Human Target

Season 2 Episode 2

The Wife's Tale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2010 on FOX

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  • Redemption comes at a price. And there's lot to redeem for Christopher Chance...

    Christopher Chance tries to seek redemption when he learns that the life of the widow of one of his hits is in danger. Meanwhile, the previously introduced new characters Ilsa Pucci and Ames find their places in Chance's team...

    Christopher Chance used to be one of the bad guys and we are taken back to that time at the beginning of this episode. He has his doubts, but finishes the job nevertheless. Seven years later in the presence, his former boss Donnelly takes advantage and presents Chance a case he can't resist: seven years after Chance killed her husband, the widow has been targeted for a hit. This offers him his chance at redemption by saving the wife and finding the people who ordered the initial hit. While he succeeds at the former, the clients remain unknown. But Chance's conscious almost gets him killed: as it turns out, Donnelly used Chance because he knew Chance would be able to find a pretty valuable thesis which is the reason Chance was ordered to kill the husband all that years ago.

    "A Wife's Tale" presents a more serious tone than previous episodes, but also adds some light, humorous moments aswell. It integrates the new characters quite nicely: Ames becomes Guerrero's protégé, while Ilsa Pucci makes it obvious that she doesn't only want to be Chance's benefactor, but part of the team. In that progress, she not only learns that the team uses some questionable methods, but also finds out about Chance's past...

    In the end I've got to say, I really liked the vulnerable Chance that gave the character a lot more depth. I hope the show will continue to follow this path and Chance's darker side.
  • Superb Production Values

    Second episode of the "re-tooled" second season and I'm liking what I see. The producers said they were adding the female characters with the intent of attracting a wider (female) audience. I'm guessing that none of the male fans of the show are balking at what has been added.
    First Ilsa, the wealthy benefactress who desires to continue her dalliance in adventure by financing the Marshall Pucci Foundation. Already a grateful recipient of their services, she soon learns of the dark side of the operations end of the biz.
    Ames is too eager, alienating Guerrero at the same time she intrigues him. She'll go far; he did start a tab for her, didn't he?
    And Rebecca Brooks. Does anyone doubt she'll return? I mean, there's no statute of limitations on murder, and Chase did confess to her, didn't he?
    Thank you, Fox, for believing in this show!
  • Redemption.. easier vwith friends, huh?

    I like the new season. The same formula but with new stuff.
    New equipment and of course, new characters.

    Mrs. Pucci, the character who is still struggling with the complicated past of her new colleague but still, she wants to finance his redemption path.

    Ames, haha, who can resist the charming and funny thief. She is used mostly for comic relief, true.. but she adds a little bit of humor to the serious Guerrero and Winston.

    Season 2 has been showing a good improvement from the last. It's good to see how the past is always there.. how much he tries to be good. It's all worth it.. being good and all..

  • A bit of a departure, but...

    ...I liked it.

    In the end, Chance got a two-fer in the dead bad guy department, but no closer to the personal redemption he seeks. Or does he?

    This outing was far more concentrated on the drama quotient, and far less in the to-be-expected humour department, but still effective in moving the "How Did They Get Here From There" story line along. I guess all we needed from the writers was a beautiful and filthy rich benefactor to bring out the back story. Painfully slow getting here but worth the wait.

    The Ames character does concern me. Her part in the episode tonight was be expected. There were no surprises; no hook to make her worth investing in as a viable member of this team. Not yet anyway.

    Shame that the beleaguered wife couldn't know the truth about her louse of a husband, but effective in making the viewer feel Chance's pain.

    The best line in the show goes to Guerrero; "oohhh, a lawyer AND and investment banker? I'm gonna enjoy this"...

    Some thugs get all the luck!
  • Overall, I liked it. but apparently there are 2 plot holes that bug me.

    At the beginning of the show, Chance kills Brooks while posing as Zippy Heat & Air Conditioning employee. Chance just walked in, shot him dead and walked out.

    Around 30 minutes in, there is a mention about storm door that almost said as if it is hidden.

    Ilsa finally approved what Chance did, yet, Chance himself is being assured that he had a good reason why he did what he did. Sp my guess is, Chance did not know that he did something right. If he in fact did the right thing by have Brooks killed, and his wife re-opening the reason that have him killed, would it be a good reason to have his wife killed too for the same reason?