Human Target

Season 2 Episode 1

Ilsa Pucci

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

The Interrogator finishes torturing Winston for the location of the book, and apologizes for messing him up. He suggests that Winston might consider how much better his life would be if he hadn't met Chance. They go to the bank where the book is stored.

Chance, posing as a security guard, approaches the teller, Denise. He takes out a gun and identifies him as a security guard, and tells her to sound the alarm. Guerrero is also there, and warns that the Interrogator and his men are bringing Winston out with the book. Denise finally triggers the alarm, but there's no alarm, and no distraction. Guerrero tells Chance to move, and he shoots the wiring to the alarm, setting it off.

The security guards draw on the Interrogator and his men. The Interrogator responds by saying that he figured that Chance would show up, and reveals that he's strapped a bomb to Winston's chest and is holding the detonator. Chance apologizes for getting Winston into trouble, and for Aunt Suzy. Realizing what he means, Winston ducks and Chance shoots the Interrogator's finger off. The Interrogator tries to run with the book, and Guerrero kills him. The other men surrender to Guerrero, while Chance examines the bomb. He admits that he doesn't, and tells Winston that either way, it's goodbye. Chance pulls out the right wire and then walks away. Guerrero unties him and says that Chance is gone and won't be coming back.

One week later, Winston is cleaning up the warehouse when four men in suits arrive. Their leader, Peter, says that they're looking for Chance. Winston tells him that Chance is gone and won't be coming back, but Peter says that his employer needs a bodyguard with Chance's unique qualifications. When Winston admits he doesn't know Chance's location, Peter leaves with his men to search for Chance.

Six months later, Chance is in deep meditation at an ashram in Nepal. His meditations are disturbed when a helicopter lands outside and a woman emerges. She introduces herself to Chance as Ilsa Pucci. Chance insists that he's retired, but Ilsa asks for a few minutes. He agrees, and she explains that her husband Marshal was killed in an airplane crash eight months ago. Marshal was a software billionaire and philanthropist. Someone tried to kill her, and she's had to remain locked up in her home for her own protection. Chance refuses to take the case, until he realizes that the monks are kicking him out.

In San Francisco, Chance, Ilsa, Peter, and Winston take the elevator up to the office. Chance is surprised that the windows are still broken, and Winston explains that they had no money to make repairs because they had no clients because they had no Chance. Peter explains that one of his men spotted the killer, but was killed. Chance figures that the assassin revealed himself deliberately, but they don't know why. Winston says that Ilsa will have to go public, and she says that her husband held an annual charity gathering. Chance says that it will be perfect, and they can lure the killer in. When Peter says that the two of them can't protect Ilsa, they admit they have a third man.

Guerrero is driving down the street when he gets the call Chance. He's glad to have his friend back in business, but says he has something to do first. He pulls over, dumps the man tied up in his trunk and continues on.

At the party, Winston and Chance are checking security, and Ilsa arrives. Chance explains that he likes to wing his plans, and tells her to do exactly what he tells her. She realizes that he's not scared, and figures that he's not afraid to die because he thinks he deserves it. Marshal's lawyer, Shelly, comes over and Ilsa introduces him to Chance. There's a brief interruption when Guerrero sets off the metal detector with a bundle of guns. Chance puts him on the perimeter and takes Ilsa in.

As they attend the party, a blonde female security chief comes in and berates the guards for not following procedures. She goes upstairs, but Winston notices and figures they've got their killer. He's unaware that in the elevator, she's changed into a dress and brunette hair.

Chance has Ilsa mingle, and a Pakistani villager comes over to thank her for the hospital her husband built in his country. Afterward, Chance tells Ilsa that his shoes are too expensive and his accent is wrong. Ilsa notes that her husband overthrew the local mullah so they could set up the hospital. Shelly brings over the girl, who claims that she's Melinda Wilson. "Melinda" shakes Ilsa's hand repeatedly, while Winston calls to say that the villager has checked out clean. Chance gets Ilsa out on to dance floor and checks to make sure she wasn't injected with poison. He notices her ring, and Ilsa says Marshal gave it to her two days before he died.

The girl goes to the elevator, but Winston spots her and gives chase. She goes down the stairs while Winston tries to chase her. She gets to the kitchen and finds Guerrero waiting for her. He knocks her out and finds Ilsa's ring in her purse. They call Chance, who wonders why the girl made the switch. He notices something amiss and shoves Ilsa to the ground as someone opens fire. Nobody is hit, and Chance realizes that the shooter is trying to drive Ilsa out of the building. Peter insists on taking Ilsa out, and she ignores Chance's orders and goes with her bodyguard. The guards capture Chance before he can get to Ilsa, and he takes them out and heads downstairs. There are gunshots, and Guerrero confirms that Peter is dead. Chance runs out and tries to stop Ilsa's abductors as they leave in a black SUV, but they open fire and make good their escape.

