Human Target

Season 2 Episode 2

The Wife's Tale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2010 on FOX

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  • Redemption comes at a price. And there's lot to redeem for Christopher Chance...

    Christopher Chance tries to seek redemption when he learns that the life of the widow of one of his hits is in danger. Meanwhile, the previously introduced new characters Ilsa Pucci and Ames find their places in Chance's team...

    Christopher Chance used to be one of the bad guys and we are taken back to that time at the beginning of this episode. He has his doubts, but finishes the job nevertheless. Seven years later in the presence, his former boss Donnelly takes advantage and presents Chance a case he can't resist: seven years after Chance killed her husband, the widow has been targeted for a hit. This offers him his chance at redemption by saving the wife and finding the people who ordered the initial hit. While he succeeds at the former, the clients remain unknown. But Chance's conscious almost gets him killed: as it turns out, Donnelly used Chance because he knew Chance would be able to find a pretty valuable thesis which is the reason Chance was ordered to kill the husband all that years ago.

    "A Wife's Tale" presents a more serious tone than previous episodes, but also adds some light, humorous moments aswell. It integrates the new characters quite nicely: Ames becomes Guerrero's protégé, while Ilsa Pucci makes it obvious that she doesn't only want to be Chance's benefactor, but part of the team. In that progress, she not only learns that the team uses some questionable methods, but also finds out about Chance's past...

    In the end I've got to say, I really liked the vulnerable Chance that gave the character a lot more depth. I hope the show will continue to follow this path and Chance's darker side.