Human Target

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • Promising pilot with some small issues, but exciting action and a couple of interesting characters. Looks like they are actually putting some effort in making this work, and look good and expensive too.

    **some minor spoilers ahead**

    I tend to be hard to please when it comes to TV shows, especially when they're cliche'd, vapid or just generally mediocre (some recent examples are "The Beast" and "Dark Blue"). For me to give a TV-show episode a "10" is almost impossible, and even a "9" will be rare. These would probably only go to some of the best shows, like "Twin Peaks", "Homicide: Life on the Streets", "Oz" and such. Shows with a lot of emotional depth as well as action or suspense.

    Having said that, while certainly not perfect, i found the pilot for "Human Target" to have quite some promise. While the editing seemed a little too hasty and sloppy now and then (probably to try to cram everything in 45 minutes), and the characterization needs more depth in the future beyond the superficial comical banter you tend to see in shows like these, they certainly didn't seem to be cheap on the effects and action, and they were even willing to be a little gruesome in dispatching a villain.

    Another interesting thing that i like to see where they're going with it, is the payments for the jobs. They are used as a bit of comic relief, but i also hope there is more of a specific idea or purpose behind the reason that the payment isn't money, but seemingly meaningless things like a bottle of wine or a trainride on the fastest train in the world. The actors all did a commendable job and i was surprised that they got an incredibly talented actor like Jackie Early Haley to participate (and a cameo from Danny Glover as well). The biggest plus of all in this pilot was the great fighting scene near the end, which was nice and brutal (for TV standards anyway) and very well choreographed, like something that wouldn't have misstood in a Jason Bourne movie. Original too, the way they started fighting in the tight "crawlspace" of the train.

    To summarize, i certainly didn't roll my eyes and checked my watch and wondered about something better to do, or got annoyed with mediocrity and/or cheapness the way i did with other shows that are/were so vacuous they made me dizzy. I'm looking forward to the next episode and hope they can not only keep the promise of the pilot up, but even improve on it.