Human Target

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Chance arrives by helicopter at an isolated spot outside New York City, gets into a car, and drives into the city. He arrives at an expensive hotel where an old friend, Gerard, greets him. They go into the hotel and Gerard briefs Chance on the security arrangements and provides him with a cover identity. The two men enter an expensive suite and Chance's papers are checked. Nathan, the head of security watches Chance as they go upstairs and meet with Victoria, the princess of Wales. Once they're alone, Victoria asks if Chance has been briefed and Chance explains that she'll be going to a museum opening. However, her own security detail will block off the road and assassinate her. Gerard learned about the planned betrayal, and the married Victoria explains that she's fall in love with a commoner. Her husband, Walter, refused to grant her a divorce, and turned to Templeton, a special envoy and a fixer. Templeton has kept the queen out of the loop, and has arranged the assassination. Victoria talks about her love for Tony, and Chance wonders how she knows she's in love. When she can't describe her feelings, Chance realizes that she is in love and starts planning a way to get her out of trouble.

Chance and Gerard go over the travel plan and come up with a plan to get Victoria to a safe house. By then, Gerard will have a tape proving the assassination attempt and take it to the queen. Meanwhile, Chance has sent Winston and Guerrero to pick up Tony.

Guerrero and Winston are driving and arguing, and Winston prefers his GPS directions to Guerrero. Chance calls them to know where they are and reiterates their instructions. Guerrero continues to kibbitz.

Nathan calls Templeton and tells him that Chance and Gerard are with Victoria, and he feels something is going on. Templeton decides to move up the timetable on the assassination. Nathan sends one of his men, James, to inform them that they need to leave early due to construction, on Templeton's orders. He prepares to escort Chance out, and Chance subdues him with a sleeper hold. However, Nathan realizes something is going on and pounds on the door. Thinking quickly, Gerard takes out a cart with food, complaining that the soup is tainted. Nathan looks in and sees his man, James, but discovers he's unconscious and held up with a tie. Nathan sends his men after Gerard, unaware that Chance and Victoria are hiding in the room. Chance gets Victoria down the stairs and through the kitchen, but Nathan's men opens fire. Gerard arrives and shoots them down, but is fatally wounded. He tells Chance to get Victoria out, and find the evidence from a man in Belfast that they hunted together and works at McGowan's Pub.

Winston and Guerrero find Tony, an EMT, who is preparing to go to ground at his uncle's garage. Guerrero spots a sniper and then grabs the man waiting for them inside and uses him as a shield. They get inside as the sniper pins them down.

Chance gets Victoria into a cab, but a paparazzo photographer spots them and follows. As they drive, Chance assures Victoria that Gerard died the way he wanted to, protecting her. The taxi stalls in traffic.

Nathan calls Templeton and tells him what happened. Templeton is offended that Victoria is endangering the throne over a cheap fling, and makes sure that Nathan will do what he has to, to stop her. Nathan checks the call log on Gerard's phone.

As they wait in traffic, Chance tells Victoria that Connor Dunham, an ex-IRA enforcer, has Gerard's evidence. Victoria is shocked, noting that Connor is a sworn enemy of the crown and put a price on her head when she was eight. The paparazzi arrive and Nathan's men are in hot pursuit. Chance and Victoria get out of the cab and run down the street. They manage to escape and go through a store, borrowing a brunette wig and different clothing to disguise themselves. Victoria is less than amused.

Tony wants to help the wounded man, Nigel, who took the sniper's shot, but Winston insists that he stay. Guerrero opens the hood of a car and figures out if they can get it going. While they're distracted, Tony grabs the wounded man and pulls him to safety, and then starts tending to his wound. Guerrero finds the man's rifle and tells Winston they need to draw the sniper out. Winston gets an idea.

The shop owner barges in on Chance and Victoria, who figures they're having sex. Victoria takes offense and Chance quickly gets her out. Back on the streets, they catch a cab and Chance asks about Tony. Victoria explains he was volunteering at a blood drive charity and she fell in love, and that her marriage to Walter as a loveless arrangement. She realizes what she was missing and swore not to give it up, and figures that Chance has felt the same way.

