Human Target

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2011 on FOX

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  • Masks by Venetian Masks In Victoria owners Gianfranco and Llilliana spun the plot. Masks incredible & made plot plausible well done, the artistry in these masks fed into the opera

    Wow I was totally blown away with Human Target and the staging of the opera house. It was a unique plot which was carried out perfect with the incredible masks, and I mean they were so beautiful. These masks by Venetian Masks In Victoria were so suited for this particular show, and their excellence in artistry was so vivid in particular in the close ups. I loved the mask very eerily set with the long curved nose, I believe it may be called a Piccolo Turco; as I was so fascinated I am trying to find the names to them all. I truly compliment WBTV, etc, as the plot, cast, crew were impeccable, the show was just awesome, but I was most impressed with the Masks and of course with Chance. Hoping to see more. Thank you.
  • A Night At the Opera

    Ilsa Chance are Guerrero are held hostage at the opera. The hitch is that Ilsa's sister in law who is also the head of her late husband's foundation wants to cut her off as the head of the foundation if she continues dealing with Chance and the gang. The villain behind the hostage situation (24's Morris O'Brian) is a one dimensional british accent who breaks his brother out of a secure CIA building by drilling through the sewer. The action was good albeit the story felt a little lacking as Winston has to deal with being found out as a poser of a retired DHS agent during the situation but the key to this episode's flare was the relationship between Ilsa and Chance which grew with a reversal of her having to save him after having had to kill someone last week.
  • Glad "the Firm" is secure!

    And all it took was for Chance, Guerrero and Winston to thwart a team of serious would-be terrorists and to out smart the FBI. Even Ilsa herself had some small part in the proceedings, and though her attempt to whack the bad guy in the sewers of the opera house were a tad lame, they were laughable. I always enjoy watching Carlo Rota, and this role was a far cry from his usual turn on Little Mosque on the Prairie. In the end in this episode, he did not survive his turn as a terrorist leader, but then really, how many baddies actually do survive Chance?! But Marshall's sister was impressed after all, albeit somewhat reluctantly. She left able to report good things to The Board, and that the venture was worth saving. Do you suppose FOX will take note from its own scripts?