Human Target

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Chance descends through the clouds in a power dive toward an office building. Winston is in a van outside the building, guiding Chance to his target. 12 Hours Earlier Chance finishes in the shower and comes out to find Winston examining a new case. Chance plans to go on a date but Winston says that they have an extraction mission that is time sensitive. He insists they need to take the mission, and explains that it involves a break-in at the headquarters of Sentronics. That catches Chance's attention. The target is their lead engineer in weapons development, Martin Gleason. Martin's father got a letter from his son that was redacted, but Martin arranged it so that the company redacting would spell out a Morse Code message saying that Kozinski is dead and Martin is next. Kozinski is Martin's co-worker and supposedly died of a heart attack, and Winston explains that Martin is being kept in the building because of the classified nature of the work. When Chance thinks it's a lousy situation for a young kid to get sucked in, he warns Winston not to confuse the situation with Chance's background. The Present Chance closes on the target with less than two minutes left. Guerrero arrives at the van and provides Winston with a photo of the roof. It's up-to-date… and different then the one they have been working on to date. 12 Hours Earlier The best Winston could do was infiltrate the building lobby disguised as a water delivery man. He managed to get photos of the lobby entrance, and the detailed security system. Sentronics has hired ex-military for security guards, and there appears to be no way in. Winston notes that the security is less secure on the rooftop, and once Chance gets there he can go in through the rooftop door. The Present Winston tells Chance that there's a surveillance camera on the roof. Chance figures there's a blindspot and Winston confirms there's a 2' ledge at the corner of the building. If Chance doesn't hit it, he'll notify security. He aims for the ledge and manages to hit the target, balanced precariously many stories above the roof. However, his parachute starts to pull him off due to the wind and Chance grabs the camera cable to support himself. Below, security chief Leonard Kreese realizes something is wrong and sends a guard, Timmons, to investigate. He finds the frayed cable and calls in that the roof is clear. The guard then uses a security card to get inside, but Chance jams the door with his goggles, knocks out the guard, and gets inside. As Chance goes in, Winston warns that the jammers will make it impossible for Chance to maintain contact. Chance disguises himself as a janitor and starts moving down through the building. Martin is in his office, going over plans and nervously talking to his goldfish. Layla, a security technician monitoring him via closed camera, is chatting with him under the ID of NiteOwl. Chance knocks out a guard to use his eye for the retina scan and get into Martin's office. As Chance feigns being a janitor for the benefit of the security guard, he uses acid in a spray bottle to start burning open the window. He has a parachute ready and Martin realizes that Chance plans to jump. Kreese checks in with Layla and insists that Martin is too valuable to leave. Meanwhile, Martin explains that a hospital collapsed in Burma. The government claimed terrorists were involved but denied causing the destruction. Martin realized that a plasma cannon he built was involved. When Martin and Kozinski went to Kreese, Kozinski was killed two days later. Kreese rescinded Martin's security clearance, locking him in the building. The acid on the window finally shatters, setting off a security alarm. Layla notifies Kreese, who has her send security guards to investigate with orders not to harm Martin. They arrive and open fire, and Chance shoots them both down. He then takes out the security camera, but discovers that a stray shot has hit the chute, rendering it useless. Chance switches to Plan B and says they have to go down the stairs. Martin warns that the security system is impregnable, and Chance tells him to calm down. He then tosses the chute pack out. Winston and Guerrero spot it and go to investigate. Chance has attached a note explaining the situation. Kreese mobilizes his security force and realizes that the "janitor" is involved. He reviews the security footage and discovers that Chance blocked his face in every shot. Layla manages to capture a reflection off the window and starts to clean it up for identification purposes. As she works, she discovers they've lost cameras in the stairwell near the floors under construction. Kreese has her bringing up thermal imaging and monitor all the exits, and then set off the fire alarms to evacuate the building. Chance realizes that once everyone else is out of the building, Kreese can spot them via thermal imaging. Martin realizes there might be an off switch for the security system. Meanwhile, Kreese contacts his partner, Vivian Cox, who tells him to solve the problem. Quickly. She figures Martin will come around, and needs him in one piece. Martin tells Chance that his microwave projector, the plasma cannon used on the hospital, can be used to fry the security systems. However, it's in the Black Room. Layla runs Chance's image through Interpol and FBI databases. In the van, Winston reviews the stories on the hospital collapse and suggests that they need to do an Aunt Linda: calling in the cavalry. He says they can call in the Feds as a matter of national security, and goes to work. Martin and Chance take refuge in a ventilator shaft where the insulation shields them from the thermal scan. Chance realizes it's a temporary measure and they head for the Black Room. Meanwhile, Layla realizes that they've disappeared off of the thermal detection system. Winston and Guerrero go to FBI headquarters. Winston handcuffs Guerrero and impersonates a police detective with a prisoner who has a tip to get the Feds to investigate Sentronics. Guerrero hates the idea of prison and quickly removes the handcuffs. When Winston insists, he reluctantly puts them back on. Agent Fouts comes to see them. Kreese finally works out what Chance has done to bypass