Human Target

Season 2 Episode 4

The Return of Baptiste

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Boys, go fig. :)

    I absolutely loved this episode! Baptiste is a wonderful character and I love the report-ire that Lennie James has with Mark Valley. But my favorite part of all? No Ames! At first I was wary when I heard that the show was introducing two new female characters. With Ames, I still am so I was glad she wasn't in it. I've seen Indira Verma in other shows and think she's a fabulous actress and I'm warming to her as mrs.pucci. Not to sound too geeky but adding her to the show kind of reminds me of Doctor Who and the purpose of the companion. When normal everyday people (not that we are all gazillionaires but you know what i mean) enter such a fantastically cool world you kinda need that voice you can relate to. With the TimeLord it's the human companion(s) and in this case it's almost like we can take the Human Target journey with Ilsa. All in all, this was a fun episode about two brother squabbling it out, learning on the job and oh yeah a Norma Jean with two dudes will never work. Till next weeks awesomeness (she said hopefully). :)
  • Ilsa Pucci can't even hit on a guy worth anything...

    ...and as a result, well, she deserves to have to date him! LOL!

    I'm glad we had an Ames-break tonight; it was good to get back to some semblance of the core of Human Target. I do enjoy the Baptiste character though I was (pleasantly) surprised by a few things:

    1) That Chance might actually think he will have that watch for any extended period of time!

    2) That Chance offered Baptiste a job. Was that potentially real, or just to distract him into drinking the contaminated bourbon? And,

    3) That Baptiste so easily fell for a trick he would undoubtedly use himself! It was funny to see him realize the scam as he faded into oblivion...

    Actually, Baptiste on the team would be a lot more interesting than Ames and/or Pucci. Somehow he, with his similar background to the others and personal connection to Chance, seems a better fit. More in keeping with the theme of the show: that is, over-the-top, male-dominated, "you've gotta be kidding" action and humour. It used to be a show that was fun BECAUSE it didn't take itself seriously, and we as the viewers, were all in on the joke. With the addition of the female characters, well, somehow the show is becoming the joke. Somehow, women on this show are just...superfluous. Not only are they not necessary, they are in fact detracting from its key appeal.

    Surprised to hear myself say that about my own gender, but there you have it. Just some addled female thoughts...