Human Target

Season 2 Episode 2

The Wife's Tale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Seven years ago Posing as a repairman, Chance enters the home of a man named Daniel Brooks. Brooks is on the phone talking to someone. Chance goes outside and calls his contact, and asks him to confirm that he has the right target. The man at the other end tells him that he's sure, and that Chance is the only killer he knows with a conscience. He assures Chance that Brooks has it coming, and Chance goes inside and kills Brooks. The Present Chance is practicing tai chi at the warehouse studio when Winston tells him that his old "friend" Donnelly is calling. Donnelly asks Chance to meet him at a bar, and Chance and Winston drive there. When they arrive, Chance explains that he met Donnelly there for assignments, and Winston insists on staying outside. Inside, Chance sits with Donnelly, who informs him that someone has hired a top-of-the-line assassin to take out a woman. Chance asks for more information, and Donnelly says that he's doing him a favor but he can't risk giving away anything else without angering people in the 'business." When Chance goes outside, he immediately informs Winston that they're taking the case. He can't say why the target, a woman, is at risk or why the people who hired the assassin want her dead. The only thing he knows is that she's the widow of Daniel Brooks, the man he killed seven years ago. Back at the warehouse, Winston scans the woman's photo on the new computers provided by Ilsa. As he tries to identify her, Chance explains that he received all of his assignments from either the Old Man or Donnelly, and they're the only ones who know who wanted Brooks dead. Winston finally identifies the woman as Rebecca Brooks, a 35-year-old economics professor at Northern Cal University. Daniel was also an economics professor. Winston confirms that Rebecca is a member of several dating services. Guerrero comes in and stumbles, and explains that his glasses fell into a meat grinder. The new ones won't be ready for a day. Chance briefs him on what's going on, and asks him to lean on Donnelly to get more information. Winston figures out where Rebecca's next date is, and Chance realizes the assassin will do the same thing. He heads out, planning to pretend to be her date and get her out of the restaurant. As he leaves, Guerrero tells Winston that he needs someone to drive him to the bar, and Winston smiles as he gets an idea. Ames ends up driving Guerrero. He tells her what he's doing, but insists that it's too dangerous for her. As Winston leaves to run surveillance on Winston from the van, Ilsa returns early from a trip to Hong Kong. When she learns that he's going out on a job, Ilsa insists on going with him. When Winston tries to warn her that it might be too tough for her to watch, and that she's still recovering from the recent attempts on her life, Ilsa informs him that he's her employee and she can handle it. Chance arrives at the restaurant and approaches Rebecca. He tries to bluff his way through by claiming that he's the person from the dating-service photo without the dyed hair, but the real date shows up. However, Chance realizes that the newcomer is the assassin. The assassin runs away, while Rebecca tells Chance to stay away from her. She runs to the parking garage to get her car, but Chance arrives in his car and warns that she's in danger. The assassin comes after her, and Rebecca hastily gets in. Chance manages to get out of the parking garage by shooting the gate controls, cutting off the assassin before he can kill them both. Back at the warehouse, Winston and Chance put Rebecca in a conference room while they try to work out what's going on. Ilsa goes in to reassure Rebecca, who insists that Ilsa has no idea what she's going through. In response, Ilsa tells Rebecca that Chance recently saved her life and she knows what it's like to be an assassin's target. Rebecca calms down and thanks them for helping her, and they ask why someone would want her dead. She has no idea, and explains that she and her husband both work in the obscure field of predictive economics. Daniel was working on a formula to predict baseball ticket prices when he died, and that she had just applied for a grant to complete his work... stored at the university archives. Guerrero has Ames take him to the bar and he goes in to talk to Donnelly. Donnelly refuses to talk, and Guerrero threatens to publicly claim he's working with Chance. If that doesn't work, he'll pay a visit to Donnelly's daughter. Before Donnelly can talk, Ames sits down next to Donnelly and claims that Guerrero is her boyfriend. She tells him to get her a drink, and he tells her to get out. Afterward, Guerrero meets her at the car and Ames reveals that she stole Donnelly's cell phone, complete with the list of people he's called. Guerrero isn't impressed, noting that he was about to get the name of the assassin's employer direct before Ames interrupted. Chance and Rebecca go to Northern Cal, while Winston and Ilsa remain at the warehouse. Winston ties into the university security cameras while Rebecca explains that the archive clerk has a crush on her. They discover that Daniel shipped his papers out just before he died, and the clerk, Harrison, refuses to give the address. Chance poses as an insurance adjustor and claims that Rebecca has feelings for the clerk, and Harrison him the address. Rebecca realizes it's