Human Target

FOX (ended 2011)




  • Season 1 Episode 3: Embassy Row

  • When Aaron's nose starts bleeding, the amount of blood on his nose changes several times.

  • List of Alias's from FBI fingerprint search.

    John Doe
    A/K/A Pierre LaFleur
    A/K/A Martin Gage
    A/K/A Tony Graham
    A/K/A Alfred Baines
    A/K/A Robert Huschra
    A/K/A Theodore Smith
    A/K/A Jason Karas
    A/K/A Patrick Donegal
    A/K/A Marc Ragland
    A/K/A Albert Potts
    A/K/A Paul Younglove
    A/K/A Christopher Chance
    A/K/A Kenneth Hogan
    A/K/A Arnold Philips
    A/K/A Eric Wickham
    A/K/A Robert Burk
    A/K/A Peter Lehman
    A/K/A Les Ford
    A/K/A Jack Mcintosh
    A/K/A John Stroud
    A/K/A David Williams

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Rewind

  • Alessandro Juliani's character Phil Tennant is referred to as "Steve" in the end credits.

  • The airplane Chance has to fly should never fly in reality since it would never pass international aviation-safety rules. On one hand there are no redundant systems (the fire on board destroys a system and it is gone for good), on the other hand all key-systems run through the same circuit (the fire destroys a junction and besides some aviation-systems also the radio is destroyed).

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