Human Target

Season 2 Episode 13

Marshall Pucci

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ilsa is in her office drinking and looking at the photo of her husband Marshall with his alleged mistress. She remembers back to a year ago when she called him while he was on a trip to Africa, and jokingly wondered if he was having an affair. Ilsa listened as Marshall realized the taxi driver was taking him somewhere against his will, and told her that he would love her forever.

Now, Chance arrives and Ilsa tells him about her memories would have been of happier times if she hadn't seen the photo, and then kisses Chance. After a moment, she draws away and Chance starts to apologize. He insists that it's under control, and she says good night to him and leaves.

The next day, Ilsa tells the team that she's moving back to London, and has set up a breakfast bar. Chance says that it's about time, and Winston wonders if they've had another fight. Ames says that Ilsa is leaving because Guerrero botched the assignment and never found the girl in the photo. Ilsa arrives and claims that she's going back to London to run the charity there. She thanks them all for their hard work and for putting up with her, and they share a toast. Ilsa then abruptly leaves, and even Guerrero is surprised she didn't try to hug them. Winston figures that Ilsa wanted Chance to ask her to say, but he figures she really wanted to go back to London.

As Guerrero leaves, a woman approaches him. He draws a gun on her, and she explains that she's Julia, the woman in the photo. She says that she needs protection.

Chance drives to the airfield and tells Ilsa that they've found Julia. She isn't interested, until Chance tells her that Julia knows who killed Marshall.

At the agency, Julia explains that she worked in Marshall's medical program in Africa, and he found a weapon cache hidden in his supplies. He took photos and was going to blow the whistle, and turned up dead. Julia thought they had found the photos and came to them, and Ilsa accuses her of being in the photo at the bar at the Lamont Hotel. Julia claims that she met Marshall there for the last time and he gave her tickets so she could get clear while he turned in the evidence. She insists that she's been on the run ever since, and that Marshall always loved Ilsa. Ilsa accepts her story and promises to help Julia get her life back.

After the meeting, Chance warns Ilsa that they're up against professionals who were able to kill Marshall and cover it up. She wonders if he's worried about her, and Chance insists that if the people are as dangerous as he believes, they're all in danger. Winston gets a phone number from Julia from the men who are after her, and Ilsa tells him to call and set up a meeting.

The team arranges the meeting at a park. Ilsa sits with Julia, while Chance watches and spots four men undercover in the park. Ilsa reassures a nervous Julia that she'll stay with her. Julia gets a call from the man threatening her, Bill Fickner, and Chance starts to warn her not to take the call. The enemy scrambles their transmissions and Ilsa answers it, and Fickner tells her to go to the nearby BART station and meet him in the last car. Winston is unable to break their high-level firewall.

In a warehouse, Fickner coordinates a team of men, and has them scramble the team's signal while sending in a bus to block Chance's vision.

On the street, Ilsa decides on her own to go into the subway. When the bus leaves, Chance realizes that Ilsa and Julia are on the move. He runs after them, and Guerrero drives after him. Fickner changes the traffic lights, causing a car to slam into Guerrero's car. Meanwhile, Chance gets to the two women only to discover that there's been a substitution, and they're two of the enemy. They try to shoot him and he easily subdues them, but he loses Ilsa and Julia.

Aboard the BART train, Ilsa tells Julia that she's safe. Julia draws a gun on her and directs her to the back of the car. She asks for the photos, but Ilsa insists that she doesn't have them. Julia assures Marshall that she's been lying to Ilsa and the others just like Marshall, and she's the one who killed Ilsa's husband. Ilsa pulls on the emergency break, and Julia. Ilsa grabs her gun and runs out onto the tracks, but catches her foot in the rail as an oncoming train approaches her.

Chance hears the noise through the sewer grate and enters the tunnel. He finds Ilsa and pulls her down so that the train can pass safely over the two of them. They watch as Julia leaves in the original BART train.

Back at the office, Ames wonders who they're up against, and Chance, Guerrero, and Winston realize that they're dealing with the CIA. They cut off the cameras, and Fickner orders his men into the office. They find nothing, unaware that the team has slipped out down the fire escape. Winston figures that Julia's boss is a rogue agent, and he used Marshall's program to sell arms. They figure they have to run.

Once his team has secured the office, Fickner comes in and tells them to find out everything they can about the team and their families, so that they can apply pressure.

Guerrero drives away with Ames and sticks to the parking garages to avoid satellite surveillance. When Ames says that she'll be going to Mexico with him, Guerrero tells her that they're going to split up once they're out of the country. He drives back to the office, willing to risk getting killed rather than spend his life with her.

Winston and Chance take Ilsa to a motel. While Winston goes to get food, Ilsa takes a shower and then worries that she's put the team at risk. Chance assures her that it's just a normal day for them, and figures they need to find the photo evidence to put Fickner away. Ilsa wonders why Marshall hid everything from her, and admits that she can't handle it. Chance tells her that she's the strongest person she knows, and that Marshall knew it. He asks her to tell him everything about her relationship with her husband, and she admits it'll be hard for her to discuss with Chance. Winston comes in, realizes that they're having a "moment," and quickly leaves.

