Human Target

Season 2 Episode 13

Marshall Pucci

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on FOX

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  • "Just Like Geneva": A Chance and the Gang Season Finale

    Still haunted by the alleged "affair" her late husband Marshall had in the photograph she has Ilsa decides to leave the country only when the woman in the photo opposite Marshall comes forward seeking protection from the men who killed him. Chance and the team are more than willing to comply and seek out to help her but the picture is much bigger than it seems as the woman may be hiding something and this may well tear the team apart. I haven't minded season two as much as everyone else but still this season while flawed was still entertaining, who doesn't love a good hanging from the ceiling gunfight? And as always we don't get definite answers on Ilsa and Chance's future, but seeing Guerrero go ape s%it on those dudes was pretty over the top and awesome, but sometimes I feel like the writers just have him drive the storyline and accomplish seemingly impossible things and we're just supposed to say "It's Guerrero, he can do that" but other than that I hope this isn't the end of the road for Human Target as it is my escapist show next to Burn Notice (although more over the top) and there's so many more stories to tell so hopefully FOX will not do what it always does and not hit the CANCEL button.
  • I know this show is supposed to be "tongue in cheek", but this episode rang less true than usual.

    I don't like the burgeoning romance between Chance and Mrs. Pucci either. It seems he's had his fair share of women, that he's either been involved, or fell in love with. In this type of show, these romances can become distractions, and ruin the spirit of the program. Having said that, yesterday's season finale was hard to believe, even by Human Target standards. If there are rogue agents within the C.I.A. (and I bet there are), they would be near impossible to flesh out - because they don't do things like were done in this episode. And I realize Guerrero is bad-ass, but his quick dispatch of the agent didn't ring true. What made the episode acceptable were the action sequences, particularly involving Ames, who I'm liking more and more. We'll see what happens next season, if this show is renewed.
  • This episode sums up the Season 2 issues...

    The influx of Chuck people like Matt Miller turned Human Target season two from a James Bond-type action thriller, into... well, a Chuck-type romantic spy drama. Instead of Chuck becoming the newbie that eventually becomes a slomewhat proficient spy, we had Ilsa as the newbie who eventually becomes a somewhat proficient spy. Like Casey on Chuck, Guerrero went from a badass, to a guy with a kid so he had a tender moment and the audience could empathize with him. except we don't want to empathize with Guerrero. Winston is the Morgan fill-in, now providing romantic advice. And Ames is the wacky Buy More employees and occasional sister-figure.

    HT Season 2 never quite turned into Chuck, but it certainly became more, or less, than season 1.

    As for this episode, Jake Weber didn't have much to do and although his team was initially impressive, they quickly faded into incompetence, letting Chance and Guerrero easily get the drop on them. Having an "anti-agency" of specific CIA counterparts might have helped, like the 2LiveCrew Job episode of Leverage.

    Overall, this was a solid season 2 episode, but it didn't compare to the season 1 finale which told us everything about "Christopher Chance."
  • How do I feel about this one...

    Well, I feel that Guerrero is about the only character that has come away with his integrity as a character, intact. He kicked some serious a$$ in true and consistent form, only more so! Just the way I would have liked to see the season, and possibly the series, end.

    Winston was pretty rock solid too, directing the final operation from afar as usual, and until the end, he was good old Winston. However, Dolly Levi he ain't! And he wasn't intended to be. And to reduce his final moments in the season, and perhaps the series, to just that is frankly, lame. Chance had one real "Chance moment" when he fell from the false ceiling in the hotel room and took out an impossible number of baddies single-handedly and with only a side-arm versus multiple automatic rifles. And then "they" (writers/creators) reduced him to a wuss. They took the unflappable, immovable object and made him twist in the wind like a girlie-spy, and that just ain't right. Ilsa. Well she looks good. And as only Hollywood can do, she manages to cry a lot and still have ZERO snot on her face. And that is the sum total of her contribution to the season-ender; possibly the series- ender.

    Ames, as always, isn't worth mentioning.

    If it wasn't for Guerrero and the bad guys, this would have been a write off, but they were so bad they were excellent.

    So, how do I feel about this one? I feel that FOX abandoned the series long ago and we got a half baked effort in return. It must frustrate the main cast; knowing they had a fun, unique winner and then to have to watch it all fall apart at the seams, despite their best and very admirable efforts.

    I still hope it comes back, but I want it back with the original integrity of the premise and the characters intact, and apologies in advance to my gender...that doesn't include the female roles. I accept the boy's club. In fact, it only works when it's a boy's club. This ending, seasonal or final, played out like FOX had Bill O'Reilly write the damn thing...