Human Target

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • Does hollywood not realise what a TGV/AGV/HST train and tracks actually Look Like??

    Watching this pilot I was shocked and bemused that all the money spend on the graphics for the double decker HST train was fairly good but it failed on several points.
    1. A High Speed Train (greater than 150mph/260kph) has a driving engine compartment at EACH end of the train for the driver to sit and operate the unit. There is no turn arounds for a 400m long train set at a terminus station!
    2. It would be powered by overhead cantanery at 25kv at 50 or 60Hz. There were No mast or cantanery or over head lines for the train to draw its power from. 3. All HST lines are double, as in an up line and a down line. This episode showed a single line and NO country in the world would run HST's bi-directional on a single track line!!
    4. There is NO emergency brakes engaging pull chain or lever on a HST, there is an emergency button etc but a HST's brakes do Not engage - the train simply sends an attendent to see what the problem is and carries on to the next station unless there is a fire etc where it would stop automatically. HST's have dynamic braking sytems that when they are applied they turn generators that return excess power to the overhead wires and there are no contact/friction brakes, emergency or otherwise.

    So when the agent goes to the rear of the train, the emergency brakes are applied... so that when it does come to a stop the electro-magnetic braking system that sends waves on the track ahead of the wheels.. would make it explode, he jumps out the back with tricia hefner and uses a parachute to escape.... Major plot oversight on the engineering aspects of this episode!
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