Human Target

Season 2 Episode 12

The Trouble with Harry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2011 on FOX

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  • Good episode - plenty of action, laced with humor.

    First, the plot. It did require us to stretch our imaginations - don't think the "Blackwater" type security firm would have allowed the wife to leave the premises after seeing something she shouldn't. But once we believe she could leave, the method for infiltrating the compound made sense; Mrs. Pucci would be the type of client this firm would want - and would provide the team with a way to just drive in. Once in the room, what transpired was amusing, somewhat plausible, and exciting. The getaway sequence again required a suspension of disbelief - but provided an excellent set-up for Chance's meeting with the P.I., Harry. Harry always brings something to any episode he's in. The ending, which showed that maybe Chance has feelings for Mrs. Pucci beyond their business partnership was a surprise. How they handle this in future episodes will be interesting to watch.
  • One of my new favorite episodes of this show

    As sometimes is the case, Human Target can most certainly impress beyond your expectations, no one who watches this show religiously watches it for the realism. Let's face what it is: good escapist adrenaline fun. This week sees Chance and the crew helping out the wife of a rival security agency's manager who threatens to kill her should she ever leave him. So to make it so that she can they plan to steal the man's private files from his office and trade them for her freedom, but all does not go as planned. This episode is full of action, intrigue, and a bomb at a barstool, oh and Harry shows up too. Great episode of Human Target.
  • Ahhhhhh! Chance is in love!

    There is only one problem with this glitch in the "firm": it means he isn't thinking with his big head!

    OK, I know this is a show of impossibles. And I know its supposed to be taken with a grain of salt, but the amount of salt required for tonight's stretch of the (im)possible is bad for blood pressure and a host of other vital systems. The whole point is that Chance is always thinking with both sides of his brain and other body parts do not...nay..should not, enter into it. Not in any serious way. Thats why Bond succeeds and thats why this has succeeded; at least to date. Nope. This has to be a dream sequence or a set up for Ilsa's exit or something. Cuz the involvement thing does not work. And Ames is still a 5th wheel. They can both leave on the same train... Now Harry. Harry is funny. Harry is a great wannabe addition as part of the ongoing joke that is this usually fabulous show. He's the slap in the slapstick. The Jerry to everyone else's Dean. And beautifully so. HIM they can keep around 'cuz every joke needs a good butt!

    The T & A belongs on Grey's Anatomy or some other mensa quality offering...