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  • Pilot Is Decent To Be Seen What May Come However

    With any TV-show, movie, or whatever I either want to be pre-disposed to be invested (and, thus invested until proven otherwise) or I want to be sold within, approximately 10-minutes. That's pretty demanding. So, for me the question is if "Human Target" passes the mustard.

    In the first episode (the pilot?) I am interested immediately because I'm given with a dire hostage situation that plays out exceptionally efficiently. I like a story that doesn't depend on a lot of peripheral stories that drag on and other emotional baggage building. This delivered right at the starting gun.

    Christopher Chance is, apparently a kind of uber-mercenary for good. He takes the "bull by the horns" and gets the job done for the greater good of humanity. He is under the tutelage of his quasi-manager "Winston" played by Chi McBride a face you're likely to recognize even if the actual name recognition isn't there. Anyway, at the beginning a deeper hook is set as to who is actually this character Chance anyway. Does Chance have abilities beyond human or what? He's certainly good as the opening sequence drove home. This is good character building here since the viewer has a hunger, a need even, to know much more.

    Outside the "wam-bam" opening, the story we're given as a kind of "client of the week" and it's, pretty much, a plausible one. The biggest west coast public works project is about to get the push by the first public display of the technology. There's literally billions on the line since this isn't a one shot thing, but, if successful, a likely "cash cow" public works project that will just get bigger and bigger. Of course, it's entirely a given when this kind of jack is at stake there will be those seeking to get their share by nefarious ways, even derail the legitimate players to supplant who knows. BTW, for me, at least, ever since Hitchcock's "Strangers On A Train" I've loved any intrigue played out within the romantic confines of rail travel. I'd say a groundbreaking fast train in the continental . qualifies as a worthy stage to play off of. Now,, the rest of the story beyond the fast train is pretty sensational, but it has legs grounded in reality and the expectation of this is born out of this Marvel world this is entirely OK as played out.

    Chance does what you'd expect of a human with some other-worldly honed super skills. Winston, his confused manager, plays the just slightly out of the loop frustrated boss to a kind of irritated perfection. And, the "ace in the hole" character of Guerro, a kind of darkly connected bad/good guy, played grittily by Jackie Earle Haley, adds just the needed color. A goood, if predictable, twist at the ending ensues. In fact, the predictability is pretty much the only Achilles heel in an otherwise solid intro of a series. It's excusable in an otherwise decent show that must present a weekly installment. A solid B, I'll watch again.
  • Human Target Fans

    Comedy, action & good looking men :)
  • cool tv show

    why there is no season 3
  • So much better.......

    This show is so much better than a lot of the stuff on today.
  • Season 3

    why no S3?
  • Season 1 rocked

    I liked the first season; but I think it failed to entertain in the second season because of Indira Verma. I think the role of Indira verma should have been limited to what she had suggested at the start, just as a financier; the series would have remained popular
  • I surely do miss this show!

    Mark Valley should have been the one to play Jack Reacher.

    I always thought that since the first episode of Human Target.

    Loved the books.

    Did not like the movie.

    Weak with 'famous' leading man.


    la la linda in Iowa
  • Wake Up to the 21 Century!!!

    You would think that in a world that has advanced so much in technology television networks would use more modern means to determine if viewers like a show. Instead of using an outdated system that was created in 1950. Networks could ask viewers to like the shows on Facebook would be better than what they are doing now. Is this ever going to end? Sorry, cast of Human Target. You were all great and I hate that you are gone as well as some other current shows that the networks have been getting wrong. I guess it really doesn't matter what the average fan thinks. I hate that this is the relative norm in America...
  • the dudes at fox suck

    human target was the awsomest show ever and it's all fox's fault that it lost viewers and got cancelled, if they hadn't moved it around so much we would still be able to watch the best show ever.

    this show is simply brilliant because

    1. you don't to spend most of the episodes watching someone fkn cry

    2. Guerrero is the awesomest person ever (counting both fictional and real people)

    3. it's the only episode where i don't know from the beginning what's going to happen

    4. they were still awesome even whit the annoying aims and not werry grate ilsa (usually when there are annoying charterers the show becomes annoying but this one didn't)

    I'll admit that the episodes could have been better without aims and ilsa but they are still not the reason the episodes were cancelled
  • Human Target

    Was my favorite show. Quit cancelling the Good Ones!!
  • Too bad!!

