Human Target

Season 2 Episode 4

The Return of Baptiste

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

On the Triple Frontier in South America, armed men bring Ilsa to meet with one of the local leaders. She says that she's there to negotiate the release of Susan Connors, a journalist and friend that she insists they kidnapped. The man denies any involvement and sends her back.

Back in San Francisco, Chance finds out what Ilsa did and notes that her plan wasn't a good idea. Ilsa wonders if he's worried about her, and says that Susan was working a story on Cervantes. When she came to Chance for help, he said he couldn't help. Chance says that he's come up with an unorthodox plan, but before he can explain, Winston comes in and says he won't be involved. When Ilsa wonders what's going on, Chance explains that Cervantes hired an assassin and then tried to kill him, and he figures the assassin might be willing to help them against the warlord. Guerrero arrives and agrees with Winston, much to Winston's disgust. Chance figures they don't have any choice. The assassin was picked up with the FBI and traded to the Russians. Ilsa agrees that it's an unorthodox plan, but tells them to do it, whatever it takes to get Susan out alive.

In Siberia at the Kolyma Prison, Chance poses as a government agent and goes to a Siberian prison where he meets with the assassin: Baptiste. Chance explains what happened and admits that he needs Baptiste's help to find Cervantes' compound. In return, Chance promises not to kill him.

At the office, Winston explains to Ilsa that Baptiste and Chance used to work together as assassins for the Old Man, and they had a difference of opinion.

Baptiste says that he doesn't know where the compound is, and a man named Esteban got him in. He can't help Chance find Cervantes unless Baptiste goes with him. Chance starts to leave, but Baptiste figures he doesn't have any other option. In response, Chance wonders what why Baptiste wants a shot at Cervantes, and Baptiste finally admits that he had to leave his watch back. Baptiste gives his word on the deal.

In the conference room, Guerrero is setting up satellite equipment to monitor Chance and Baptiste, over Ilsa's objections. Winston explains that he doesn't trust Baptiste, and at least they this way they can watch his back.

Chance goes to see the warden, and offers him a black card in return for Baptiste's release. The warden agrees, but says that Baptiste will have to remain with a guard at all times. The trio are soon aboard Ilsa's private plane heading for South America. Chance reviews the ground rules: Baptiste stays cuffed, he won't get a weapon, and when they're done he goes straight back to prison. The assassin says that they'll see about rule number three.

Captain Mike Harmen, Ilsa's contact with the department of Defense, arrives. Winston insists on going with Ilsa to make sure that Harmen doesn't spot their illegal monitoring equipment. Harmen explains that he has a photo of her private plane near the Triple Frontier, and he's asked the Paraguayan Army to seize her plane.

Chance and Baptiste have already slipped away from the plane, and have entered the nearby town. Baptiste warns that the locals are suspicious of strangers, and Chance wraps him in a blanket so his handcuffs are out of sight. They go to a bar to find Esteban, but the bartender realizes that Baptiste is in handcuffs. He and his men attack Chance, and Baptiste grabs a gun and drops one of them. He and Chance draw on each other, and Baptiste warns his ex-friend not to get lost in the details. He puts the gun in his belt and dares Chance to come after him. The two fight it out.

Winston says that they need to get a way to convince Harmen to release the plane, but Ilsa warns that he's not one to bend the rules. Guerrero gets the equipment up and locks onto Chance's phone, and they watch on the high-resolution thermal imaging as Chance and Baptiste fight. Winston has Guerrero zoom out the image, and they realize that soldiers are closing in on the bar. They try to call Chance, but his phone is on the bar.

Chance and Baptiste both manage to grab their guns and end up back in a standoff, but the bar patrons capture them at gunpoint. Esteban comes in and has his men toss them into the trunk of his car.

Guerrero loses the signal, and Winston warns that they have to focus on getting the plane out. When Ilsa objects, Winston says that they have to focus on what they can deal with.

As Cervantes drives across the country, Chance insists that they have to stick to the rules. Baptiste points out that Chance left them without warning, and that he must have hid his deliberations from him for days. Cervantes pulls over, gives them a shovel, and tells them to dig their own graves.

Winston suggests that they do a Norma Jean, but Guerrero disagrees and says they should call in Ames. However, Ilsa notes that she went back east for a while after the recent heist situation. They figure they can break into Harmen's office, learn the name of his contact in Paraguay, and convince that man to release the plane. However, they need Ilsa to go in and hack Harmen's computer. She objects, insisting that she isn't a field operative, but Winston warns that she needs to become one if she wants to get Susan back.

As Chance and Baptiste dig, Chance apologizes for not removing the cuffs. Baptiste asks if he's sorry about anything else, but Chance has nothing else to be sorry about. He notes that the Old Man left Baptiste to rot in the prison, and realizes that their mentor has cut Baptiste loose after he failed to take down Chance. Cervantes arrives and asks Baptiste why he's there, and Baptiste says that he wants to work for the warlord. Cervantes agrees, and Chance realizes that Baptiste set the whole thing up, just as Baptiste knocks him out with a shovel.

