Human Target

Season 2 Episode 11

Kill Bob

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Bob Anderson is in his car, stalled in traffic, when he gets a call from his wife, Angie. As he bends over to get it, a helmeted motorcyclist drives by and opens fire on him. The bullets shatter the windows and go over Bob's head, missing, and he stares after the killer in shock as the assassin drives away.

Later, Bob meets with Chance and Winston and says that someone is trying to kill him in a drive=by shooting, and explains that he didn't tell his wife Angie because he didn't want to worry her. He explains that he doesn't know anyone who would want to kill him, and all he does is write communication software for weather satellites. However, he only has the lowest level of security clearance. Chance says that they'll blend into his life and wait for the threat to reveal itself, and then capture the killer when he strikes again.

As Bob and Angie go for a walk on the pier, Chance and Guerrero follow them while Winston runs surveillance from the van. They split up and Winston spots Angie exchanging bags with a man. She heads back to Bob and Chance realizes that she has a gun. Guerrero gets Bob out and Chance uses a fishing rod to spill a table of fish in front of Angie, delaying her. He then grabs a cleaver and cuts loose a line, dropping an awning on her. As she goes for Bob, Chance drops electrical lights in front of her, managing to delay her long for him to catch up with Guerrero and Bob, and explain that Angie is the killer.

Back at the agency, Bob insists that Angie would have no reason to kill him Ames arrives with Ilsa, but refuses to say why she didn't pick up her phone. Ilsa says that they went to Las Vegas, but Ames doesn't volunteer anything. When Bob continues to insist that Angie doesn't want to kill him, Ilsa says that she believes in the sanctity of marriage, but figures that Chance is right. Once Ilsa leaves, they check Angie's background and discover that she was married to Jim Charles... and he was poisoned. Chance sympathizes and Bob wonders how he can know what he's feeling. Winston asks if there has been anything in Angie's behavior that might make Bob suspicious, and he insists that they're happily married. Chance says that the best way to find out what Angie is up to, is to let her try to kill Bob.

Angie goes to the office of the man who met her at the pier, who is packing up everything. He demands to know why Bob is still alive. She says it would be easier if she didn't make it look like someone else did it, and insists that she'll meet their deadline. They revert to speaking in Russia, and Angie says that they'll both be long gone by the time the authorities find Bob's body.

Guerrero and Winston watch as Angie leaves the office, and Guerrero figures that they'll have to break in. Winston is eager to go rappelling up the side of the building, but Guerrero warns against it. Ames meets them, and Winston notes that she now has a wedding ring. He figures that she went to Las Vegas, to get married. Ames denies it, but Guerrero knows all about it and points out that Ames should have invited Winston.

Bob is packing for his trip when Angie comes home. He nervously greets her and Angie realizes that something is up. As they kiss, Chance shows up and explains that he's Bob's co-worker, Larry. His car broke down, so Bob agreed to offer him a ride to the resort near where they're staying so he can meet his fiancé. Once Chance leaves, Bob asks her not to kill him.

Guerrero and Ames break in, and Winston asks Ames over the radio how long she's known her new husband, Alejandro. He wonders how she could marry someone she barely knows. Meanwhile, Guerrero hacks the computers and brings up a file on Project Greystar, and figures that the Russian OSA is involved.

On the road, Angie's supervisor, Ivan, detects the intrusion and heads back to the office. He arrives as Guerrero finishes downloading the Greystar files to Winston. Ames and Guerrero then rappel out the window and down to the ground. Ivan orders his henchman not to shoot, avoiding the police.

When they arrive, Chance says that he booked the room on the wrong date, and offers to stay in the truck. Angie walks off, seemingly pissed. She gets a call from Ivan who says that the CIA may be involved. She looks out the window and sees Chance and Bob get a call from Winston. Realizing something is up, she tells Ivan that she'll handle it. She then takes a hidden gun out of her hairdryer and hides it beneath her jacket as Bob and Chance come in. Chance offers to head down the mountain, but Angie says that he's not going anywhere.

Angie prepares dinner and starts carving up the roast. Chance offers to help and the two of them end up frisking each other. As she sits down, Angie slips a knife up her sleeve. Once Chance sits down, he hides a knife as well. Angie offers a toast and Bob tastes his wine. Chance and Angie watch, and then drink. Chance then talks to her in Russia and she instinctively replies. They both draw their guns and Chance tells Bob to get some firewood. Angie snaps at him to do it, and Bob agrees. Once he's gone, Chance and Angie draw on each other, and she asks what a CIA agent wants with her. Chance notes that he took her gun, removed the clip, and put the gun back. Angie congratulates him, and notes she did the same. They go at each other with dining utensils, disarm each other, and switch to hand-to-hand. They manage to get their guns back and prepare to shoot each other... just as Bob comes back with the firewood. Chance shoves Bob out the door as Angie opens fire, and they escape into the woods as Ivan and his man arrive.