At the warehouse, Guerrero handcuffs the girl to a chair. She asks who they are, and isn't impressed by his tough-guy act. Guerrero asks her about the ring, and she refuses to answer. He takes out fishing lures from a tackle box and says that she's undergoing the five stages of fear. However, Winston interrupts and comes in to say that he's confirmed she's Ames, a street thief that he let go when he was a police officer, so she'd have a second chance. He takes a lock pick from her and tells Guerrero to speed it up.

In the kitchen, Chance is blaming himself for losing Ilsa. Winston insists that it was a group effort, and they all share the blame. Chance figures that whoever hired Ames had her put a fake ring with a tracking ring on Ilsa to find her. They figure that it's about money, and Chance has Winston start checking Marshal's bank accounts, and private planes leaving San Francisco.

Ames decides to tell Guerrero the truth. She explains that she's an incredible thief, and that she was hire to switch the ring. She didn't ask questions and didn't expect a kidnapping. Guerrero figures she's lying and prepares to shoot her kneecaps, and Ames says that a crook named Fat Tony hired her.

Winston confirms that Marshal had accounts in Tokyo, London, and Singapore, but Chance figures it's too easy. Guerrero checks on Fat Tony and tells them that the man is dead, corroborating her story. Winston learns that four private flights left, and one is on the way to Geneva where Marshal's plane went down.

Aboard the private jet, Shelly offers Ilsa champagne and explains that they're going to her bank in Geneva. Ilsa warns that there' snot much money there, and it's secure with iris scans. When she says that her and her husband both have to provide retinal scans. Shelly says that Marshal will meet them there.

As Chance, Winston, and Guerrero pack guns and prepare to leave, Ames slips out of the handcuffs and asks for their protection. She asks to stay there and borrow a gun, and Winston warns they can't trust her. However, Ames offers to help them at the bank, and Chance figures she can help them. He tosses her a bag and tells her to get a passport.

Shelly and his men take Ilsa to the bank in Geneva. She signs in and goes to the vault, and uses her eye scan to open the first part of the lock. Shelly reveals that he has Marshal's eye, frozen, and uses it to open the second part of the lock. They enter the vault and Shelly takes a briefcase that contains Marshal's complete identification papers. He explains that he can use them to take on Marshal's identity and take billions out of the company.

As the group leaves, Ilsa realizes that Shelly will kill her, and dares him to kill her there in the bank lobby. When he hesitates, Ilsa says that he's a coward. Outside, Winston wonders what she's doing, and Chance figures that she's making her stand. He orders a chance in plan. Inside, Ames flirts with a guard, and Chance tells her to get the access key from the guard.

Chance goes inside and yells for everyone in the bank to surrender. When no one understands him, he fires a shoot into the roof. The security gate comes down, cutting off the criminals' escape. Ames steals the key from the guard, and gives it to Chance. Chance intercepts Shelly and his men as they try to get to the roof to escape in a helicopter. They have guns aimed at him, and he puts his gun down. When Shelly asks what he had planned, Chance says that he didn't have a plan... and he didn't come alone. Guerrero, set up across the street, shoots the gun out of Shelly's hand. Chance gets Ilsa and asks if she trusts him. She does, and he leaps out the window with her to the river below. Winston picks them up and they escape.

As the police take Shelly and his men away, Ilsa contemplates her husband's briefcase. She finds an envelope addressed to her inside and opens it. Chance comes over and makes sure she's okay, and she asks why he puts his life on the line. He says it's part of the job, but she figures he's trying to redeem himself. He admits that he is and walks away.

Winston tries to work out a flight back, and Ilsa comes over and suggests that she bankroll his bodyguard operation as a benefactor. She also notes that their office could use some style, and offers them planes and vehicles. As Chance considers the offer, the police prepare to arrest Ames, who has stolen Ilsa's bracelet from the vault. She insists she was returning it and asks the guys to vouch for her as one of the team.

Back in San Francisco, Chance and Winston take the elevator up. Chance apologizes for leaving, but Winston wants to hear him admit that he's wrong. Chance does, much to Winston's satisfaction. They enter the office and discover that Ilsa has given it a complete fashion overhaul. Winston worries about Chance's exposure with all of the extra windows she put in, but Chance says that he's done hiding and that his enemies can come get him.