At the museum, Prince Walter demands explanations from Templeton and warns that he won't tolerate failure. Templeton insists that he works for the crown, and tells Walter to pull himself together or he'll be gone. Nathan calls with Connor's phone number and location from Gerard's log and Templeton leaves to deal with the situation.

Chance and Victoria go to McGowan's into an Irish pub and ask the bartender about Connor. The bartender asks why they're interested, while a bar patron, Francis, hits on Victoria. Chance chases Francis off, and he goes over to report to the bartender that it's Victoria. Meanwhile, Victoria starts drinking heavily and admits that she's entitled given how things are going.

Guerrero tries to spot the sniper without success, and figure the killer will call reinforcements. He asks Tony how he managed to hook up with Victoria and the EMT goes on about it until Guerrero tells him he's not helping. Tony finds a syringe of anesthetic on the wounded man, and they realize they planned to abduct Tony rather than kill him.

Victoria talks about how Tony is a man of determination and action who doesn't go through endless committees like she does. Chance wonders why she didn't give up her marriage and abdicate, but Victoria explains that she requires the consent of Parliament. Further, the Queen would never consent. Chance tells her that royalty has nothing to do with her family issues, and it's a mother/daughter problem, and Victoria realizes he wants to make sure they end up together. The bartender calls them in back and Chance realizes that he's Connor. When he tells Connor that Gerard is dead, Connor and his man take his gun and prepare to kill him. He suspects a set-up by the Royal Family, and Victoria identifies herself. Connor apologizes for trying to kill her and she accepts his apology.

Winston rigs the car wheel and sends it out. The sniper opens fire and Guerrero takes him down. They get in Tony's ambulance and take off, Guerrero driving. Tony stabilizes Nigel, who says he was only following orders and apologizes. He then points out a hidden package of letters that Tony wrote to Victoria.

Connor works to filter out the noise on the audio tape of the meeting between Templeton and Nathan, but he's only done 30 minutes and the evidence is inconclusive. He warns Chance that it will take time. Francis knocks on the door twice, but Connor realizes that it's a secret signal that Francis has been captured, and Francis has their guns. The security men knock out Francis, barge in, and Chance and Connor take them out. Connor then finishes the men off with several well-placed gunshots.

Chance calls Winston and warns that the taped evidence they have isn't sufficient to incriminate Templeton. When he tells them about the letters, Chance figures that Templeton was going to drug Tony, use him as bait at the motorcade, and lure out Victoria and Gerard to kill them. After they killed him, the letters would make it appear that he was a stalker. The letters and the tape combined will link Templeton to the plot. They figure they have to get the evidence to the queen and Chance heads for the museum.

As Templeton and his men secure the museum, Chance and Victoria come in through a skylight to a storeroom. They set off a silent alarm and Nathan alerts Templeton, who prepares to move the queen so Victoria and Chance can't get to her. Nathan goes to the storeroom with his men, but Chance and Victoria fight back using the nearby medieval weaponry and triumph

The duo makes it to the museum reception and spot the queen. They approach her just as Templeton spots them and declares a security alert, but Victoria gets to her mother. Tony, Guerrero, and Winston arrive and Tony slugs Walter, while Winston and Chance present the evidence. Templeton tries to talk his way out, insisting it was his duty to the crown, but the queen has him taken away. She then asks if Victoria plans to abdicate the throne, but Victoria warns that she won't without a fight. Victoria then introduces Chance and the queen thanks him.

Later at the apartment, Winston and Guerrero watch the royal wedding, and Guerrero wonders how Tony managed to pull things off. He figures that Tony is after the title, but Winston suggests that Tony is a good guy. Guerrero doesn't believe it, and notes that he had a shot at royalty once. He tells Winston to confirm it with Chance, and then informs him that Chance isn't at the wedding.

Victoria calls Chance and asks why he isn't there for the wedding. She explains that she got her happy ending, and Chance tells her that he was rooting for them. Victoria asks what the name of the woman he fell in love with was, and he admits it was Katherine. He refuses to tell her what happened, wishes her well, hangs up, and then goes back to contemplating Katherine's grave.