    I like this show very much!I cant wait for the next episode every day!Please dont stop it....
  • i love this show. too bad it is cancelled!

    plots are great. all actors are great. why cancelled?
  • One Of The Best Action TV Series

    Action-Packed Masterpiece! This show was absolutely awesome, the action scenes in just a single episode already surpass those of full-length movies! The cast is excellent: Winston is hilarious with his trademark catchphrase "Wise-ass", Guerrero is that intimidating yet funny rebel dude with a body always in his trunk, Chance is the tough, calm, always knows what to do mercenary and Ames is a hot thief! What more can you ask for? Cannot believe they would cancel such a remarkable show... Hopefully one day they might decide to bring it back..
  • Networks Looking For Cheap Programming

    Networks are turning to reality shows. I like action and Human Target brought tons of action. What a great show. If it was a crappy show, it would still be on television. Oh well.
  • Excellent program....that's why it's gone

    What a shame to loose one of the best shows on tv. Whose choice was it to cancel?

    Bad move. Trying to rate excellent....
  • goodt.v. going away


    This was a show thatyou could watch with your wife and children there are not many of those left. The cast was brilliant and the story line's were entertaning now what I can not understand they do not bring back a good show but all those crappy reality show's are still on. I hope they think about bringing this back I for one would go right back to watching it one can only hope

  • I am very ticked off that there not bringing back human target for a third season. This was a great show and Chance was the only hero fox had left since taking away Jack Baur. It amazes me how they can take this show out, But still find slots for garbage


    They seem to be able to keep crap like Glee,American idol[idiots].and that certain cure for insomnia Hells kitchen. There are very few heros left on tv that arn't pollically correct,I wish there was someway to change thier minds but if you ain't rich you don't have a vote

  • This is one of the best new shows in the last few years. just when TV networks get a descent show, they discontinue it!!! now I've got to go back to watchingrepeats of my favorite showsagain untilthe networkscome up with another new show i like


    Human Target is one of the top shows I've seen since JAG & NCIS Los Angeles. Just when I thought I had found another show to watch, the network takes it out! Guess I've got to go back to watching JAG, Walker Texas Ranger, NCIS Los Angeles repeats until the networks come out with another descent show.....

  • Very entertaining show even though both iterations of it's two year run. The show embraced the comic book motif and gave us larger than life action and

    Very entertaining show even though both iterations of it's two year run. The show embraced the comic book motif and gave us larger than life action and heroes. The characters were likeable and fun to watch each week. An ill fated season two reboot ended the show but even then the characters and stories made the show fun to watch. Do yourself a favor and watch at least the first season of what was and should've been a long running good show. I also recommend the second season to see how things went and perhaps as some did enjoy the new direction of the show.
  • Great Show. Action packed and good story, especially for a low budget & low episode per season, show.

    Great Show. Action packed and good story, especially for a low budget & low episode per season, show.

    Why the Hell is Fox canceling this show? Why are people still using the Nielsen system?

    I have never met anyone with a Nielsen box. And the people I know who have met someone in the program say the people with the box are over 60 with no kids at home. How is that supposed to help with show ratings exactly?

    Have a checklist on or something. A place you have to go outside of watching your TV. An extra step where you have to click on a show to say you've watched it within a week to let advertisers know you've seen the Ad. Or if you haven't seen it clicking on Watch would actually register a notable "This Many People Have Watched This Episode".

    Come On wouldn't you like to make more money by being the new Nielsen system?
  • This is truly a great action show for T.V. the characters are great the story lines are awesome.

    I give this show a 10 because it is well written and has great actors for each role. Chance is great character funny and still tormented. Winston is awesome all his lines are well done always hits his marks. Guerro is the best sidekick in decades love the way he is always kyping food and his great one liners. ( whys she still got her clothes on.) Illsa Pucci plays a great bungling boss and still is strong enough to tolerate the employees. Ames what can I say she rocks and adds a great sidekick for Guerro. Put them all together and you got one awesome series.
  • Seventies vintage storytelling. Zzzzzzz...

    Boy, oh boy. Talk about vintage schmaltz. This show would have been right at home on prime time between 1975 and 1980 or so. Schmaltzy, semi-snappy dialogue, formula plot development, everything about Human Target is about as uninspired and standardized as an action/adventure series can get. If you're the type of viewer that likes to make frequent snack runs to the fridge for munchies and beer with weak kidneys that also make you want to make frequent runs to the bathroom...hey don't sweat it because you're not missing much with this show. You can come in on this show at pretty much any point without missing much. I hate lazy writers. So this show has actually made it into it's second season? Amazing.
  • mixed feelings

    I like this show, but it was always a just a fun hour to watch (Loved the sometimes witty dialogue). I'd never watch any episode more than once. You don't connect with the characters, just enough to go through the episode.

