Human Target

Season 2 Episode 12

The Trouble with Harry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Christopher is at a bar, handcuffed, when private detective Harry spots him and comes over. Christopher tells him to stay away, but Harry refuses and orders a drink. Christopher tells him to focus on the game on the TV and talk about it, or they'll both die. A man comes over and Harry spots the gun on him, and Harry plays along. The man with the gun nods and walks away, and Christopher tells Harry that it started a few days with a new client. 48 hours ago Winston brings in a client, Sarah Han, who explains that her fiancé Henry Claypool threatened to kill her. Ames doesn't know who Claypool is, and Winston explains that Claypool is a recluse that lives in a heavily-guarded compound in Marin, and runs a private security organization. Sarah saw some of Claypool's files and realized he has a subgroup that works as a hit squad. Claypool learned what she saw and said he'd kill her if she tried to tell anyone. Ilsa arrives and asks to talk to Guerrero in private, and reminds him that he was supposed to keep her apprised of his progress in the investigation of the photo of Marshall Pucci with a woman. Guerrero says that she has a number of fake IDs, and says that she was probably Marshall's mistress. Christopher figures that they need to get inside the compound and access the standalone computer so they can tie Claypool to his hit squad. Winston warns that it is heavily guarded, and Claypool's office has temperature control sensors and laser beams across the floor. Ilsa watches from the door, and insists on introducing herself to Sarah as the head of the company. Christopher talks to her in private, and Ilsa says that she wants to go out into the field to take down Claypool, who tried to work with Marshall. However, Christopher figures that Ilsa is taking it personally because Marshall lied to her and had an affair, but she wants to help Sarah with Claypool. She asks Christopher to let her help. Now Harry is surprised that Christopher let Ilsa go on the mission, but Christopher says that she had a good plan. However, he warns that their plan went bed and one of them didn't get out. Claypool wants the information they took in return for their prisoner. Christopher then explains that he's the prisoner, and shows Harry that he's handcuffed to a bomb beneath his chair. Christopher says that he'll understand if Harry leaves, but Harry insists that Christopher will be there for House. In response, Christopher says that he has eight minutes before the exchange occurs. He tells Harry to order a martini with extra olives, but Harry demands intel. Christopher reluctantly proceeds. 48 hours ago Winston tells Ames that she'll pair off with Christopher on the break-in, and Ames says she has some catching up to do. Meanwhile, Guerrero doses a bottle of wine with sodium thiopental. Ilsa is ready to go, but Winston and Guerrero privately warn Christopher that she's not the one for the job. He insists that he's the one who is in control of the operation. The next day, Guerrero drives Ilsa in via the compound, while Christopher and Ames hide in the trunk. Guerrero describes what happened to the last man who tried to break in, and he's buried somewhere in the woods. She suggests that it's not too late to turn around, but Ilsa insists on helping Sarah, who is back at the compound. Meanwhile, Ames asks Christopher if he's seeing someone romantically. She can't understand why he isn't with someone, and suggests she can set him up with a very "friendly" friend named Melanie. Christopher tells her that he isn't interested, and tells her to focus. Guerrero pulls up to the main house and the guards search the trunk. The head of security, Vaughn, confirms that it's empty, and then escorts Ilsa inside. The guards tell Guerrero to wait in the service area while they park the car. Once inside, the manager tells him to fold handkerchiefs. Once Guerrero is alone, he flips a switch on a remote, letting Winston tap into the security cameras. Once they're alone, Christopher and Ames emerge from the secret compartment in the trunk. Ames continues to talk about Melanie, saying she's just interested in sex. They head inside while Winston overrides the security cameras. Ilsa meets with Claypool and gives him the bottle of wine as a gift. They both watch Sarah, training her horse in the field, and Claypool says that she'll be joining them. Ilsa expresses an interest in the horse, but Claypool says he doesn't see the appeal. Winston directs Ames and Christopher to Claypool's office. They only have ten seconds to lower their body temperature. They cross over on the shelves and Ames gets to the sensor and sprays it with a fan. Christopher then uses an aerosol to reveal the light beams. He jumps across the tables and stairs to the desk with Claypool's computer. However, the table has been moved from where it was in Winston's plans. Winston tells him to wait until Ilsa serves the wine, so that she can get the password. In the study, Claypool pours the wine and Sarah comes in, Ilsa suggests that she wants to hire his security team to handle aid camps working with the Pucci Foundation. Claypool starts to take a drink, but notices that Ilsa isn't drinking. She makes an excuse that her doctor has forbidden her, and Claypool puts down his glass as well. Guerrero figures that Ilsa has blown it and starts to go to the study, but Ilsa says that she'll disobey her doctor's orders and proposes a toast. Once he sees her drink, Claypool drinks from his own glass as well. Christopher realizes that Ilsa has dosed herself with the sodium thiopental, much to Guerrero's disgust. Now Harry returns from the restroom as Vaughn and his men watch Christopher. The private eye slips him the toothpick from the olives and one of his socks, and Christopher tells him to buy a specific bottle of Scotch from the shelf. Harry then points out that Christopher never let him go on a mission, but he let Ilsa