Human Target

Season 2 Episode 6

The Other Side of the Mall

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 22, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

The Applebaums, Richard, his wife Rachel, and his son Joel, are driving home. Richard is complaining to his wife that his boss, Meachem, is trying to scare him into retracting a letter he sent to the FDA. A SUV comes up behind them and knocks them off the road. Two men get out of SUV, speak Swedish, and move in to get what they need and kill the Applebaums. However, the police appear in the distance before they can dispose of the Applebaums, and they're forced to retreat.

Chance comes downstairs and discovers a worker taking measurements. He realizes why Winston has brought the man in, and says that he knows that Winston wants to sneak in a Christmas tree behind his back. Chance tells Winston that he's not having it. Winston insists it's good for business, but Chance figures his friend is trying to fill him with the Christmas spirit. The Applebaums arrive to hire the team, and Richard explains that he sent a letter to the FDA about the information that his company, Hoxton-Moss Pharmaceuticals, has been covering up about their newest batch of drugs. If they did testify, they'd have to go into witness relocation and destroy their lives. Chance says that he'll help them and then goes to see Ilsa as she comes in. she's packing for a trip to Uganda to work with several of the Pucci Foundation's charitable organizations. Chance notes that holidays can be tough if you lose a loved one, and admits it's not his favorite time of year. Ilsa dismisses his concern and leaves.

The team is soon off to suburbia and stares in horror at the decorations. They go to the Applebaum home as Rachel and Joel argue about who will keep the laptop. Rachel keeps it because it has her notes for her book club meeting. Winston finally interrupts them and the team explains their plan. Chance will pose as an office temp and go to Hoxton-Moss with Richard. Winston will stay home with Rachel, and Ames will accompany Joel to school and his job at the mall. Guerrero is outside in the garden checking for electronic bugs.

At the company, Richard points out his boss, Nick Meachem, and explains to Chance that he must be the one behind the attack on him. Guerrero is there as a janitor, much to his disgust. Chance introduces himself to Meachem , but Meachem ignores him and tells Richard to meet him later for a private conference. As Meachem leaves, Guerrero pickpockets his keys, and then goes after a littering employee.

At the mall, Ames watches as Joel services hot dogs. He apologizes to Ames for her having to live in his crappy life. A girl, Jamie, comes over and flirts with Joel , but he's too afraid to do anything about it. She hints that she'd like him to come to a party that night and bring his cool music, but Joel says that he's stuck at home. Once she leaves, Ames points out that Jamie is definitely interested in him, much to his surprise. However, Ames warns that he won't be able to leave the house until they figure out who is trying to kill them.

At the office, Chance tries to cope with office life. After his meeting with Meachem, Richard calls Chance and says that Meachem told him to go down to the archives to get some records. However, they're empty. Chance figures that it's a trap and tells Richard to trust him. Chance then calls Guerrero who is busy stealing office supplies wholesale, and tells him to search Meachem's office. Guerrero breaks in and finds a business card with a Swedish address... and "Applebaum" written on it.

The killers' leader, a Swedish man, picks up on a signal and orders his men to move in.

In the archives, Richard prowls around the archives until Meachem confronts him, says he's making a huge mistake, and reaches for something in his jacket. Chance leaps out and knocks Richard to the ground, and then claims that he was protecting Meachem from a berserk employee. Meachem believes him, and takes out a list from his pocket, showing all the employees that will lose their jobs because of Richard. When Richard is fired, Chance escorts him out and they figure Meachem isn't the one who sent the killers.

At the Applebaum home, Rachel asks Winston for help with her book club notes. They sympathize over their partners' distaste for Christmas, and Rachel complains about the men in her backyard. Winston realizes that they're the killers and shoves her into the laundry room, and then takes down the two men. One of them drops his cell phone as they both manage to escape. Winston runs to the front door and aims his gun at the person coming in, only to discover it's a book club member.

That night, Chance brings Rachel back and they try to figure why Rachel is the target. Richard figures that it's Rachel's gossip blog, and someone wants revenge. Chance and Winston final get sick of their arguing

Up in his room, Joel listens to them argue, and Ames claims that Winston and Chance are helping his parents learn to cooperate. He complains about missing the party, and Ames suggest that they sneak out. Joel is scared to do it, but Ames convinces him to be bad for one night. He takes his laptop with his music and climbs out with Ames.

