Human Target

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • Crap on wheels.

    When you write a story about a highspeed train, please do some research about it.
    Never have I seen so much blundering nonsence thrown together to make a pilot. Yes this was a pilot episode and one would have thought a little effort would be put in it.
    Sadly, no.
    The episode was pure format. It could have been Mannix with a story from the Wild Wild West. (They too had trains, didn't they)
    The main character, Chance, was ok (This is as far as I'll go), but his 'office buddies' acted like old and abused hand-puppets. Especially the 'IT-wizard' was a one in a dozen spectacled guy, seen countless times before in other equally (again) formated shows.
    I can't imagine with what they'll fill the next 11 episodes... Even make a 2nd season?!
    On a positive note : Watch it for Tricia Helfer.
  • Does hollywood not realise what a TGV/AGV/HST train and tracks actually Look Like??

    Watching this pilot I was shocked and bemused that all the money spend on the graphics for the double decker HST train was fairly good but it failed on several points.
    1. A High Speed Train (greater than 150mph/260kph) has a driving engine compartment at EACH end of the train for the driver to sit and operate the unit. There is no turn arounds for a 400m long train set at a terminus station!
    2. It would be powered by overhead cantanery at 25kv at 50 or 60Hz. There were No mast or cantanery or over head lines for the train to draw its power from. 3. All HST lines are double, as in an up line and a down line. This episode showed a single line and NO country in the world would run HST's bi-directional on a single track line!!
    4. There is NO emergency brakes engaging pull chain or lever on a HST, there is an emergency button etc but a HST's brakes do Not engage - the train simply sends an attendent to see what the problem is and carries on to the next station unless there is a fire etc where it would stop automatically. HST's have dynamic braking sytems that when they are applied they turn generators that return excess power to the overhead wires and there are no contact/friction brakes, emergency or otherwise.

    So when the agent goes to the rear of the train, the emergency brakes are applied... so that when it does come to a stop the electro-magnetic braking system that sends waves on the track ahead of the wheels.. would make it explode, he jumps out the back with tricia hefner and uses a parachute to escape.... Major plot oversight on the engineering aspects of this episode!
  • Lot's of excitement a great premise. Would like to see this show work. Chance is very cool and one bad dude with heart and compassion.

    The TV preview stated a "James Bond esque" attitude. This was kind of right. Chance is the guy I want on my team as my point man. Besides being tough he also seems to have some compassion and definitely has smarts. Though some of the situations seem to end to quickly (the train crashing and him getting off of it), some scenes seem to go on too long (the fight in the train). Hopefully the up coming episodes keep us wanting more because the premise of a guy like Chance has great possibilities. Am looking forward to up coming episodes that will keep this show going. I give it two thumbs up!!
  • Action packed and there might be promise..

    So.. I decided to take a look on this pilot as it had quite impressive quest start list in coming episode and I thought.. why not start with the first episode and having Tricia Helfer will do no hard too.

    What I can say.. It was action packed.. it had great sequence and very tense start but I felt that the tension and building was lost on the middle and the story somehow did not carried trough to the end. I have seen better pilots, what have done the magic but I think this pilot showed that this show has potential and I think that potential gives the basic to build something on it..
  • An action packed pilot

    I have never read the comic book or seen the original series of Human Target so I cant compare this show the old one but I can say that the Pilot episode is really enjoyable and the leading characters are all likable most of all the main one, Christopher Chance who is played by Fringe's Mark Valley. Valley does a great job at playing the action hero and he pulls off the cheesy dialogue as well. Jackie Earle Haley portrays Guerrero also this character is great fun and well acted. Chi McBride plays the third lead character Winston, Chances' business partner the character gets the least screen time and the weakest development over the episode, so I will like to see more of him in the future. The Pilot gets straight into the action at a hostage negotiation which introduces us to Christopher Chance and is a pretty bad ass scene which includes Chance shooting the gunman and a huge explosion. Then there was some scenes explaining the relationship between Chance and his boos and buddy Winston after these slow scenes we are through back into action when Chance is given his next job. The scenes on the train were fun and exciting even if it was all over the top this show has lots of promise. TV has been missing a show like this. The final scene with Danny Glover was awesome and funny the episode ends as if it will continue next week so I'm excited to see what happens next. All in all Human Target is a promising new series that is great fun to watch and I hope it sticks around and stays as enjoyable than this Pilot.
  • Promising pilot with some small issues, but exciting action and a couple of interesting characters. Looks like they are actually putting some effort in making this work, and look good and expensive too.

