Human Target

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Winston is considering the case that Chance has taken on. He figures that Chance might find some redemption. Posing as Brother Mitchell, Chance arrives at the monastery… and Winston backtracks and tells about the case from the beginning. John Gray was the inside men for a vicious crew of robbers led by mastermind Sam Fisher. Fisher picks a target and sends Gray in to case the locations. However, Gray fell in love with a museum worker, Emily. He decided to seek redemption and called in the cops. He escaped with Emily. Fisher was captured but escaped on the way to prison. Emily came to Chance and Winston for help, explaining that Gray had to hustle to survive, and Fisher took advantage of him. Winston warns her that Gray isn't what he seems, but Emily insists that Gray is a good man and she needs the team to save him. After Emily explains the facts to him, Winston informs Chance that Gray is at a monastery two hundred miles over the border in Quebec. Fisher is on their way there, and Chance wonders why Gray picked that particular monastery. Winston has no idea, what's going on, and Chance wonders why he isn't objecting to the fact they're going to protect an unrepentant criminal. Winston figures that they need to help a guy who is trying to put his past behind him, and if they're not, he wonders what they're really doing. Chance agrees to take the case. The monastery is above a village called Port Cartier and only accessible via cable car. Chance goes up in the car and presents himself to Abbott Stevens, identifying himself as Brother Mitchell. He enters the church and starts asking after Gray. Finally he calls all of the monks together for a sermon but Gray isn't among them. Down in the van, Winston listens in via radio and checks the Bible but Chance comes up with a sermon on his own. Winston is impressed and tells him to get on with it. Fisher and his men are driving toward Port Cartier and a police officer stops them for a standard roadside check. He realizes something is wrong and tells them to get out, and Fisher shoots him. He tells his man Noah to secure the gondola station and make sure that no one else comes up to the monastery. Chance asks Abbott Stevens if he's seen Gray. Stevens explains that Gray leads the alternative service at 11. Gray is explaining DC Comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths and its relation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Chance approaches Gray and asks for him by name. In San Francisco, Guerrero meets with a contact, the thin man, who is glad to pay for the materials Guerrero has. Guerrero wants to know who the contact is really working for, and the contact man says he'll talk once he has the item. Guerrero then tells the man that he's been waiting for Chance and Winston to leave the country so he could pull off the job. Chance tells Gray that Emily has hired him to protect her, and Fisher is on his way. Gray refuses to leave, saying that it's complicated. Father Stevens arrives and asks for an explanation. On the ground, Winston spots the gondola going up the mountain. He tries to contact Chance and discovers that the mountain is interfering with reception. Fisher and his men enter the monastery grounds. He tells his men to keep Gray alive until they recover the object, and they reluctantly agree. Gray explains that he nominated targets for Fisher, and he targeted the Nicene Annals hidden in the monastery. Stevens says that they're a myth, but Gray explains that a bishop wrote a journal of a secret meeting. Stevens' predecessor eventually found the journal and brought it to the monastery. Gray planned to find the Annals and turn them over to Fisher. However, he had second thoughts. Stevens realized that Gray was up to something but believed that Gray wanted redemption. Gray admits that he has no idea where the journal is, or they could turn it over to the Fisher. Winston approaches the gondola station, spots Noah, and manages to get close enough to contact Chance. He tells Chance what's going on just as one of Fisher's men storms into Stevens' office. Chance disarms the man and they fight. Gray tries to help but inadvertently hits Gray. The thug knocks Gray down and draws a knife. Chance disarms him with a censor and knocks him unconscious. Winston calls Guerrero repeatedly until he gets through to him. Guerrero says that he's busy and can't help, and he's on another job. Winston wants Guerrero to call in a helicopter pilot he knows, but Guerrero warns that they had a falling out. He tells Winston to handle it on his own, hangs up, and breaks into Chance's apartment. Fisher's men plant plastique around the monastery. Chance finds the plastique in his attacker's backpack, and Gray warns that Fisher doesn't leave any witnesses. Chance sets out to find the journal before Fisher blows the monastery off of the map. He figures they can use it to lure Fisher away. Gray explains it's in the crypts below the monastery and Stevens confirms that there are tunnels leading downward. There's only one tunnel inside, just behind the altar where Fisher is holding the monks. Gray warns that if they move the slab covering the tunnel, Fisher will hear them. Stevens says he has a plan and will make sure they can't hear Gray and Chance as they move the slab. Fisher's men report that they haven't found the journal or Gray. Fisher changes his approach and orders his men to threaten the monks. Before they can, the monastery bells toll. Fisher sends his men to investigate. The noise covers up Chance and Gray's activities as they move the slab, but Stevens is quickly captured. Chance and Gray enter the tunnel and Chance uses some votive oil to make a torch. Guerrero is going through Chance's files when Winston calls him again. He ignores the call but realizes