Human Target

Season 1 Episode 7

Salvage & Reclamation

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

At Camp Lacoyo Military Base in South America, captured anthropologist Doug Slocombe is captured in a tent. A man, Bertram, comes in and explains that what Doug found is more than a lost item, but is a Pandora's Box. Bertram asks where it is, but Doug wonders what he'll do with it. Bertram admits he'll sell it to the highest bidder. A soldier comes in and directs Bertram to his superior so the man can take Doug away. It's Chance, who then gets Doug out and assures the anthropologist he's there to take him home. As they get in a jeep, a soldier confronts Chance and demands an explanation. Chance tries to bluff it out, claiming it's a prisoner transfer. When that doesn't work, Chance leads the soldier away and starts giving him personal advice about his command skills. The soldier goes to call it in and Chance knocks him out. The alarms go off as Chance drives across the base. Chance destroys a sentry tower as a distraction and gets through the gates.

En route, Chance calls Winston at the airport and tells him that he's on the way. They need to pick up travel papers, from an old friend, Maria Gallego. Winston warns Chance not to take time off for personal business. Once Winston hangs up, Winston admits to Guerrero that he doesn't know why Maria called out of the blue and wonders what's going on.

On the road, Chance explains that Maria called him in to rescue Doug. Doug explains that he was doing research in the forest and stumbled over something. A former dictator, Saldovar, died in a plane crash years ago when he tried to flee the country. Doug has him pull over

Bertram talks to the colonel in charge, Varquez, and introduces himself as an expert at salvage & reclamation. Varquez shoots the soldier who Chance tricked and then asks for more information.

Doug shows Chance where he buried a pack with a gold brick in it.

Bertram offers Sanchez a 50/50 split on the gold.

Doug explains that there are 627 bricks, $40 million dollars.

Bertram offers to sell the gold for Varquez and then suggests they deal with the Americans at the airport.

When the colonel tells his men to move in at the airport, Chance hears it on the radio. He calls Winston and Guerrero, who spot their pilot, captured by soldiers. The soldiers close in and Guerrero warns that the pilot has been arrested and the plane hasn't fueled yet. He spots a nearby plane and goes over to talk to the pilot. A few minutes later, they're in the air and Guerrero has the pilot at gunpoint. They update Chance, who directs them to an abandoned airfield in the mountains that the rebels used for ferrying supplies. The pilot has no idea where it is and they realize that he doesn't speak English.

Chance needs to get the directions from Maria. As they drive, Doug wonders if Maria will want them bringing trouble with the. Chance assures her that Maria will be glad to se them.

Varquez tells his men to search the jungle but tells them to avoid the area near the rebels. Bertram spots a cantina on the map in the rebel-controlled area and asks to borrow a few of his men.

Come morning, Chance and Doug arrive at the cantina. Maria is there, working on a crossword puzzle. Chance goes over to greet her, and they kiss. She then reveals that all the customers in the bar are armed and pointing their guns at Chance. Chance realizes she plans to take the gold for herself, and used him to misdirect the military. Maria tells him to leave and he wonders what he did to her. She tells him he has 60 seconds to get out but Chance insists that she won't kill him. He reminds her of all the times he saved her life and then wonders if she's mad because he left after he finished the job for the rebels. Maria punches him and then prepares to shoot, but they hear Bertram and his men pull up outside. She blames Chance for bringing them there and has her men take Chance and Doug down to the basement to hide them. Chance tries to strike up a conversation with one of the rebels, Pablo, but it doesn't go well.

Bertram enters the cantina, while Chance figures that someone betrayed them and brought Bertram there. Upstairs, Bertram asks about the gold and demands to know where Doug and Chance are. Chance comes up and explains that Bertram is going to steal the money. He then explains that Doug isn't a pacifist. Outside, Doug opens fire on the bar and Chance gets Maria to safety behind the bar while Bertram's soldiers return fire. Maria then shoves Chance off and opens fire on the soldiers, and leaps out the window with Chance so they can escape.

As they fly toward the airfield, Winston and Guerrero discuss Chance's personal life and how he was angry when he came back from his job for Maria. They figure something happened between the two of them. The pilot starts speaking in Spanish as the plane shakes, and Guerrero realizes that in the mountains, the wind shear can endanger the plane. Their hired pilot could have handled it, but the one they abducted, not so much.

