Human Target

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • Christopher Chance is a man that puts himself in dangerous positions to protect clients who hire him. He's the ultimate bodyguard. He's hired by a woman who is overseeing a new bullet train project in California who's being threatened for some reason.

    All the stops were taken off in this production of the DC Comics property. We have Mark Valley of Boston Legal fame playing Christopher Chance. He is the perfect leading man macho type to play the ultimate bodyguard which is what Chance basically is. Also starring Jackie Earle Haley a former child movie star (The Bad News Bears) who has made a solid transition to play Guerrero who may be one of the most scary introductory characters I think I've ever seen. Wrapping up the starring cast is Chi McBride who is Winston the businessman of the group. The one with the office.

    In this first episode I mentioned they pulled out all the stops out. Guest starring as the women in trouble Stephanie Dobbs is the popular and talented Tricia Helfer most recently of numerous guest spots and Battlestar Galactica fame.

    The dialogue is quite clever in this first episode even if it seemed a little short and curt. Both Chance and Guerrero have a way with words. I especially enjoyed Guerrero's little scene with the two large thugs in the restaurant which after they spoke they made a quick and hasty retreat to say the least. Very effective.

    I found the music not effective at all, the opening sequence anything but exciting, and the editing of the show a little suspect. These were all areas I expected excellence from based on the production company involved.

    The story was short and to the point and the introductory scene was interesting as well. I'm not really sure exactly what the point of the final added scene was but to show that Chance has no regard for money in general. I guess that is not what he does this work for. I think they might have been a little better served to tell one story and set the character up from that as it seemed overall that things happened a little quickly and haphazardly.

    I like the idea and I really like the casting. The story was not clear cut enough for a Pilot type episode and I would have made the opening credits and theme music a little more explosive. Something to really hang on too. Overall I give this an 8 even though I was expecting something a little more like a 10. They do seem to have the pieces in place to correct their mistakes. We'll see if they do? Thanks for reading...