Human Target

Season 2 Episode 12

The Trouble with Harry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2011 on FOX



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    • Winston: The floor is completely covered with invisible laser sheeting. so anything touches that, and...
      Ames: What happens?
      Winston: Nothing. What do you think happens? Alarms, guards, reign of terror--keep up.
      Ames: I was just asking a question.

    • Guerrero: (discussing truth serum) This will render him mush... at least for a little while. Chatty, disorientated--incapable of concealing the truth. Essentially, he'll be Ames.

    • Harry: When I was in the bathroom, it occurred to me how many times I've asked to go on a mission with you. And every single time I ask, this is what you say--"Maybe next week, Harry," or, "There's not enough room in the car, Harry," or, "Guerrero's going to slit your throat, Harry."

    • Guerrero: Look at me. Look at me! What's your name?
      Claypool: Henry Claypool.
      Guerrero: What day is today?
      Claypool: Tuesday.
      Guerrero: Are you a paranoid, bullying douche bag?
      Claypool: Oh, yeah.
      Guerrero: Good. What's the password to your private files in your office?

    • Ilsa: Well, I'm sorry that I put everyone in this position. I'm sorry I didn't...
      Chance: Do you smell that?
      Ilsa: What?
      Chance: It smells like crap.
      Ilsa: Nice. Very nice. You know, I'm trying to make a heartfelt apology here.
      Chance: No, I mean, it smells like actual crap.

    • Winston: So let me ask you... do you know anyone, anyone at all, less threatening... than this man?
      Harry: I'm right here.
      Winston: Less threatening and yet secretly, inexplicably, guaran-damn-teed to fall ass-backwards into the lap of success.
      Chance: Well played.
      Winston: Thank you.

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