Human Target

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on FOX

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  • My Pilot review was not the most embracing of this series, simply because there was nothing setting this show apart from something that has been screened many times on television.

    I did give it a break, I didn't cut off all ties...yet. Four episodes later and I was slightly intrigued. Don't get be wrong I still hold my view of it's unoriginality as a series, especially since there are many series struggling to maintain a decent season. The past three episodes after the pilot was 'iffy' for me, but this one actually had my attention.

    I admire the lawyer and ex-con relationship, the sexual come-ons (any excuse can be given to have someone take off their clothes). At one point I was getting fed-up of having the 'fix-it' guy always have some reason to gain screen time, but his role has its perks. His connections are also fascinating, it leaves you wondering the type of people he knows and the tricks he has up his sleeve.

    'Human Target' still carries this cliched way about it, that can cross a very fine line of telling a story that has already been told. I am interested in his past and will continue watching this one with a cautious view. The noodles on his shirt in the beginning shows how much time he has on his hands. They did pose a reasonable question "What makes him the best?". He didn''t answer with a straight response, so I am not truly convinced - yet. How much business could he have within a week. Does he have on-going investigations. I need some more insight into those themes.

    Lexa Reviews


    Three and a half Stars

    Grade C+
  • Great Episode!!

    This is a truly awesome show. I love the dynamics between all three main characters. Mark Valley plays his role very well, his fighting skills look genuine and he pull the mystery of his character all well. Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley work great together, their characters relationship add great comedy to the show. There are great fight sequences, great explosions, great drama, and great comedy to this show. I just hope that it is not cancelled before it really has a chance to shine. Lets just hope that Fox doesn't make the mistake of ending another great show.
  • I am so glad to see the return of imaginative FUN on TV! (Spoilers)

    This episode was on a par with the Pilot, which is good. Very good. It has a great story line which in and of itself is plausible, but the execution of the "flush" is perfectly comic book, tongue-in-cheek and no one right now does this as well as Human Target! Mark Valley is perfectly cast in this role. This is more evident to me with each passing episode as he falls into this character quite naturally. He knows this is pure, imaginative fun, and he doesn't try to make it anything else. As such, the EQ (entertainment quotient) is extremely high. Combine his character with equally and consistently well executed characters by Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley, and this romp is bang on!

    Kristen Lehman fit into this particular romp as beautifully and seamlessly as Trisha Helfer did in the Pilot. This time she was an ADA with a past she'd rather not acknowledge, but which was on her case (pun intended) in spite of her...well, actually, because of her! And Chase came to the hilarious rescue. (Did anyone else notice how much Lehman looks like Valley's real-life wife, Anna Torv??)

    Dylan Neal was a treat to see (glad this baby is filmed in Canada...we get to see all our "hometown" favourites show up each episode!) and he does evil so well, though I admit I like him better as the good guy, a la "Mike Celluci" of Blood Ties...His character meets a rather ignominious end, and at the hands of "Vicki Nelson's" telescopic asp! Irony or what! :o}

    Right from the opening this was fun, was impossible, and as such, fully engaged my imagination and my devotion. Please let this be the beginning of the firmly rooted return of imaginative TV programming? Those of us with imaginations that like to get out and run wild once in a while, have waited long enough...