Human Target

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2011 on FOX



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    • Chance: Okay, shoot me.
      Ilsa: Dear God!
      Chance: What are you doing here?
      Ilsa: What am I doing here? What are you doing?
      Chance: Just got some new body armor in the mail, want to try out.
      Ilsa: Try it out? Here?
      Chance: Well we can't do it outside. There's... you know, kids and stuff.
      Guerrero: Dude, we going to do this or what?
      Chance: Yeah, let's go.

    • Ilsa: Why in God's name are you here?
      Chance: Same reason you're here, to see the show. Guerrero says it's fantastic.
      Ilsa: You know La Traviata?
      Guerrero: Well, I'm not going to lie. If I have to sit through this baroque stuff, I'd much prefer Rossini.

    • Ilsa: Come on, Mr. Chance, why are really here? I want the truth this time.
      Chance: I told you. I'm here to see La Tortellini.
      Ilsa: That's a type of pasta.
      Chance: Is it?

    • Connie: Ilsa, what's he going to do? I don't like this.
      Ilsa: Relax, Connie.
      Connie: You saw what they did to Patrick.
      Ilsa: You're about to see why I hired this man, why he's in a class of his own, and why no one, and I mean no one, can do what he does. Isn't that right, Guerrero?
      Guerrero: Oh yeah.
      Connie: Why, what's he going to do?
      Guerrero: He's going to puke.
      (Chance vomits loudly)
      Ilsa: Good lord.
      Connie: I wish to God someone would explain to me what's going on.
      Guerrero: Well, you know how some people have perfect pitch? Others can see well at night. Well, Chance can vomit on cue.

    • (over the radio)
      Chance: Winston, you with me?
      Winston: I've been listening to you heave for the last ten minutes. Why would I go anywhere?

    • Connie: We're being held by armed thugs. Why wouldn't I call the police?
      Guerrero: Hey, it's okay. We all make mistakes.

    • Chance: She stays.
      Guerrero: Have a seat, boss.
      Connie: Is he serious?
      Ilsa: No.
      Guerrero: I'm missing the opera right now. You don't want to test me. Sit down. (cocks his gun)

    • Ilsa: Can we please stop worrying about me for a change?
      Chance: Do you have any experience picking locks, by any chance?
      Ilsa: If I say yes, would it at least make you feel better?

    • Chance: Okay, listen, folks, it's going to be really hard for me to tell who I'm supposed to be fighting. So if you could do me a huge favor, just raise your hand if you're a terrorist.

  • Notes

    • One of the posters on the wall as Chance is taken out is from Lease the Musical. The show is a unscripted performance piece by Seattle's Improv, and different from the Team America: World Police parody, since humans are clearly seen on the poster.

    • Right up to air time, this episode was scheduled for 8/7, on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. However, it was bumped at the last minute for a broadcast of the Tucson Memorial Service for the six persons killed by Jared Lee Loughner on January 8. It subsequently aired two days later at its regular time.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: January 12, 2011 on A
      Germany: July 4, 2011 on ProSieben
      UK: July 14, 2011 on Syfy
      Czech Republic: April 13, 2013 on FANDA
      Finland: April 15, 2013 on MTV3

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