Human Target

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

As Ilsa waits outside her home, she remembers how she ended up shooting Hector Lopez when he attacked her in her home. A woman arrives to meet her: her sister-in-law, Connie Pucci, who is the Chairman of the Board of the Pucci Foundation. Connie is eager to meet Ilsa's new team. They go upstairs to the office and find Guerrero preparing to shoot at Chance to test his new body armor. Ilsa introduces Connie and explains that they're going to the opera. Winston asks her about the security escort he suggested, and Ilsa admits that she thought someone was following her. However, she tells him that it isn't necessary, and that Connie's bodyguard Patrick can handle things. As Ilsa and Connie go into Ilsa's office for a drink, Winston notes that Guerrero and Chance may have not made the best impression. Meanwhile, Ilsa figures that the board doesn't approve of what she's doing with Chance and his team. Connie insists that she's there to make sure Ilsa is okay, and notes that she hasn't seen her since Marshall Pucci's funeral. Chance approaches Patrick and makes conversation with him. The bodyguard says that someone hacked the opera's computer systems for ten seconds. Chance seems intrigued that it was ten seconds, and then returns to target practice with Guerrero. At the opera house, Connie and Ilsa enter the theater, and Connie tells her that they donated a chandelier from Marshall's collection for the performance of La Traviata. When Ilsa hesitates, Connie notices. However, Ilsa insists that she's just overworked. Outside, Connie comments on Chance cleaning up nicely, and points out that he and Guerrero have just arrived. Ilsa asks why they're there. Guerrero flirts with Connie while Ilsa talks privately to Chance and demands the truth. He explains that Ames is supposedly home sick, but Winston is outside in the surveillance van. Chance then tells her that someone who knew what they were doing could get into the computer system in 15 seconds, download the files, and get everything they needed to infiltrate the opera house. Ilsa dismisses his concern... just as armed terrorists in opera robes and masks burst in and order everyone to the ground. The terrorists seal the doors with plastic explosives, and Connie asks Patrick to do something. Chance advises against it, but Patrick goes ahead and is quickly subdued. Their leader, Eli Rosko, gets on the loudspeakers and tells them that they are being held for ransom. He orders one of his men to shoot Patrick, and they reveal they're using blanks... this time. As the criminals split the theatergoers into two groups and escort each one away separately, Chance speculates that the intruders want more than just ransom, because they could have easily used their computer skills to hack the opera house's bank account. Once they're in the theater, Chance fakes illness so one of the intruders will lead him away. Guerrero explains to Ilsa and Connie that Chance can throw up on cue. Once he's alone, Chance takes out his man, dons his robe and mask, and goes back in and knocks out the other man guarding one of the two rooms of hostages. However, Chance points out that the doors are still rigged and that Eli and his terrorists still have the other audience members. He talks to Winston, who has been listening in from the van, and Winston confirms that someone in the basement is drilling. They figure that Eli and his men are after something in one of the buildings next to the opera house. Winston can't find any specific target, but is interrupted when the FBI pound on the van door and order him out. Inside, Ilsa insists on going down to the basement with Chance to see what Eli's up to. He points out that Ilsa isn't up to it given what happened to her recently, and has Guerrero keep Ilsa and Connie there. Guerrero enthusiastically orders them to sit down, while Chance slips away. Outside, the head FBI agent, Vance, pulls Winston away. He uses a radio earbud to contact Chance, and then shows the head FBI agent fake ID saying he's with the Department of Homeland Security. The agent calls his superior, while Winston invokes the name of an infamous DHS supervisor, once Chance relents and gives him the man's name. The head agent backs down and offers to get Winston a desk. In the basement, Chance discovers that the terrorists have cut their way into the sewers and follows the trail. In the theater, Connie objects to Chance's actions, insisting that he'll get them killed. Guerrero watches over them, unaware that one of the men he captured is slowly working his way free from his bonds. Ilsa explains that Guerrero is more of a freelancer, and Connie wants to know what recent events that Chance was talking about. Guerrero speaks up and lies, downplaying the murder attempt. Connie suggests that the board might be right and they think that they're calling for a vote to remove Ilsa as head of the foundation. Guerrero gives them time alone, and Ilsa asks why the board thinks that she's lost sight of the foundation's mission. Connie points out that there are no signs of Marshall in Ilsa's office, and that Ilsa has to cut the team loose or they'll oust her. Chance finds the terrorist drilling up through the surface and has Winston check the building above. He does a check and confirms that the office building belongs to the CIA. Vance warns that there's nothing he can do to get more information, but his assistant Sanford suggests he run an intrusion script and hack the systems. Winston insists that he has a hunch and tells Vance that they have to throw out the rulebook to save lives. Vance gives in and they determine that it's a safe house with a high-profile prisoner. They get the CIA's number and make the call. Inside, Eli