Human Target

Season 1 Episode 3

Embassy Row

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2010 on FOX

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  • A former colleague of Chance's dies trying to stop someone from selling government secrets. Chance with a attractive FBI agents help, helps the mans brother and himself as they both have been poisoned into stopping the sale and getting the antidote.

    Well, they do seem to be improving the episodes and the characters themselves seem more comfortable. I think the one problem with this episode is we don't really have enough invested in Chance yet to really be on edge about the poisoning. It all seems so very superficial.

    On the other hand the development of the FBI Agent Laura played by Courtney Ford might be a brilliant stroke. She adds a little chemistry to the all male testosterone of the cast. The fact that Chance left a fingerprint for her to find on purpose says something at this point. Here's a character that can maybe ruffle Chance's feathers.

    The story itself seemed a little flimsy, but so have the ones before this so far. As I stated I like the characters overall, especially Guerrero. His character is solid. Avoiding the gas, using the defibrillator, and finding the antidote. He continues to be a great asset for the team. Not to mention his decoding, analytical and influential work!

    Overall a big improvement over the Pilot and a slight improvement over episode two. At this rate we should see a pretty complete, flawless episode by about number six or seven. I think they need to concentrate on giving more substance to the main character and either give him a direct foil (like Sherlock Holmes Moriarty) or a chemistry match from a romantic standpoint like the FBI agent tonight. Either of those would help the episodes a great deal. Thanks for reading...