taking residue samples, Raven will make a break for it. Alexi wonders why he should believe him, and Chance speaks Russian, explaining that Barnes is FBI. When she reveals that she speaks Russian as well, Chance explains he's a friend of Danny and has 30 minutes to live, and they all want the same thing. Blanchard demands to see them and Alexi agrees. As he steps away, Chance picks the handcuff's lock and notes that there's no way Blanchard could know that they were there. Blanchard tells Alexi to release them but then says that one of them is Raven, and they managed to escape and kill Alexi and his men. As Blanchard grabs a gun from a security man and shoots Alexi to make his cover story a reality, Chase manages to unfasten the handcuffs from the table. He and Emma try to take down Blanchard and get the antidote, but Blanchard gets the upper hand. However, Alexi manages to shoot him, and Blanchard shoots and kills the security chief before dying himself.

Still handcuffed together, Chance and Emma try to find the handcuff keys on Alexi's corpse. They're not there, but Chance finds a hotel key on Blanchard's body and figures that the spy has the antidote hidden in his room. Emma worries that everything was recorded on video, so Chance destroys the tapes with a fire. They get outside, knock down a guard on a motorbike, and drive away as the other men close in.

Guerrero goes to Blanchard's hotel room and finds the antidote in the refrigerator. He signals Chance that he's heading for a rendezvous.

Chance drives through the embassy grounds, down the front steps, and out onto the street. The pursuing guard crashes but other embassy guards take up the chase by car. When they try to cut him off, Chance rams the bike into the car ahead and somersaults off with Emma, leaving the car behind them to crash into the car ahead. The duo head for the wall and try to climb over while the Russian soldiers open fire. Emma helps the weakening Chance to the other side and insists that he come along with her so he can clear her name. Guerrero, Winston, and Aaron arrive, give Chance the antidote, and cut the handcuffs free. Emma insists that Chance can't just disappear, but he assures her he'll have to owe her one before they drive away.

Later, Emma returns to her office and her co-worker Borman notes that the Russians are claiming that terrorists tried to attack the embassy. Emma insists that she's going to prove what happened and starts running a check on Chance's fingerprints, taken from the handcuffs.

Aaron comes to see Chance, who congratulates him on the article he wrote. He thanks Chance for everything and asks who Danny really was. Chance explains that Danny was whoever he needed to be to get the job done.

Emma finishes her check but can only identify Chance as "John Doe," with dozens of aliases to his name.

Chance tells Aaron that if he ever calls, Aaron should pick up because it might be important. As Aaron leaves, Winston informs Chance that Emma ran a check on his fingerprints. Chance admits he might have left his fingerprints behind, and Winston wonders if he left them behind deliberately so she could find him. Chance insists that it was a mistake, and he never wants to see Emma again, but Winston isn't totally convinced.