Human Target

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  • Season 1 Episode 2: Rewind

  • Alessandro Juliani's character Phil Tennant is referred to as "Steve" in the end credits.

  • The airplane Chance has to fly should never fly in reality since it would never pass international aviation-safety rules. On one hand there are no redundant systems (the fire on board destroys a system and it is gone for good), on the other hand all key-systems run through the same circuit (the fire destroys a junction and besides some aviation-systems also the radio is destroyed).

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Embassy Row

  • When Aaron's nose starts bleeding, the amount of blood on his nose changes several times.

  • List of Alias's from FBI fingerprint search.

    John Doe
    A/K/A Pierre LaFleur
    A/K/A Martin Gage
    A/K/A Tony Graham
    A/K/A Alfred Baines
    A/K/A Robert Huschra
    A/K/A Theodore Smith
    A/K/A Jason Karas
    A/K/A Patrick Donegal
    A/K/A Marc Ragland
    A/K/A Albert Potts
    A/K/A Paul Younglove
    A/K/A Christopher Chance
    A/K/A Kenneth Hogan
    A/K/A Arnold Philips
    A/K/A Eric Wickham
    A/K/A Robert Burk
    A/K/A Peter Lehman
    A/K/A Les Ford
    A/K/A Jack Mcintosh
    A/K/A John Stroud
    A/K/A David Williams

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Sanctuary

  • The abbot was oddly unperturbed that two different men, who it became clear weren't monks, were in their midst without explanation or being asked to leave.

  • It's absurd that a worldly, experienced, operative like Chance would believe for a second that all they would have to do is turn over the item the thieves wanted to them, and they would then let everybody go.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Run

  • During the fight in the car, the car not only fails to slow down, but continues to accelerate. Despite the fact that nobody has their foot on the accelerator.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Lockdown

  • Near the end when Layla meets Martin and tells him she is NiteOwl, she produces a large bottle filled with water for his goldfish. As the view goes to a close-up of the fish actually being poured into the bottle, there are only about two inches of water in the bottle. The next shot shows Layla holding up the jar with the fish and it is then full again.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Salvage & Reclamation

  • Although Mark Valley puts up a brave effort, there is no way he would pass for a native speaker to anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of the language, much less fool another native speaker. He repeatedly uses incorrect phrases that seem to be a direct translation of English idioms and has a thick American accent.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Baptiste

  • Guerrero knows that Baptiste called Emma on Emma's phone. But he's never told this on-screen. They weren't monitoring Emma's calls, and Chance doesn't mention it when he calls Winston and the others.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Corner Man

  • During this episode, there are several wide scenic shots of "Brussels" to place the coming scene. However, the shots are not of Brussels, which is not a river city.

  • During the first fight the referee counts in German, during the second in French, and during the last fight in English. This is notable on the one hand since counting normally is done in the language of the martial arts (e.g. Japanese for Karate) or the language of the hosting country. Both fighters fight different styles, so international sportsmanship would suggest English, or if both styles originated in the same country, that country's language. On the other hand, the fights are supposed to take place in Brussels (Belgium) where the majority of the population speak French and Dutch, German is spoken by a minority only. The most logical pick therefore would have been English or French through all fights, but not a mixture and particularly not German.

  • From the time that Chance underwater in the pool shoots Prentiss' second man, to the point where he aims a gun at Prentiss. only four seconds elapse. In that time he fully emerges from the pool, brings a muscular struggling man with him, stands fully erect, and aims a gun with a steady hand. Not only that, but he does so without making any audible splashing noise. And he takes the time to have tied the rope around his hostage's leg, since he wouldn't have done that until after he had shot the other two men.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Tanarak

  • The SUV that pulls up after Dr. Shaw is forced off the road, and Chance's Camaro, both have the number plate 810 ESB.

  • Hector Johnson's character, Big Mike, is mislisted as "Monolith" in the end credits.

  • Trivia: According to the date on Banneker's check, the last day of this episode takes place in February 2010.

  • When Chance and Jessica jump clear and Chance fires the flare gun, he's barely 20 feet behind Duke and the vehicle. The camera then cuts to a rear shot of the explosion from much further than 20' back, and Chance is nowhere in sight. Also, despite the fact that the truck was moving at some 5 to 10 miles per hour in the first shot, it instantly comes to a stop when the explosion occurs and the camera cuts to the rear shot.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Christopher Chance

  • Anyone with Joubert's connections could easily trace a cell phone call. And yet Chance lets Katherine keep her cell phone turned on, as seen when she receives Winston's call.

  • Trivia: Winston's first name is revealed as Laverne.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: The Return of Baptiste

  • During the bar fight scene, Baptiste throws Chance onto a table with three glasses on it, smashing them into pieces. But in later shots, the glasses are back in their normal position undamaged.

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