Human Target

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on FOX

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  • What a Train Wreck! Do your Research

    Maybe its me, but it seems the standards for writing these days are really starting to fall behind the curve. The writers for House consult doctors, the writers for CSI consult investigators, and the writers for west wing consulted political science experts. Here's a tip, if you dont know enough about something, dont write about it. I really liked the pilot..that being said, I had to mute this episode to avoid hearing the insane writing about aviation. They got absolutely nothing correct about aviation, aerodynamics, and the operation of this aircraft. Not only is just about everything they said wrong, but the solutions to these imaginary problems were completely unfathomable. I wont go into detail all the technical problems with this episode, and I generally dont mind them in most shows, but this was just lazy. I'll still give the show a chance. As a whole, this wasnt that bad of an episode, and to someone less familiar with aviation it probably was really good. I just cant get past it. This writing suuuucked.
  • Names and identities

    Ok.. I am little confused. I most say, again.. the start was good.. it was catchy.. the plain, the way the viewers were just drown into the situation and one by on we started to see how they come to the point. So.. at the start, the story is catching, the plain, the situation.. excitement but someway into the story, the tension just gets lost and there is so much unlogic that it starts to really bother. And the twist they wanted to have with that woman.. sorry.. maybe I am paranoid but on the first minute I saw her, I thought.. she will be one of the "bad guys". So.. Having action on screen, is good.. but story should have some weight too.
  • Chance and the team must protect a hacker who has discovered the ultimate hole in the internet. They have to get onto a plane and protect a person that they haven't identified from killers they have to identify before they make their move.

    An improvement on the Pilot episode. OK, I get it, the situations this guy gets into are the stuff of a comic hero so we can't really trust a whole lot about the science or the specifics of what they are trying to do in each episode. Like a lot of TV we have to step back and allow ourselves a little fantasy.

    Pretty fast paced stuff in general. I found the whole set up a little iffy, but again this is the stuff of the action adventure spy thriller genre. That combined with the contract killers and the way they were portrayed were what gave me a little problem with the story.

    Otherwise, the action was great, the timing was much better than the first story, and the acting was believable. I especially enjoyed Guerrero's part again. Just the way Jackie Earle Haley threatens people with his little stories is great. Chi McBride was excellent as well, as Mark Valley's sidekick. I like the three main characters and really enjoyed their roles in this episode.

    A little crazy in the plot department, but aside from that not a bad thrill ride. I do think they could work on the editing a little, but overall the production values were pretty good. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. Hopefully they'll keep improving the episodes overall. Thanks for reading...