At the party, Ames gets the doorman to let them in. She leaves Joel and Jamie alone, and Jamie confirms that Ames isn't Joel's girlfriend.

The Swedish man and his killers pull up outside the party house.

At the Rosenbaum home, Chance tells the couple that Guerrero found a Swedish business card, and Richard admits that the people who tried to kill them might have been Swedish. Guerrero goes back to the office to check the killer's cell phone and determines that he works for Severenson Klemah, a Swedish hacker and game designer. He creates invisible software buried in a game, that takes over the computer and lets Klemah hack other computers. Working with Meachem, Klemah emailed the game to Hoxton-moss employees. When they played it, he hacked the company files. They figure the killers must be after a gamer.

Winston calls Ames, who admits she took Joel to the party. He tells her that the killers are after Joel, just as the killers arrive at the party. She tells them where they are and gets Joel outside. The killers chase them across the yard, but Winston and Chance arrive and takes out the bad guys, and then drive away with Ames and the Rosenbaums.

Back at the office, Richard isn't happy about how the team has been treating his family. Joel explains that he downloaded the game, it shredded his hard drive, and he hacked the site of the company that made the game and erased all their files. There are still copies of the stolen files on the laptop.

Guerrero goes to see Meachem in his office, and demands to know how they can contact Klemah. When Nick refuses to talk, Guerrero staples him until he does. The next day, Chance calls Klemah and offers to give him the laptop in return for his calling off the contract on Joel. Klemah seemingly agrees and says they'll make the exchange at the hot dog stand at the mall. He'll send his man and Joel will bring the laptop. Klemah warns that if there's any sign of outsiders, he'll eventually kill the Rosenbaums. Chance tells him they have a deal, but once he hangs up, the Rosenbaums insists that they can't endanger Joel. Chance warns that they have to stop Klemah, but Rachel says that Joel is too afraid to make the exchange.

Chance talks to Joel and explains the risks. He insists that he can protect Joel, but needs to know if Joel thinks he can do it. Joel considers and then agrees to deliver the laptop case. When Richard refuses, Joel says that he trusts Chance and the others, and they can't run forever. Richard asks Chance if he has any family and can understand what they're going through, and all Chance can do is promise to protect Joel.

At the mall, Chance gets an email from Klemah of the man picking up the laptop. Winston and Chance go undercover as janitors, while Winston dresses as a mall Santa. As Chance leaves, Richard reminds him that Joel is all they have, and Chance promise she won't let anything happen to him.

Ames puts a hidden camera and mike on Joel and sends him in with the laptop. However, as Joel approaches Klemah's man, Jamie sees the teenager and approaches him. She tells him that the entire school is talking about the fight at the party the other night. Klemah is watching from a balcony and figures that the switch is blown. He tells his man to bring him Joel and the laptop. The man captures Joel at gunpoint and takes him away. Guerrero and Winston take out Klemah's men while Chance intercepts Joel's captor and takes him out. Klemah grabs the laptop and heads for the exit, and Chance rides a suspended Santa sleigh down the wires into Klemah, knocks him out, and walks away with the laptop.

Later at the Rosenbaum household, Richard tells Winston and Chance that he reported everything to the CEOs of Hoxton-Moss. They didn't know anything about Meachem's activities and are cooperating with the FDA. Richard apologizes to Rachel for being snappish, and Winston promises to see her at their weekly book club. Jamie arrives and tells Joel that everyone thinks he's an action-hero since the events at the mall. Joel still can't bring himself to make a move, but with a little prodding from Ames, he kisses Jamie under the mistletoe.

Back at the office, Guerrero is admiring their new Christmas tree and drinking Meachem's stolen Scotch. Chance decides to share a drink with the others. They finally leave for the night except Chance, who lives there. As he checks on the tree, Ilsa comes back. She admits that she tried to bury herself in her work to forget Marshall being gone, but admits that it didn't work. Chance pours her a drink, and Ilsa admits that she never liked Christmas because it was for normal families, and that wasn't her. Chance offers a toast to abnormal families, and then suggests that they get rid of the tree. Ilsa tells him that she likes what it represents, and tells him that it's staying.