In the woods, Maria snaps at Chance for bringing the soldiers to her cantina and having Doug shooting the place up. He offers her $5 million in return for directions to the airfield the rebels used. Maria warns that drug runners are now using the airfield. She can get them past the scouts in return for a lot more of the gold. Chance notes that $5 million won't be missed once Doug reports his find to the UN. Maria agrees to take the $5 million but tells Chance to do everything she says or she'll kill him.

As Maria stops a passing truck, Doug wants to discuss Chance's romance with Maria from an anthropological viewpoint. He suggests that they reconcile and Chance should explain why he left the rebels, but Chance isn't convinced. Maria comes over and gives Chance clothes to replace the uniforms that they're wearing. She can't help looking at him as he changes, and Doug suggests they both need help.

Bertram and his soldiers enter rebel territory. The soldiers refuse to go on and Bertram continues on his own, making a phone call.

As the truck drives along the road, armed men secretly watch them from the woods. Meanwhile, Chance explains that Maria was a leader in the revolution, and Chance was called in for a high-level target. Maria explains that Chance is the one who shot down Saldovar's plane. Chance calls Winston and has to admit that he knew about the wind conditions. Winston signs off and the pilot, Alberto, rigs the wheel with rope and then starts dumping cargo to lighten the plane. Guerrero figures that they're going to die and wants to confess to Winston. Winston doesn't want to hear all the repugnant stuff that he's done and says that he knows all about Guerrero's past. Fortunately, the pilot manages to regain control while Winston is distracted, and Guerrero points out that Winston might have handled that better.

In the truck, Chance dozes off and leans over on Maria's shoulder. When she shoves him off, Chance tries to address their situation and admits he didn't feel good about leaving. The best that he can admit to is "not good," but she isn't impressed. Maria hears a radio squawk but Chance figures that she's jumpy. She reminds him that he's afraid of spiders and Chance insists he's only afraid of banana spiders. Maria can't resist teasing him and Chance can't resist looking, and they share a moment before she tells him to stop. The truck jerks to a halt as the drug runners stop it… and Bertram is commanding the drug runners.

The drug runners search the team and find Doug's hidden bar of gold. Bertram explains that he's friends with their weapon supplier and then demands to know where Saldovar's plane is located. When Chance refuses to talk, guns are drawn and Chance offers to take them to the plane. Bertram warns that he'll have Maria and Doug killed if he's lying. They proceed into the woods and Doug secretly points out that they're going in the wrong direction. Chance insists that he has a plan. Doug wonders how long they can string Bertram out, and Chance calls them to a halt. Maria remembers that they are near one of their weapon caches, and they placed mines. One of the drug runners sets off a mine. Chance sends Maria and Doug on ahead while he stops one smuggler from shooting them. He hears a scream and goes to find Maria lying on the ground. Doug explains that she saved him. When Chance bends over to check her, Maria smiles up at him. She's only wounded on the arm, much to Chance's relief. They realize they're not far from the airfield, but Bertram knows where it is.

The trio gets to the airfield and set the beacon, and the plane starts to land. Maria asks why Chance left and he starts to explain. Doug interrupts to point out that Bertram is arriving with Varquez and his men. Chance calls Guerrero and warns that they can't land while the military control the airfield. The trio hides in a nearby storage area and Chance grabs some flares. He calls Guerrero and points out two radio towers, and Guerrero realizes what plan he's referring to. Winston has no idea what's going on, and Guerrero tells Alberto to fly in low while they get some cable.

As the soldiers move in, Chance rigs the fence gate and sets up a crude fuse. He then climbs one of the towers and stretches a rope from that to the other tower.

On the plane, Guerrero and Winston rig cable to an anchor and toss it out.

Bertram spots Chance's rope and realizes what's going on. Meanwhile, Chance puts a cargo net on top of the hangar and hooks it to the ropes. He offers the plane coordinates to Maria, but she realizes that she doesn't want the gold. Chance explains that he left because he had feelings for her.

The soldiers open the gate and set off the fuse. The fuel explodes, driving the soldiers back. As the plane comes down, Chance and Maria kiss. The pilot snags the cargo net, lifting Chance and Doug off as Maria and Bertram watch them go. Maria quickly makes her escape before the soldiers can catch her.

As the plane heads back to civilization Winston asks Chance if he's okay. Doug realizes that the map to Saldovar's plane is gone. Chance simply smiles. On the ground, Maria looks up as the plane passes overhead, and then discovers that the map is tucked into a jacket pocket. On it is a note from Chance telling her not to take any more than $5 million. On the plane, Doug realizes what's happened and congratulates Chance, who tells him to shut up.
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