Human Target

Season 2 Episode 3

Taking Ames

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on FOX

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  • So even Ames is really a lovable crook underneath it all.

    A bit insipid in bits here and there, but some stones and as Ilsa says, loyalty to go with it all.

    Its good to get some background on her, and to understand how she will fit into the team, and more specifically, why she chooses to do so. And why now. I'm just not sure it makes all that much difference to me as a viewer...yet...I hope that going forward, the writers can make her a real team member and finally leave the "poor me" stuff behind like the rest have had to do.

    Having said that, tonight's bad guy, Markus, was reeeally bad, and so it was a nice and fitting touch that, in the end, he was left to the devices of the real Chicago! The what?...40 year old Scotch proved that it must have been worth it to him! And I do have to say that I found Ilsa' style(?) to be a bit annoying this time out. Its time for a Management Retreat I think... Have we seen the last of Brody, or will he return to be another case for the team? Or will he return to drag Ames back down with him? Guess that all depends on the ratings her character garners...
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