At the agency, Winston tries to contact Chance without success, while Guerrero tries to hack the file. Ames gets a call from her new husband and Guerrero shoves her out. Winston complains that he wasn't invited to the wedding, and Guerrero tells him to figure out why. When Ames comes back, she tells Guerrero that they got a great photo of him playing sax at the wedding. They decrypt the files and find an OSA classified file on Marshall Pucci. Ilsa comes in and they quickly close the file, and she asks why Angie is trying to kill Bob. She isn't convinced when they insist nothing is going on.

In the woods near the cabin, Angie hides in the woods with a sniper rifle and prepares to shoot Chance when he returns for the SUV. Realizing what's going on, Chance has Bob raise his head. She shoots but misses, and Chance realizes that it's deliberate. He then runs to the truck with Bob and Angie misses every shot. However, Chance realizes that she has put plastic explosives in the back. Chance runs away with Bob... and then Angie fires, setting off the explosion to make her attempts to kill Bob look convincing.

At the agency the next day, Chance explains to Bob that he's happy for him because Angie is trying to keep him alive. Bob wonders who Angie is working for, and they check to determine that Angie is actually Natalia Petrovic, a member of the OSA. The code that Bob was writing for was actually intended to protect spy satellites. The Russians want to kill Bob before he completes the new code, because they've hacked the old one. Chance says that they need to give Angie's superiors the new code in return for his life, and figures that Angie will protect him. Bob doesn't want to trust Angie, but Chance says that if he's right, Bob will get his wife back.

Guerrero calls Chance away and tells him about the file they found on Marshall Pucci, showing him with a woman two days before he died. Chance tells him to keep it from Ilsa, but Ilsa overhears them and asks for an explanation. Chance tells her that he wanted to check it out before he bothered her, but Ilsa wants to know the full story. He warns her that it could reveal something about Marshall she doesn't want to know, but she says that Chance wouldn't understand because he's never been in a serious relationship. She says that she'll tell him what she learns and walks away. Bob comes in and says that he'll go with Chance's plan because he trusts Chance, not Angie.

The group assembles at a barn and equips themselves, and Chance tells Bob that they'll have to wait and see what Angie's next move is. He still believes that Angie will protect Bob, but Winston isn't convinced.

Ilsa calls Ames into her office and says that the two of them are going to identify the woman in the photo. They start searching image databases but fail to find a match.

Bob goes to a deserted stretch of road, and the Russians arrive in a van with tinted windows. They pull up to Bob, and Ivan and his man get out first. Angie comes out last, and Ivan asks Bob for the code. Guerrero has a sniper rifle trained on them, and watches Angie. Bob prepares to hand over the code, but says that he wants Angie first. Ivan readily agrees and calls Angie over. Bob gives Ivan the code, and Ivan tells Angie to finish her husband off. She stares at Bob for a long moment, then takes out a gun and apologizes. Guerrero asks for orders, but Chance insists that Angie has a plan. Angie turns and starts to walk away, and then turns and shoots Bob in the heart.

As the Russians drive away, Chance runs to Bob while Guerrero and Winston drive up. They soon realize that the bullet went clean through, and that Bob will be fine. Now Ivan and his people won't keep coming after him. Chance leaves, saying that now he has to kill Angie.

As Ivan drives down the road, Chance and Winston drive after them. Chance opens fire, taking out Ivan's man. Angie tells Ivan to stop so she can take them out, and leans out the door. Winston drives toward Ivan, and Ivan drives toward Chance as Angie realizes what Chance is up to. She refuses to return fire, Chance fires a shot, and Angie collapses to the ground, seemingly dead. Ivan quickly drives away, and Chance makes sure that Angie is alive. She admits she wasn't sure if he could make the same shot that she did, and Chance admits that he wasn't sure either. Winston and Chance bring Angie back to Chance and reunite the happy couple.

Back at the agency, Bob explains that he gave Ivan a virus-infected disk. He thanks the team and Angie admits that their relationship started as a lie but became real. Winston is disgusted, and Guerrero quotes Nietzsche. Ilsa comes in and wishes them both luck. Chance tells them that Ivan will know he doesn't have the code, but Angie assures him that they have an exit plan. She asks Guerrero for some help setting up their new identities.

Ames comes to see Winston and apologizes for not inviting him to her wedding. Winston admits that he's no expert on marriage, but Ames says that he was right: she and Alejandro are getting an annulment. Ames admits that she wasn't thinking and walks away.

Chance apologizes to Ilsa, who accepts but says that there's no one else out there that could have played a role in Marshal's death. She explains that since Chance has never been in love, he wouldn't understand.

Later, Chance bids farewell to Bob and Angie, who are preparing to take a long cruise. They leave and he walks away.

In her office, Ilsa looks at the photo of Marshal and the other woman.