    **some minor spoilers ahead**

    I tend to be hard to please when it comes to TV shows, especially when they're cliche'd, vapid or just generally mediocre (some recent examples are "The Beast" and "Dark Blue"). For me to give a TV-show episode a "10" is almost impossible, and even a "9" will be rare. These would probably only go to some of the best shows, like "Twin Peaks", "Homicide: Life on the Streets", "Oz" and such. Shows with a lot of emotional depth as well as action or suspense.

    Having said that, while certainly not perfect, i found the pilot for "Human Target" to have quite some promise. While the editing seemed a little too hasty and sloppy now and then (probably to try to cram everything in 45 minutes), and the characterization needs more depth in the future beyond the superficial comical banter you tend to see in shows like these, they certainly didn't seem to be cheap on the effects and action, and they were even willing to be a little gruesome in dispatching a villain.

    Another interesting thing that i like to see where they're going with it, is the payments for the jobs. They are used as a bit of comic relief, but i also hope there is more of a specific idea or purpose behind the reason that the payment isn't money, but seemingly meaningless things like a bottle of wine or a trainride on the fastest train in the world. The actors all did a commendable job and i was surprised that they got an incredibly talented actor like Jackie Early Haley to participate (and a cameo from Danny Glover as well). The biggest plus of all in this pilot was the great fighting scene near the end, which was nice and brutal (for TV standards anyway) and very well choreographed, like something that wouldn't have misstood in a Jason Bourne movie. Original too, the way they started fighting in the tight "crawlspace" of the train.

    To summarize, i certainly didn't roll my eyes and checked my watch and wondered about something better to do, or got annoyed with mediocrity and/or cheapness the way i did with other shows that are/were so vacuous they made me dizzy. I'm looking forward to the next episode and hope they can not only keep the promise of the pilot up, but even improve on it.
  • I will wait until there are more episodes on air before I rate the series overall, but...

    8.5 certainly started with a bang...and a crash and just about every other form of action the writers could conceive of.

    It was a fast paced episode, and felt comfortable in its own shoes for the first out of the gate. Hopefully, that bodes well for the balance of the season.

    I really like Mark Valley's interpretation of "Chance". He's given the character familiar bits and pieces: the TV cool of James Bond in action with the attitude of "John McClane" in Die Hard, and yet it seems it might just manage to be his own in the end. It will be interesting as the episodes progress, to have the tidbits of the character's past come out.

    And "Guerrero" also promises to be pretty cool, and may single handedly give nerds a great name! Never judge a book...

    I kind of figured the husband for a role in it from that first meeting in the office, but his participation in the scheme did manage to unfold with some elements I did not expect. Combined with the action, fast pace, humour and characterizations (so far), I quite enjoyed the show and will be back for more.

    Hopefully they can keep up the frenetic pace they have started.
  • Christopher Chance is a man that puts himself in dangerous positions to protect clients who hire him. He's the ultimate bodyguard. He's hired by a woman who is overseeing a new bullet train project in California who's being threatened for some reason.

    All the stops were taken off in this production of the DC Comics property. We have Mark Valley of Boston Legal fame playing Christopher Chance. He is the perfect leading man macho type to play the ultimate bodyguard which is what Chance basically is. Also starring Jackie Earle Haley a former child movie star (The Bad News Bears) who has made a solid transition to play Guerrero who may be one of the most scary introductory characters I think I've ever seen. Wrapping up the starring cast is Chi McBride who is Winston the businessman of the group. The one with the office.

    In this first episode I mentioned they pulled out all the stops out. Guest starring as the women in trouble Stephanie Dobbs is the popular and talented Tricia Helfer most recently of numerous guest spots and Battlestar Galactica fame.

    The dialogue is quite clever in this first episode even if it seemed a little short and curt. Both Chance and Guerrero have a way with words. I especially enjoyed Guerrero's little scene with the two large thugs in the restaurant which after they spoke they made a quick and hasty retreat to say the least. Very effective.

    I found the music not effective at all, the opening sequence anything but exciting, and the editing of the show a little suspect. These were all areas I expected excellence from based on the production company involved.

    The story was short and to the point and the introductory scene was interesting as well. I'm not really sure exactly what the point of the final added scene was but to show that Chance has no regard for money in general. I guess that is not what he does this work for. I think they might have been a little better served to tell one story and set the character up from that as it seemed overall that things happened a little quickly and haphazardly.

    I like the idea and I really like the casting. The story was not clear cut enough for a Pilot type episode and I would have made the opening credits and theme music a little more explosive. Something to really hang on too. Overall I give this an 8 even though I was expecting something a little more like a 10. They do seem to have the pieces in place to correct their mistakes. We'll see if they do? Thanks for reading...