that the file he is looking for is missing. The thin man calls to check up on him. Guerrero warns that the item he's looking for isn't lying out in the open, and the thin man admits that the item's owner is eager to get his hands on it. Guerrero hangs up and prepares to open Chance's safe. As they proceed through the tunnel, Chance asks why Gray didn't get the book when he first arrived. Gray admits that he wrote to Emily and she thanked him for saving her. He decided to change his ways based on that. They find a wooden door and realize they've found their target. Winston approaches Noah, who is wearing the cop's uniform. Winston claims that he needs gas and asks to use the phone to call a tow truck. He gets close enough to knock the man out and goes into the station. Beyond the door is a storage room filled with various items. As they search, Gray asks who the woman is that made Chance become a good guy. He admits that it didn't work out. Gray describes the journal that they're looking for, that is actually a scroll locked in a tamperproof box that can't be safely opened without a Papal ring. Fisher has his men beat Stevens and demands to know where the journal is located. The abbot refuses to talk but one of the monks finally has enough and tells Fisher where Gray went. Chance finally locates the box and calls Winston. Winston is heading up in the gondola, and Chance tells him to meet them and get the box, while he goes to deal with Fisher's men. Winston admits that he couldn't get the chopper pilot, and Chance tells him to call Guerrero back. Guerrero gets the safe open and finds the file he's looking for. He ignores Winston's call and takes photos of the file's contents, and then takes out a tape cassette. It's a recording by Winston, describing his first case with Chance. The case was about Katherine Walters, deceased, and Winston notes that it got ugly. Chance tells Gray to take the box to Winston. Gray insists on going with him and making things right. Chance says that he promised Emily he'd get Gray out. However, Fisher and his men arrive before they can leave. When Gray tries to stop him, Fisher notes he has nothing to bargain with. However, Gray notes that he doesn't have the Papal ring that will safely unlock the box. He claims he bought the ring at auction. Fisher reconsiders and Gray says that the ring is in a safety deposit box at the bottom of the mountain. Fisher's men figure Gray is bluffing, but Fisher decides to test his sincerity. As they leave, Winston enters the tunnels behind them. In the church above, Chance is placed with Stevens and the others. Fisher leaves one man, Hammond, behind with orders to blow the monastery up and then leaves with Gray and the others. Stevens and Chance figure that Fisher will blow them up regardless. Winston arrives and holds Hammond at gunpoint. The thug figures him for a cop and believes he won't shoot. When Hammond goes for his gun, Winston shoots him down. However, Hammond manages to arm the explosives with his dying breath. They have three minutes on the timer. Chance goes after the gondola and tells Winston to defuse the bomb. When Winston points out that Guerrero is the one who has defused bombs in the past, Chance tells him to call Guerrero and runs off. Winston calls Guerrero yet again and asks for his help defusing the bomb. Guerrero has him describe the bomb. There are two wires, and Guerrero tells him to cut the red one. However, he hesitates. Chance arrives just in time to watch the gondola depart. He uses a piece of chain to ride the cable down. With time running out, Guerrero tells Winston to go with his gut. After a few seconds, Winston tells him that it was the blue wire. Chance smashes into the gondola. As it swings, Chance knocks one man out the open door. Fisher grabs Chance and tries to shove him out the door, while Gray struggles with another thug. Chance manages to disarm Fisher and the two men struggle for the gun. It fires during the struggle, shooting Gray's attacker in the leg. He falls out the door but grabs Gray, who is pulled to the edge. The man loses his grip and falls to his death. Chance has no choice but to grab Gray, but Fisher grabs the gun and tells Chance to bring him up. Chance tells Gray to grab the dead thug's gun and shoot while he holds on. Working together, they shoot Fisher and Chance pulls Gray up to safety. Back at the monastery, Gray tells Stevens that he's moving on with his life. The abbot says that he's always welcome there and embraces him. Stevens then shakes Chance's hand and wonders if Chance might come back some day. Later at the loft, Gray and Emily are reunited before he turns himself into the police. Winston figures he'll only be in jail for a year. Chance is admiring the Papal ring on his finger: Stevens sent the journal to the museum, and Gray gave Chance the ring as payment. Winston is less than thrilled they have a useless ring. Chance goes to see Gray and tell him he can handle minimum security with ease. Gray wonders if what he's doing will make sense when he gets out, but Chance assures him that when a girl turns someone around, it doesn't go away. Gray thanks him for everything and the police lead him away. Winston figures that Chance hasn't gotten over Katherine, and that one day he'll have to accept that he can't just find salvation: it's something you have to give yourself. Guerrero gives the thin man the file information about Katherine Walters. Guerrero demands to know who he's working for, but the thin man refuses to tell him and says that they'll contact him when they need his services. Guerrero shoots him in the back as he walks away. The thin man insists that Chance doesn't get to walk away, and Guerrero can't protect him. Guerrero says that they'll see, and shoots the thin man dead.
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