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  • It had such a promising beginning so why is the Human Target missing the mark?

    Watching the first season of Human Target was mostly a pleasure. The action was intense and well choreographed, the musical score kept up the tension even when the writing failed to do so and the main characters shared good chemistry.

    In the first 6 episodes of the second season these assets have been smothered by a blanket of blandness that I suspect were encourage by the network. The fight scenes which infused each episode with the air for an action flick have been replaced with quick edits and cheesy moves. The wonderfully spy movie reminiscent musical score has been diminished by someone's idea of contemporary. Finally, two new characters have been added to the cast for no good reason. I am always up for watching hot chicks on TV but Ames and Pucci would have been better as guest stars instead of regular cast. Each time they are on the screen it feels so forced as if the writer have no idea to do with them.

    Human Target had the potential to be the next great action series. Unfortunately the steps they have taken to appeal to wider audience have drained it of all life leaving only a mediocre husk of its former self.