go on the mission. Christopher wonders what he's getting at, but Harry refuses to answer and tells him to finish he story. Then Ilsa and Henry both start feeling queasy. Claypool realizes there's something in it and Ilsa cheerfully insists on telling him the truth, that they gave him sodium thiopental to get him to give up the password. Christopher tells Guerrero to hold off and give Ilsa a Christopher to recover the situation. Ilsa has Sarah tie up the weakened Claypool, and Winston tells Guerrero to go in and Christopher to go for the computer. Guerrero uses a steamer to block the security camera. Christopher leaps for the desk and jumps for the table. He loses his balance and falls, hanging by his fingertips on the desk. Once Guerrero has blocked the lens, the head of staff comes in. Guerrero takes him out and dumps him in a laundry bin, and then heads for the study. Christopher pulls over the keyboard and waits for the password. Guerrero gets to the study and quickly gets Claypool to tell them the password. Ilsa thanks him and admires his dress sense. When Christopher gets the password, he enters it and starts downloading the files... which will take three minutes. Vaughn spots the steamer in the kitchen and realizes that something is wrong. Guerrero prepares to take Sarah and Ilsa out, but there's a knock on the door. Ilsa goes to the door and tries to keep Vaughn out while she's still telling the truth. Meanwhile, Guerrero gets out with Sarah. When he tells Christopher the news, Christopher is angry and insists that there must have been another option. Guerrero says that there wasn't, but admits that Ilsa has guts. Vaughn finally has enough, hears Claypool knock over an end table, and has his men grab Ilsa. Christopher finishes the download and gives it to Ames, who leaves. He then tells Winston that he's not going to abandon Ilsa and drops to the ground, setting off the alarm. The troopers start searching the grounds, while a doctor tends to Claypool. Vaughn warns Ilsa that her friends are in trouble. As Guerrero pulls out in the limo, Ames arrives and dives into the back with Sarah. The troopers spot him and pursuit, opening fire. Guerrero tells Winston to blow the gate, and it explodes on cue. As the trio escapes, Claypool tells Vaughn that Sarah is one of them. Vaughn tells his men to trace the limo's plates, and they warn him that there's another hostile on the grounds. Vaughn listens as gunshots ring outside. A man comes in and they open fire, unaware that it's one of their own men. Christopher dives beneath the corpse, then beneath the table, takes out Vaughn's men, and leaves with Ilsa. As they flee across the grounds, Ilsa admits that he was right and she might have been in over her head. She keeps saying the truth, admitting that she finds Christopher sexy and that she's sorry for insisting on participating. Christopher notices that it smells like horse manure, and realizes that he's found their escape. He and Ilsa mount up and ride out on the road. A motorcyclist pursues them, and Christopher tells Ilsa that he's hopping off and she needs to get the horse over the fence. He admits that he probably won't escape, but Sarah has the information they need to take down Claypool. She insists that he can't go, but Christopher tells her that he knew something might happen with her. When she asks why he did it anyway, he doesn't answer but just sends her on her way. Christopher then fires two shots to draw the troopers' attention. Now Christopher tells Harry that Ilsa will be arriving with the information. Harry notes that Christopher is off his game because of Ilsa, and figures that his judgment is clouded. He notes that Christopher dodged the question of why he took Ilsa on the mission, and it's because he has feelings for her. Ilsa arrives and Christopher tells Harry to buy him some time. Meanwhile, Ilsa meet with Vaughn and turns over the flash drive. They confirm that it has the uncopied information. Claypool comes in and tells her to join Christopher at the bar. As she approaches the bar, Christopher puts his plan into operation and tells Harry to buy him ten seconds. He uses the toothpick from the olive to pick the handcuffs. Harry tries to tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue to distract Vaughn, and gets punched in the face for his efforts. Christopher props the wine bottle between the bar and the chair, holding it down. He moves away and then breaks the bottle, setting off the bomb. He grabs Ilsa, takes a gun, and gets Ilsa to cover. As he shoots, he complains that Ilsa never thought there might be a double-cross. Christopher finally runs out of ammo, and Vaughn approaches him. He prepares to shoot... and Guerrero takes him down from behind with his belt knives. Winston has captured Claypool as he tried to escape. Harry recovers and insists that he handled things amazingly well. As the police and fire squads clean up the bar, Winston asks a friend on the force to keep Ilsa's name out of the case. Christopher insists that he and Harry could have handled it, but Winston explains that he sent Harry there, setting him up on a fake date with "Laverne." Winston explains that he picked Harry because he was the least threatening character they could get in past Claypool's men and yet somehow mess up the bad guy's schemes. As they leave, Ames says that she knows why Christopher didn't want a date, and loudly says that he has a crush on somebody on the team. She figures he has a crush on her, but everybody just leaves... except Harry, who tries to pick her up. Ames ignores him and goes. Back at the office, Ilsa is drinking and looking at the photo of Marshall and the woman. Christopher comes in and assures her that everything is fine. Ilsa admits that Marshall was having an affair, and worries that it's how she'll remember him. Christopher tells her that if Marshall cheated on her, he's an idiot and deserved better than her. Ilsa gets up and kisses him.
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