    In the second season I think the female additions to the show messed up the dynamics of the show a bit, especially Ames (most of the times the writes don't seem to know what to do with her) and Ilsa is only slightly better ( but it's applied only to her blending in, otherwise she is bit annoying) Many episodes could be taken as examples of istances where their abscence wouldn't make a difference. The thing between Chance and Ilsa? so much lacking in the URST department... couldn't care less (and it's way too obvious, or better said, artificial).

    Having said that, I've enjoyed this show (accepting for what it was), but it's not like I'd reccomend it as a show you can't miss.
  • Worth watching for sure. Funny and great entertainment.

    A refreshing unpretentious action show. Very good stunts, good story lines, excellent shooting locations (BC I think)

    Laying out the story for future story shows with Chance is a very good idea I think.

    I love all 3 actors, one was on Boston Legal, one was on Boston Public, the 3rd (Guerrero) must be from Boston something too ?

    Guest stars have been good as well, on all episodes at this point. I love the latino girl on this week's episode - good chemistry with Chance.

    Too bad realities shows have taken over, with so many crappy shows on - this is a breath of fresh air.

    Yipee kayee.
  • It had such a promising beginning so why is the Human Target missing the mark?

    Watching the first season of Human Target was mostly a pleasure. The action was intense and well choreographed, the musical score kept up the tension even when the writing failed to do so and the main characters shared good chemistry.

    In the first 6 episodes of the second season these assets have been smothered by a blanket of blandness that I suspect were encourage by the network. The fight scenes which infused each episode with the air for an action flick have been replaced with quick edits and cheesy moves. The wonderfully spy movie reminiscent musical score has been diminished by someone's idea of contemporary. Finally, two new characters have been added to the cast for no good reason. I am always up for watching hot chicks on TV but Ames and Pucci would have been better as guest stars instead of regular cast. Each time they are on the screen it feels so forced as if the writer have no idea to do with them.

    Human Target had the potential to be the next great action series. Unfortunately the steps they have taken to appeal to wider audience have drained it of all life leaving only a mediocre husk of its former self.
  • This show is excellent viewing, the cast works well together a perfect combination.

    Mark Valley has the perfect alpha male charisma to carry a show like this and that Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley are great supporting actors. Janet Montgomery provides a much-needed bit of energetic spark to a show. Janet Montgomery has some rough edges. The scene at the office with Haley shows just how much. The ease at which she gets in and out of tough spots, though, is probably going to prove useful. Indira Varma comes off as the quintessential Brit who knows exactly what she wants. Indira Varma is a good addition. She exudes sheer confidence without taking away from Mark Valley, long established in the lead role. It's going to be interesting to see just how money changes people, and perhaps a new sense of purpose comes about.
  • and exciment

    one of the best action tv showes that I have seen and enjoyed in a long time tv needs more showes like this the family can watch this.Hope that they keep this one on I reall keeps you intrest in the show I put it in the class as the old tv series Wild wild west and I loved that one it stayes on a good while on tv human target is so full of action it keeps you hanging on wating to see what going to happen next. my husban and I watch every week please keep this show on whay is american idel in its time slot?
  • I enjoy the interaction of the charectors and the diversity of their personalities and abilities.

    I don't think Human Target gets enough attention in the media. It has all the key elements of a successful series: a fun and interesting weekly story; captivating leading men, a beautiful and mysterious leading lady, sexual attraction and weekly stories that end so if you miss one you aren't lost the next time you tune in. It's a little "fluffy" but I enjoy it. It's not predictable and always entertaining. If you're looking for hardcore reality this is not the show for you but if you like to be entertained and you enjoy a good looking leading man, Chase, who can be hard when it's necessary and soft when it's needed you'll enjoy Human Target.
  • I'm disappointed

    The premise of The Human Target is that he takes the place of whoever is in danger and draws out whoever is trying to harm him/her and neutralize him/her. But from what I've seen this version, he stays close to the person who's being threatened and waits for the one who wants to harm him/her to make his/her move and take care of them. If that's whathe does, then this show should retitled from Human Target to Human Shield cause that's what he is. I was looking forward to see how he makes himself to look the person who's in danger. It's too bad. But there's a lot of action and intrigue. Hope it can last a while.
  • Loving the show

    I love the show very much especially the action, the story lines, the results and anything with Lennie James (Baptiste) and Mark Kelly going through their downs with great fight scenes in. Its obvious its a friendship that truly didn't end right and it seems all he wants is closure on. But I think that he would definitely be a great but shaky asset to the team. And one that seems would bring up the ratings a little more on the show. but any chemistry would either keep the show at bay or bring it up. Again, great cast and great show! Keep 'em coming!!

    Love it!!