the thermal imaging. He has Layla open the access grates. Chance is crossing one such grate when it opens below him. He manages to jump clear just in time and clings to the opposite side of the shaft. Once he pulls himself up, he tells Martin to jump across. Martin is afraid of heights but finally manages to psych himself up. He falls just short and Chance grabs him and pulls him up. Kreese prepares to flush out Martin and Chance, but Vivian arrives and warns that it could take forever. She suggests that they track the slight rise in temperature in the rooms that the fugitives pass over. Fouts interrogates Guerrero, who claims that he has information about Sentronics and how they contributed to the destruction of the hospital. The agent says that they know about the plasma cannon, but have no proof. Guerrero's testimony won't be sufficient. When Fouts is called away, Guerrero tells Winston to pull the plug on their scam, or he will. Chance and Martin get to the Black Room, with a pressure-sensitive floor. Chance asks Martin for his cell phone. He then takes a photo of the room and dangles the image on the cell phone in front of the security camera. The security guard fails to notice the brief exchange. Chance and Martin then drop into the room, and Chance realizes that Martin is carrying his goldfish with him in a plastic bag filled with water. The weapon is suspended from the ceiling several feet away. Chance climbs over via a roof trolley. Layla finally spots the temperature differential in the Black Room. Kreese orders his men there with orders to shoot Martin, and he points out to Vivian that they're beyond trying to keep the genius alive. Chance pulls the weapon back over on the trolley and Martin admits he was a week or two away from finishing it. He has two minutes to fix it and has Chance help him. Kreese draws Vivian off to the side and warns that their only option is to kill Martin to protect the company. Vivian reluctantly agrees and Layla overhears their conversation. Fouts returns and tells Winston that the Department of Defense is taking Guerrero into custody. Winston refuses to give up his informer but Fouts warns that he needs something tangible in the next fifteen minutes. Guerrero speaks up and tells Fouts that the Burmese government has hired a mercenary to break into Sentronics and kidnap Martin for themselves, even as they speak. The security teams move in on the Black Room. Meanwhile, Martin finishes his weapon and explains that Vivian manipulated him into doing her dirty work. Chance admits that he had a boss who did the same thing. When Martin asks what he did, Chance says that he ran, changed his name, and started again, and that his old boss wasn't a nice man. The security team enters the outer room leading into the Black Room. Chance shoots out the electronic lock to buy them time. Meanwhile, Kreese orders Layla to activate the fire suppression system. When she protests, warning that the gas is toxic, Kreese tells her to do whatever she has to, to protect the weapon. When she refuses, Kreese activates the system on his own. In the Black Room, the suppression system starts pumping in gas. Kreese gets a call from Fouts, who informs him that he's received a tip about a kidnapper. He knows about the fire alarm and asks if there's anything he should know, and Kreese denies that anything is going on. The fire suppression gas approaches toxic levels and Martin finishes his work. He admits that it will either shut down the building's systems or explode. When Martin hesitates, Chance triggers the weapon. The power goes out and the fire suppression system deactivates. Meanwhile, Layla finds a match in the files against Chance's image. Fouts tells Winston and Guerrero that Kreese said there was no kidnapper on the site, but the power went out and Homeland Security has authorized him to investigate. He turns Guerrero over to Winston and the duo quickly leaves. Kreese grabs a rifle and prepares to go after Martin and Chance. Layla hides the information on Chance before Kreese can see it. In the Black Room, Martin confirms that their plan worked. Meanwhile, the security team starts burning through the door with an acetylene torch. Chance suggests that they use the plasma cannon. The building shakes and the security team discovers that Martin and Chance have escaped through a newly created hole in the floor. Chance and Martin get to the elevators and Chance helps set up Martin so he can descend the cable. Kreese enters the elevator below them and opens fire. Chance flips downward, drops down the wire, and falls into the elevator. He attacks Kreese, the two men struggle, and Chance finally gets control of the rifle and shoots him. Martin (and his goldfish) land atop the elevator and descend. They realize that a security team is waiting for them outside in the lobby. Chance takes out a remote detonator and activates it. The water bottle that Winston smuggled in earlier explodes. Chance and Martin go out over the unconscious guards and find the FBI waiting outside. Fouts approaches them and asks if Chance is the man who abducted him. When Fouts hesitates, Vivian comes in and accuses Chance of destroying government-funded property. Martin speaks up and says that he hired Chance to rescue him, and that Vivian had Kozinski killed. Fouts has them all taken away so he can sort things out at FBI headquarters. However, the FBI agent in charge of Chance is called away by a phony call placed by Winston. Winston drives away in the FBI van. Meanwhile, Layla approaches Martin and apologizes for not helping him sooner. She introduces herself as NiteOwl, and he's shocked to discover she's an attractive woman. Layla gives him a bottle of water to hold his goldfish. Later, Layla calls Winston and tells him that she ran a check on Chance. She didn't find much, but an automatic e-mail was sent out notifying someone that Chance had been detected. It was bounced across multiple servers using the exact same technique that Chance taught Winston to use. Chance figures that it's weird and walks off. Winston wonders what is going on, and Guerrero warns him that whoever is looking for Chance just got one step closer. When Winston wonders who that person is, Guerrero says that it's Chance's old boss.