Chance wakes up in a storage room, hung from an overhead pipe next to Susan. He introduces himself, and she points out that his rescue isn't going well so far. Susan explains that she came to the Triple Frontier to connect Cervantes to the death of the country's president. Just before she got caught, she found a man who could make the link, and Cervantes has been torturing her to find out who the man is. Chance has her use her feet to swing up and get a syringe of anesthetic out of his hip pocket.

Baptiste meets with Cervantes, who is skeptical of the assassin's newfound interest in working for him. Baptiste notes that Cervantes wanted him to torture a man, and it's not his style. Baptiste notices one of the guards wearing his watch, but Cervantes explains that it was a gift from Cervantes to Esteban. Baptiste drops the issue and says they need to talk about their future.

Susan manages to get the anesthetic out of Chance's pocket, but drops it when the guard comes in. The guard finds it and picks it up, and Chance kicks it into his chest, knocking the man out. They look for the man's knife so they can cut them loose.

Winston gives a pirate modem to Ilsa with instructions to take it in and get within range of Harmen's computer. Meanwhile, Guerrero is hacking the nearby telephone circuit box so they can make it appear that the call to free Chance that they'll make will appear to come from Harmen's computer. Winston needs Ilsa to make sure that Harmen doesn't check his computer while Winston is hacking it. Ilsa realizes what he wants and refuses at first.

Ilsa arrives at Harmen's office, having unbuttoned her dress an extra button, and asks to apologize for Harmen for sending her plane in. However, Harmen's assistant Margaret is working at his computer, and Winston warns Ilsa via earbud that he needs Ilsa to get Margaret away.

Chance remembers that Baptiste mentioned a back way out, but doesn't know where it is.

Baptiste tells Cervantes to be very careful in making him an offer, lest he insult Baptiste. Cervantes offers $20 million for one year of his time, but says that there's one condition. He draws a gun and says that he has to be sure that Chance and Baptiste aren't working together. He gives Baptiste a gun, and Baptiste readily agrees to kill Chance. Chance walks up, armed, and Baptiste draws on him. When Baptiste wonders why he's there, Chance says that he wants Baptiste's help getting out. He reminds Baptiste that he gave his word, and he wants to see what it's worth. Baptiste says he's sorry… and then shoots the guard with his watch. Chance and Baptiste fire on the other guards, and Susan arrives in a stolen SUV. They make their escape and Chance calls Winston as they head for the plane. Winston warns that they have a problem.

Ilsa apologizes for the plane incident, and Winston tells her to get the modem on and fast. In response, ilsa asks Harmen for a moment alone. He asks Margaret to leave. Meanwhile, Winston tells Chance that they'll need a few minutes to free up the plane. Ilsa sits down next to the computer and Winston uploads the information. She starts flirting with Harmen.

As Susan drives, Chance and Baptiste shoot at the pursuing guards. Baptiste says that there are machinegun nests at the airport gate, and they have only a few seconds to take them out before the guards open fire. Working together, they take out the machine guard posts.

Ilsa makes small talk with Harmen, who finally demands to know what she's up to. Before Winston can finish the download, the phone on his desk rings. Ilsa distracts him by asking him out, and insists there's some chemistry between them. Winston gets the number and tells Ilsa to get out, and she quickly leaves. Once she's gone, Guerrero fakes a call to the contact, Captain Montoya, and tells him to release the plane.

Susan drives toward the military barricade at the airport, and Montoya orders his men out of the way. When Cervantes' men open fire, the soldiers return fire. Chance, Baptiste, and Susan get into the plane and it takes off.

Back in the States, Susan visits Ilsa at the office and wonders what she's doing with Chance and the others. Ilsa says that she's carrying on her dead husband's work. When Harmen comes in, Ilsa excuses herself. He says that her plane was released due to a communications mix-up, and Ilsa has Susan in her office. Harmen figures that Ilsa gamed him somehow, and then wonders if her flirtations were serious. Ilsa can't bring herself to lie, and Harmen says that he'll pick her up later.

As Chance flies Baptiste back to Siberia, Baptiste puts on his recovered watch and starts to pour himself a drink. Chance says that he can't have it because it's his favorite, and they argue over whether Baptiste would have shot chance. Baptiste admits that Chance may be the only friend he has left. When Chance disagrees, Baptiste admits that beggars can't be choosers. He then takes a gun from the Russian prison guard and holds Chance at gunpoint. Chance figures that Baptiste won't shoot him, and Baptiste aims at the prison guard instead. He takes a drink from his favorite, and Chance offers him a job. Baptiste refuses… and then collapses from the ketamine Chance put in his cognac in advance. Before he passes out, Baptiste admits that he really missed Chance.

When Chance returns, he tells Guerrero that he offered Baptiste a job. Guerrero is relieved that Baptiste turned down the offer, and notes that Chance has Baptiste's watch. When Chance realizes that they pulled a Norma Jean, Ilsa shows up to explain that she helped. Guerrero quickly leaves and Chance notes that Ilsa put herself at risk. She insists that it was the least she could do given what Chance risked, and thanks him for bringing Susan home. She heads out for her date with Harmen and admits that she had to make a sacrifice of her own.