At the agency office, Fickner goes over the files on the team while Guerrero listens from outside. The CIA agent reads Guerrero's file, dismisses him as a freak, and finds out that Guerrero has a child. In the car, Guerrero tells Ames to take the car and goes inside.

Chance goes over everything that Ilsa has told him, and she reveals that she got a letter from Marshall. She shows it to Chance, who points out it's signed by a Mr. Ross. Ilsa explains that every month they met at the Lamont Hotel in the bar, pretend to be strangers, and spend the night together under false names. The photo of Julia and Marshall was taken in the same bar. Chance asks if they always stayed in the same room.

Chance and Ilsa enter the Lamont Hotel and she collects the key to their suite from the aide. Winston taps into the security cameras and realizes that Fickner's men are there. Fickner tells his men to let Chance and Ilsa find the photos and then go after them. When Chance and Ilsa go to the tenth floor, Fickner orders his men to close in. His troopers burst into the room and discover that Chance has disappeared, and "Ilsa" is Ames wearing Ilsa's clothing. Meanwhile, goes to the real suite and starts searching.

Fickner orders his men to kill Ames, but Chance drops down from the ceiling and shoots them all. Julia calls for backup and her men move in.

Ilsa searches the suite while Winston warns Chance that there are reinforcements moving in. Chance tells Ames to get out, and Winston warns Ilsa that she's out of time. Ilsa spots a painting of a woman and realizes that it conceals a microchip with the evidence. As she leaves, Winston mentions that Julia is on her way up. Ilsa draws her stolen gun and goes to find the woman who killed her husband, while Winston tells Chance what's going on. She ignores him when he tells her to leave.

Ilsa captures Julia and takes her to the roof, and Winston tells Chance where their teammate is heading. Chance tells Ames to get to the van while he goes to get Ilsa, and then starts climbing the wall up.

The power goes out at the agency, and Fickner figures the team is in the building. He sends his men out to look. Their signals quickly go dead.

On the roof, Ilsa shows Julia the microchip and tells her that it's over. She demands to know Marshall's last words and every detail. Julia says that it doesn't matter, and he needed to be eliminated because he got in the way. Ilsa prepares to eliminate her, and Chance arrives. However, he tells Ilsa to hurry up before Fickner's men arrive. She prepares to shoot, but then gives the gun to Chance. The CIA agents arrive and surround them, and Chance tells Ilsa that they're always have Geneva. Winston and Ames are listening in, and realize he's talking about when they jumped off a tall building to escape. However, there has to be a body of water below.

Julia demands the microchip and Chance asks Ilsa to trust him. He then takes her hand and they leap over the side of the building. Julia and the CIA agents stare in shock.

At the agency, Fickner grabs a gun when he hears the elevator arrive. He opens fire only to discover the elevator is empty... and Guerrero gets behind him and captures him. Guerrero forces Fickner to order his men to surrender, and Ames and Winston arrive to take them captive. They wonder what happened to Chance... who is dangling from a gargoyle on the side of the building. When Ilsa starts to slip, Chance holds tight and tells her that he'll never let her go.

The next morning, Guerrero drives Fickner to the waterfront and handcuffs him to the wheel of a car. He says that Fickner has found his pressure point, and that's the issue. Guerrero walks away and Fickner starts his car... and it blows up.

Winston tells Ilsa that he's turned over the microchip to the government and the newspapers, and Fickner will get what he deserves. Ames says goodbye and steals Ilsa's bracelet, but Winston catches her. Ilsa tells her to keep it, and gives Winston a hug and a friendly kiss. She notices that Chance isn't there, and tells Winston to pass on her best wishes.

That night, Chance comes back from what he claims is shopping. Winston isn't fooled, even when Chance claims he forgot Ilsa was leaving that day. When he calls his friend on it, Chance says that there's no point, and Ilsa can make her own decisions. Winston says that he's scared for the first time, and Chance figures that somebody will get hurt, and it's too late to stop her. His friend notes that they still have the CIA systems, and Chance drives for the airport while Winston keeps the traffic lights in his favor.

Chance arrives in time to see a plane depart. However, he realizes that it's not Ilsa's plane. She emerges from a nearby hangar where they're preparing her plane. Chance gives her a casual goodbye and she turns and walks away, and Chance asks her to stay. Ilsa asks if he's asking because the team needs her, or he does. He agrees and they start to kiss, but the pilot interrupts to inform her that they've cancelled the plans like she asked. She admits she's going to stick around for a few more days to handle some errands, and says she'll see Chance the next day. Ilsa gets in her car and leaves, while Chance smiles and says that he'll see her tomorrow.