Human Target

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on FOX

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  • A man who set up a team of criminals turns them in because of a woman and becomes a target. Chance must go to a monastery at the top of a gondola lift to save the man as he is hiding in the monastery. That's where his friends are headed as well.

    I actually liked this episode the most of the first four. It seems more plausible than the first three stories plus we have a little twist there at the end.

    I thought Winston was going to spend less time in the field after the airline disaster. This time he and Chance must rescue a former felon who has turned good guy like someone else's character that stars in this series. Th only problem is the gang is hot on the mans trail and knows where he is as well. The real complication is the fact you can only get to the monastery by a lift gondola up a mountainside.

    Plenty of action in this one and I really enjoyed Peter Bryan who plated Abbott Stevens. He is a great example of a mans man who does the right thing. His performance was very good. Chi McBride as Winston does an excellent job also for someone that doesn't want to do any field work. It does seem that Chance is a little bit of a pain to deal with on a personal basis.

    Guerrero was a real mystery tonight and the twist at the end was a little bit of a shocker. He still is the coolest character of all of them. I hope we see more as the show goes on.

    The show still needs some work. I think the chemistry thing with the FBI agent would help. We'll see what direction they take this overall. Thanks for reading...
  • "O Brother, Where Art Thou"??!!

    Interesting introduction of the narrative and it was very useful to move along the whole "rooting" of the main characters.

    Some classic moments, in a show almost too young to HAVE classics, but nonetheless:

    1) Chance behind a pulpit, at ALL, but to quote scripture, and appropriate scripture at that...!!

    2) Winston plugging the guy in the Church, despite being "retired"! 3) Guerrero's utter ruthlessness! I'm tellin' NOT mess with a nerd!

    Portrayal of the night goes to Guerrero though. Glad he's on "our" side, even though he successfully made me have a few moments of doubt throughout the episode, but he found out all he could to protect his friend, and when he knew he could find no more, he eliminated the threat...or at least mitigated it.

    I like this show! :o}