and his men have already subdued the CIA agents and rescued Eli's brother. Winston warns Chance that Eli and his men are on the way, and Sanford confirms that the prisoner is Victor Rosko , who worked with Eli selling suitcase nuclear bombs. Winston starts organizing operations, until Vance discovers that the agent whose identity he is using retired six months ago. Eli's men spot Chance in the sewers and open fire. In the theater, the captive terrorists get free and go after Guerrero. In the sewers, the terrorists corner Chance and shoot him in the chest. His bulletproof vest protects him, but the impact knocks him into a lower tunnel. Eli closes the gate and then opens the valves, pumping water in to drown him. He calls Winston, who is in the process of being arrested, and Guerrero, who is being overwhelmed. With time running out for Chance, Guerrero tosses Ilsa his earbud. She hears that chance is in trouble and goes to find him, ignoring Connie's objections. When she talks to him, he tells her not to come but she ignores him. When she sees the terrorists subdue Guerrero and haul him away, she tells Chance that she's all he's got. When Ilsa finds him, Chance insists that he doesn't need help. She points out that he has no way out, but admits that she doesn't know how to pick locks. Vance tells Winston that they've trapped the terrorists in the opera house. Eli calls and tells him to provide a helicopter. He'll gather the hostages in the lobby and trade them for the helicopter. Once Vance cuts off, he tells his men to trace the call. When Winston warns him that he's being played, Vance ignores him. Inside, Eli's men tie up Guerrero, who bites a man's nose. They recognize his name, and Guerrero tells Eli that he's best off releasing him. However, the terrorist says that Guerrero has earned a starring role in his production, and then puts his cell phone in Guerrero's jacket pocket. As Ilsa tries to unlock the gate with a hairpin, they hear a terrorist approaching. She asks Chance what he would do, and he tells her that her best chance is to take the terrorist by surprise. After some hesitation, she finally grabs a pipe and prepares to knock the man out when he walks by. As he checks on Chance, Ilsa tries to hit him but bangs the pipe against the ceiling. The terrorist prepares to shoot her, but Chance grabs his legs, pulls him down, and knocks him out. Chance then directs Ilsa to use the gun and shoot the gate out. Once he's free, he insists that it's his job to save Ilsa's life, not the other way around. She asks what he means, but Chance focuses on the terrorists. Upstairs, the terrorists start herding the hostages into the lobby. They then remove their combat fatigues, revealing that they're wearing tuxedos underneath. As they bend into the crowd, Chance and Ilsa arrive and Chance realizes that something bad is going on. He contacts Winston, who still has his earbud. He listens as the FBI confirms that Eli and his men are supposedly on the top floor. Winston realizes that Eli has tied up seven of the hostages and Guerrero, and put robes and masks on them. When the FBI snipers open fire, Eli and his men will slip out with the hostages. Ilsa goes to tell Connie to be careful, while Chance fires a gun into the ceiling. He has no idea who the terrorists are, but they start coming at him on Eli's orders so they can stop the man who is keeping the hostage in the building On the top floor, Guerrero manages to use the laser sight on the empty gun taped to his hands to send a signal. Vance prepares to open fire, and Winston tells him that Eli knows the protocol and figures he'll open fire. They see Guerrero's signal and realize that it's Morse Code for "don't shoot--not terrorists." When he refers to "Double wide," Winston realizes that it's Guerrero. Chance takes out all of Eli's men, but Eli and Victor takes Connie and Ilsa hostage. They leave, warning Chance not to follow. Chance follows them onto the stage, and apologizes to Ilsa for what he's done to Marshal's memory. He glances up at the ceiling, and Ilsa realizes what he has in mind. She grabs Connie and yanks her away, and Chance shoots the chandelier and grabs the support rope. It lifts him into the air so he can get clear shots at Eli and Victor. The chandelier stops just before it hits the floor, and Connie realizes that it's over. Vance assures his superiors that the situation is in hand, and asks Winston who he is. When Winston says that he's just a concerned citizen, Vance releases him and says sometimes he just has to throw out the rulebook and do the right thing. Later at the office, Connie says that she has to get back to the board. She admits that Marshall told her that Ilsa is the toughest person he knew. Connie admits that Ilsa and her team saved the hostages, which should convince the board to leave Ilsa in place. They hug, and Connie apologizes for thinking that Ilsa might have forgotten about Marshall. Ilsa assures he sister-in-law that it isn't possible. As Connie leaves, Ilsa finds a box with an envelope. Inside it is a note from Marshall, saying that she has to be strong. As Connie takes the elevator down, she runs into Guerrero. She thanks him for his help, and he asks if they'll be meeting in Venice. She laughs. As Ilsa goes, she finds Chance preparing for a jog. Realizing what he's up to, she tells him what route he'll be taking home. Ilsa tells him that she knows he's been following her, and figures that he feels responsible for Hector attacking her. She assures him that she's fine, and Chance admits that she's a strong person. However, he warns that killing a person isn't something you can easily forget, and offers to do whatever she needs. As Ilsa goes, she tells him not to follow her and figures he's done enough damage.