Human Target

Season 2 Episode 11

Kill Bob

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on FOX

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  • Wife Wants Husband Dead

    Meet Bob, a weather satellite engineer whose wife wants to kill him as she is a Russian agent inside of the OSA and he goes to Chance and company for help. Winston is shocked to discover that he wasn't invited to Ames's wedding with her love interest Alejandro and everyone else in the office was. But all may not be as it seems as Chance joins the lovely couple on an escape to a cabin incognito and tries to get in the way of her assassination attempts on her husband. As Chance and Bob try to give up the information the OSA wants in exchange for his wife back everything that can go wrong seemingly does.
  • I know some of you don't agree, but the episodes are better when the spotlight is not on Guerrero.

    This was a fast-paced, fully enjoyable episode, with several twists and turns, which are always fun. The guest stars were perfect. I don't know the names, but the actor playing Bob displayed just the right amount of disbelief and fright, while also being charmingly clueless. And his wife was clever, tough, and spirited; I loved the fight scene between Chance and her. It was surprising, but nice, when it turned out she did love her husband. The storyline, involving rival intelligence agencies (or at least the Russians thought the C.I.A. was involved) was both exciting and humorous. The Ames subplot was unnecessary, but didn't take too much away from the episode. And the discovery of something "fishy" regarding Marshall Pucci will provide fodder for the next few story lines. All in all,an episode where the characters were positioned perfectly, showing what kind of series Human Target can be.
  • Tongue-in-cheek as done by Three Amigos

    One of the few shows that doesn't take itself too seriously. Sure, some shows' subject matter is supposed to be serious but once in a while, you want something a little light-hearted. Human Target delivers. In spades.

    The client this time, displayed the perfect suburbs-disbelief with regards to his assassin-wife. Winston, of course, being the only one who's ever been married, was his usual grumpy self. Guerrero his normal devil-may-care while Chance was channeling Cupid. These three together have me rolling on the floor with their repartee and all-in-a-day's-work attitude while the bullets are flying.

    The dinner fight scene was very nicely done and hilarious. Firewood, indeed. And in the end, true love conquers all. Mark Valley IS Christopher Chance. As an ex-Army officer, he has the presence. He also has that devil-may-care attitude that makes everything he does, look effortless. The camaraderie between the three male stars is what really makes this show. And while I am intrigued by the whole Marshall Pucci case, I can't help but want to fast-forward through the scenes with Miss Pucci. To me, they jar with the rest of the show. They should've taken a page from Leverage's last season and have her be a true silent partner, only occasionally showing up.
  • Apart from the aimless Ames story line...(can I say, WTF?)

    8.0 was a fun ride on the "you've gotta be kidding me" roller coaster that is the tongue in cheek Human Target.

    No potential victim is that dumb; sorry, naive. Really. And no cold hearted assassin falls in love with her intended victim. Really.

    In fact, no cold hearted assassin lives to assassinate another day having failed so many times to get get her dumb (sorry, naive) target. Really.

    And nobody sits across a table from Chance and wants to shoot him. Really. ;o}

    And really, those shots to kill that didn't do anything to our heroes would still, at the very least, take out a lung and several ribs. They would not be so smiley and lovey-dovey in the aftermath. Really.

    But really? Who cares? It is just so fun, this show, that I'm prepared to groan away in abject happiness. For yet another season.