the Brooks family home... where Chance killed Daniel seven years ago. Guerrero checks the last-call name and discovers that it's a lawyer who works at an investment bank. He calls to tell Winston, and Ilsa overhears him mention that Chance killed Daniel. Shocked, she wonders if Rebecca can trust Chance, and Winston assures her that Chance will protect the widow. The assassin arrives at the archives and opens fire. Chance knocks Harrison out of the line of fire and then retreats out the back with Rebecca. Winston directs them to the chem lab and Chance makes a makeshift rocket out of a fire extinguisher to stun the assassin. They run for an outside stairwell, but the police are guarding the door. As Chance improvises a disguise, Rebecca breaks into tears at the thought that the assassin may be the same man who killed Daniel. Chance tries to comfort her and Ilsa, watching on the security cameras, admits to Winston that she may not be able to handle their cases. Guerrero tortures the lawyer for information, and gets the man to admit that Daniel was blackmailing his investment firm. He claims not to know anything, but Ames interrupts Guerrero to try and intimidate the man. Guerrero pulls her away and steps on a piece of glass, and realizes there's a shooter up in the skylight. Ames shoves Guerrero out of the way, but the shooter kills his intended target, the lawyer, and escapes. Guerrero calls Winston, and they both wonder if someone on the inside knew Guerrero was going to get answers from the lawyer. Winston prepares to find Chance, and Ilsa confronts him, saying that Rebecca is in danger because Chance killed Daniel. Winston warns her about things that she might not be able to handle, and that he, Chance, and Guerrero all have things they're not proud of. Ilsa threatens to tell Rebecca about Chance's role in Daniel's death, and Winston tells her that Chance will tell Rebecca himself when the case is over. Chance and Rebecca drive to the Brooks home and Rebecca is hesitant to go inside. He tells her that the sooner they end the case, the sooner she can put her husband's death behind her. They go inside and find nothing at first. He suggests that they go to the attic, and finds wiring leading to a hidden compartment. Inside are a file and a gun. As Winston leaves to track Chance's cell phone, Ilsa insists on going with him. Rebecca reads the file and realizes that he used his theory to predict and manipulate the stock market. The lights go out and Chance realizes that the assassin is on their trail. He says they need to get out the storm door, and Rebecca wonders how he knows about it despite the fact he's supposedly never been there. She grabs the gun and prepares to shoot him, and Chance admits that he killed Daniel. He tries to explain, but Rebecca shoots him in the shoulder and runs outside. Chance bandages the wound with a cloth napkin and goes after her. As Winston drives, he complains about how neither Chance nor Ilsa listened to him. He warns Ilsa that Chance isn't thinking straight, and that his attempts to redeem himself are leaving him vulnerable to every bad guy that wants to take advantage of him. Rebecca runs to the pool and the assassin catches up to her. Chance arrives and the two men struggle, and Chance finally wins. Rebecca prepares to shoot him, and Chance admits that he deserves it. Before she can pull the trigger, Donnelly arrives and disarms her, and informs them that he was the one who had Chance kill Daniel, so he could steal the predictive theory and use it to cash in on the stock market. Faced with death, Chance apologizes to Rebecca for killing her husband... and Winston arrives to shoot Donnelly just in time. Later, Guerrero and Ames meet with Chance and Ilsa, and Guerrero tells them that they confirmed that Daniel was blackmailing the investment bank. Ames interrupts and explains that Daniel was going to go to the Caymans with his money, leaving Rebecca behind. She takes the credit for getting the lawyer's name so they could connect his firm to Daniel, much to Guerrero's disgust. She refuses to back down when Guerrero threatens her. When Chance thanks her, Guerrero takes Ames with him. Ilsa asks if Chance will tell Rebecca about what Daniel was up to, but Chance says that it won't make any difference. Ilsa and Winston meet with Rebecca and tell her that they can't connect Donnelly or the assassin to the investment firm that had Daniel killed. She's satisfied that she's handed the predictive theory over to the newspapers to publish, and believes that Daniel would be happy that it was published. As Rebecca leaves, she asks Ilsa how she manages to go on, and Ilsa says that they both need the strength to move beyond it. Rebecca then goes to Chance outside, and tells him that his saving her doesn't make up for his killing Daniel. As she leaves, Ilsa asks Chance why he didn't tell Rebecca the truth, and he says that what she needed from him was protection.. and that's what he did by hiding the truth about Daniel. Guerrero takes Ames to one of his bars and starts a tab for her. Chance is working out while Ilsa and Winston watch. She asks Winston how Chance can be okay with his past, and Winston explains that they're not, which is why they're working to redeem themselves. The phone rings and Ilsa picks it up. It's a client, looking for help. Ilsa looks up at Chance, who nods. She smiles and says that they can help.
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